What is contributing?

Users contribute explanations for math and science textbook problems to the site. We call those explanations "solutions".

What is a solution? What is an answer?

When you solve a textbook exercise, you create a solution. This consists of an explanation and a result. Results (the final answer) are always free.

Your explanations should be as detailed as possible. If there are several solutions for a particualr exercise, users can vote for the best one. As long as your solution has the most number of votes from our users for that exercise, you will receive gold (redeemable for cash!) every time your solution is viewed.

How will I be paid?

You will be given Slader gold for every solution a user views. When you are ready to redeem your gold for cash payment, simply go to your gold page and click "Request a Payout." The Slader team will then confirm your payment, and you’ll receive an email notification informing you that your Payout has been approved and your money will be arriving soon. Payouts are processed at the beginning of each month. Make sure that emails from Slader land in your inbox!

The equation editor is difficult to use. Help!

You can see the FAQ for the equation editor here. Do you have a suggestion for improvement? Email us at . Alternatively, you can write out your work and take a picture with your iPhone.

What is gold?

If you write the best solution for a specific textbook exercise (as voted on by other users), then you will receive gold every time your solution is viewed.

Gold that you earn for solution views is redeemable for cash.

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