About Slader

Revolutionizing Education

Slader believes that students are responsible for their own education. We force educators away from the “busy work” model of education, towards one based on mastery of the material. Education cannot and should not be defined by “right answers” and the amount of work assigned. Rather, it should be about individual student comprehension and conceptual understanding. Slader allows students to share their tutorials and expertise with their peers. It’s a study group based in the twenty-first century.

By Students, For Students

Slader is written by students, for students. Our community writes and votes on all content submitted to the site. Slader provides a platform for several academic subjects, which means that every student is able to contribute and collaborate on the subjects that they excel in. Slader removes geographic boundaries, creating an online study group that students can control themselves.

How It Works

Users view and share original answers and work for high school textbooks, join academic classes, post homework assignments, and discuss subject-specific questions with their peers and classmates on the Slader site. Slader offers an alternative to expensive tutors and costly after-school programs. It ensures that every student has access to the academic resources that secure success.


Slader is an academic community for students, by students. It is the first crowd-sourced approach to education online. Slader empowers students to shape their own educational experience.

Our office

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Slader team

Scott Kolb

Makes that money, yo

Peter Bernheim

Makes the site work

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Makes the site flow

Blaise McDaris

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Evan Squire

Expands Slader's reach

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For Parents

Help Anywhere, Anytime

Slader offers an alternative to costly tutors and expensive after-school programs. Your student can look up exercises and concepts right before a test, in the middle of the night, on their phone, while camping, in Canada … you get it. No appointments necessary. Slader is always available. No student has to feel anxious about their unfinished homework or trouble with difficult concepts; Slader provides an anonymous way to receive help with both basic and advanced concepts.

By Students, For Students

Slader is a group of motivated students who are taking charge of their own school experience. Every user of Slader can be a contributor. The more that your student participates in Slader, the more he/she will benefit academically. Contributing solutions to a textbook improves skills and understanding and provides positive reinforcement; students also learn the material more thoroughly when they must think about how to teach it to their peers. Slader is not a place to cheat; it is a place for students to thrive. Slader is where winning students will go to cement the A’s on their report cards.

Compensation for Engaging

Actions like commenting, participating in discussions, adding solutions, and answering and flagging questions will earn your student Slader badges. Participation earns tangible rewards and encourages academic interaction.

Academic Honesty Policy

Though we encourage our users to share their knowledge, we do not condone cheating. Our policy is detailed here

Help with YOUR Student's Problems

Help is textbook-specific, which means that Slader aids with actual problems your student will encounter in the classroom. Your student can join their high school online and even their class to see discussions held by their classmates. Discussions, topics, and help are personally customized to your student's class and materials.

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