The Slader Honor Code

Slader is committed to improving high school math education. We hold ourselves to high standards of excellence and academic integrity, and we ask that our users do the same.

Slader is about the students.

We are passionate about revolutionizing education and creating the best social learning experience on the web. Our platform enables students to interact with their peers across the country. We act as a resource for students who cannot afford expensive tutors, whose parents are unable to help them, or who simply need extra time with the material. Slader is a study hall without four walls.

All solutions are intended as a study aid and as a guide to the material. Copying work directly from others is against school honor codes. We require our members to act in accordance with their individual schools’ policies.

All of our material is original.

Slader is written by students for their peers. Our team of moderators checks solutions for accuracy and originality. We do not post copyrighted or stolen material, and we do not condone the theft of intellectual property.

Concerned about infractions? Please contact us.

We encourage dialogue and open communication with both our users and educators. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, please email us at

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