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Why did Jim Smiley always choose animals that looked like they were nothing or could do nothing, but eventually win the bet?


In your opinion, did Smiley meet his match in the stranger with quail shot or had the stranger heard about his reputation?


How many animals did Jim Smiley own and do you think he cared about any of them as pets or just means to win bets?


I believe that Jim Smilely liked having animals that looked like they were nothing and couldn't win the race/fight/bet because it gave him an advantage. The horse was called the 15-minute mare, but she always seemed to pull through at the end. His dog was the same way. The pitbull pup looked demure until he got in the ring. The stranger continued to say that he couldn't see how Dan'l Weber was different than any other frog. Jim wanted the competition to think they had already won because it's easier to take cockiness away and come from behind than to try to hold your lead.




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