About Team Slader


Peter Bernheim... built a house

Peter joined Slader as a programmer in April 2010. A self-taught programmer, he came into the world of web programming via art and architecture. After attending Stanford, Peter participated in the design and construction of a variety of projects, ranging from a new design center for Nissan in Detroit to a single-family home in San Diego, much of which he built with his own hands. He brings this aesthetic savvy, attention to detail, and understanding of complex systems to his programming. Peter was born and raised in Carlsbad, California.

Fun fact: Peter loves making things with his hands, whether it be websites, furniture or gourmet meals.
Math fact: Took college math classes during high school to avoid the mundanity of high school math.


Kyle Gerrity... one of the In-N-Out eaters

Before Slader, Kyle worked in M&A at Morgan Stanley in Sydney. He graduated from Georgetown with a degree in History. Kyle was born and raised in Cardiff by-the-Sea, California and, after spending the majority of his adult life in Australia, now holds dual citizenship. In his free time, Kyle enjoys medium format photography and has been featured in several gallery exhibits.

Fun fact: Kyle blogs at Radical Terrace
Math fact: Kyle talked his way up a full-letter grade in AP Calculus his senior year. He could have used Slader.


Scott Kolb... the other In-N-Out burger eater

Before Slader, Scott worked for GMS Asia, a Hong Kong-based commercial real estate development company. He established their presence in India and oversaw the company's worldwide web-based collaboration system. After attending SMU, Scott worked for RushWorks Media, as a broadcast technology consultant for clients throughout the US, Africa and South Asia. When Scott finds the time, he enjoys lifting heavy things at the gym, stalking neighborhood dogs, and questing to find the perfect grind for his espresso machine.

Fun fact: Scott has lived (for at least 1 year) in: Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangalore, Singapore and five US states
Math fact: Fixed math teacher's computers and made videos about the math lab to get extra credit.

The New York-based Slader team is comprised of three guys who believe that the current structure of math education in the States is in need of a shake-up.

Team Slader Facts

  • 2 of us went to high school together (and used to share math homework via fax... THAT'S how old we are)
  • All of us are San Diegans (mostly coincidence too!)
  • All have lived outside the US for more than a year
  • 2 of us ate at In-N-Out Burger at least once for 48 consecutive days
  • None of us scored a 2400 on the SAT
  • 2 regularly attend Mean Girls Trivia nights
  • All excelled at math at some point during high school
  • All failed at math at some point during high school
  • 14 NYU math genius moderators

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