For Educators

Slader empowers students by allowing them to shape their own educational experience. It brings high school students across America together in an online study hall, where they can interact with their classmates, peers, and friends.

Slader is not a cheating site! We focus on mastery of the material, and we created the site with both students and educators in mind. Our honor code is detailed here.

As an educator, this is what you need to know about Slader:

  • You can more effectively utilize class time. Slader eliminates the need to spend time grading homework and giving feedback. Students won’t need to review homework, and they can come to class prepared for the new lesson. Responsibility for learning will switch from teacher to student, encouraging mastery of the material. Questions about prior topics can be answered the night before class, so students are ready to learn when they arrive at school.

  • No student is left behind. Advanced students have an alternative learning tool, so you can spend increased time with underperformers. Slader also allows “quiet” students in class to “speak up” using online means. If desired, you can also design self-paced learning strategies.

  • Online materials are easily accessible. Solutions from other textbooks in the same subject area can be used as quizzes, tests, or practice sheets. Class study groups and online “office hours” can be held on a specific class page. If you have a classroom display, you can use Slader live as a teaching tool.

  • Various subject areas reward students for their strengths and aid their weaknesses. If a student is having difficulty with a particular type of problem, they can find practice problems and solutions on Slader. Slader enables students to get “unstuck” on troublesome problems, tempering frustration. Those students can then contribute solutions to areas that they are better in, inspiring confidence.

  • Slader starts discussions. Exercises with multiple solutions can show different ways and methods used to complete the problem. Humanities content can be used to start discussions.

Are you an educator? Have something to say? Drop us a note at We love to talk education and want to know what Slader can do to provide a better educational platform. Read about our commitment to parents here.

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