Bill Hutchinson

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Bill Hutchinson is the character who drew the lottery ticket with the black dot when the men of the household were drawing for families. Although his wife protested, he did not. He accepted the tradition of the Lottery.

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Tessie Hutchinson

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Tessie is Bill Hutchinson's wife. She ran late to the Lottery gathering claiming she was doing dishes and didn't want to leave them in the sink. When Bill draws the black-dotted Lottery ticket, Tessie puts up quite a protest. She claims her husband was rushed and did not have time to pull the ticket he really wanted. When Tessie pulls the ticket with the black dot during the Hutchinson family drawing she continues with similar protests. Tessie is still protesting as the first of the stones begin to hit her.

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Old Man Warner

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The Lottery described in this story is Old Man Warner's 77th Lottery. He is the oldest man in the town and completely scoffs at change. He has the mindset of "this is the way it has always been, and this is the way it will always be." He is completely for upholding tradition and feels there is no room for change or modifications. Old Man Warner also says, "Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon," during the story, which suggests that the Lottery may be some sort of sacrifice.

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Mr. Summers

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Mr. Summers conducts the Lottery as he does square dances, Halloween events and other civic activities because he has the time to do so. He is sworn in by the post master before conducting the Lottery. Each year he brings up a new box to use as the Lottery box and although there is always talk about the new box, nothing is ever done. Each year the box grows more and more shabby.

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Mr. Harry Graves

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Mr. Graves is the post master. He assists Mr. Summers in the Lottery by carrying the stool upon which the box will sit.

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