Edgar Linton

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Edgar is married to Catherine Earnshaw and is the brother of Isabella. He is also the father of Cathy Linton. He serves as the foil for Heathcliff. Edgar represents grace and refinement. He grew up in a rich household, and he appears almost spoiled in his actions. In contrast, Heathcliff is the embodiment of wild, untamed energy. While Edgar grew up in bliss, Heathcliff was raised on the streets, forced to fend for himself until Mr. Earnshaw found him. It is because of Edgar's civilized nature that draws Catherine toward him. Edgar flaunts his wealth in Catherine's face, convincing her that life with him will be fantastic. With Edgar, Catherine has wealth and security. Despite being financially well-off, Edgar is rather weak and effiminate. He shows obvious fear in fighting Heathcliff, and he never directly confronts Heathcliff about the problems he has with him. There is a certain emotional detachment he has with Catherine. They never appear truly close, at least not to the extent that Catherine is close to Heathcliff.

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