upper level math high school math science social sciences literature and english foreign languages other
upper level math high school math science social sciences literature and english foreign languages other
upper level math high school math science social sciences literature and english foreign languages other
upper level math high school math science social sciences literature and english foreign languages other
upper level math high school math science social sciences literature and english foreign languages other
upper level math high school math science social sciences literature and english foreign languages other

Chapter 1

Foundations For Functions

1-1 Sets of Numbers 1-1 Exercises p.10
1-2 Exercises p.17
1-3 Square Roots 1-3 Exercises p.24
1-4 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 1-4 Exercises p.30
1-5 Properties of Exponents 1-5 Exercises p.38
Multi-Step Test Prep p.42
Ready To Go On? p.43
1-6 Relations and Functions 1-6 Exercises p.47
1-7 Function Notation 1-7 Exercises p.54
1-8 Exploring Transformations 1-8 Exercises p.63
1-9 Introduction to Parent Functions 1-9 Exercises p.70
Multi-Step Test Prep p.74
Ready To Go On? p.75
Study Guide: Review p.76
Chapter Test p.80

Chapter 2

Linear Functions

2-1 Solving Linear Equations 2-1 Exercises p.94
2-2 Proportional Reasoning 2-2 Exercises p.100
2-3 Graphing Linear Functions 2-3 Exercises p.109
2-4 Writing Linear Functions 2-4 Exercises p.120
2-5 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 2-5 Exercises p.128
Multi-Step Test Prep p.132
Ready To Go On? p.133
2-6 Linear Equations in Three Dimensions 2-6 Exercises p.138
2-7 Curve Fitting with Linear Models 2-7 Exercises p.146
2-8 Solving Absolute-Value Equations and Inequalities 2-8 Exercises p.154
2-9 Absolute-Value Functions 2-9 Exercises p.161
Ready To Go On? p.165
Study Guide: Review p.166
Chapter Test p.170

Chapter 3

Linear Systems

3-1 Using Graphs and Tables to Solve Linear Systems 3-1 Exercises p.186
3-2 Using Algebraic Methods to Solve Linear Systems 3-2 Exercises p.194
3-3 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities 3-3 Exercises p.202
3-4 Linear Programming 3-4 Exercises p.209
Multi-Step Test Prep p.212
Ready to Go On? 3.1-3.4 p.213
3-5 Linear Equations in Three Dimensions 3-5 Exercises p.216
3-6 Solving Linear Systems in Three Variables 3-6 Exercises p.224
Ready to go on? p.229
3-EXT Exercises p.231
Study Guide: Review p.232
Chapter Test p.236

Chapter 4


4-1 Matrices and Data 4-1 Exercises p.250
4-2 Multiplying Matrices 4-2 Exercises p.257
4-3 Using Matrices to Transform Geometric Figures 4-3 Exercises p.265
Multi-Step Test Prep p.268
Ready To Go On? p.269
4-4 Determinants and Cramer's Rule 4-4 Exercises p.274
4-5 Matrix Inverses and Solving Systems 4-5 Exercises p.282
4-6 Row Operations and Augmented Matrices 4-6 Exercises p.291
Multi-Step Test Prep p.294
Ready To Go On? p.295
4-EXT Exercises p.297
Study Guide: Review p.298
Chapter Test p.302

Chapter 5

Quadratic Functions

5-1 Using Transformations to Graph Quadratic Equations 5-1 Exercises p.320
5-2 Properties of Quadratic Functions in Standard Form 5-2 Exercises p.328
5-3 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing and Factoring 5-3 Exercises p.338
5-4 Completing the Square 5-4 Exercises p.345
5-5 Complex Numbers and Roots 5-5 Exercises p.353
5-6 The Quadratic Formula 5-6 Exercises p.361
Multi-Step Test Prep p.364
Ready To Go On? p.365
5-7 Solving Quadratic Inequalities 5-7 Exercises p.370
5-8 Curve Fitting with Quadratic Models 5-8 Exercises p.377
5-9 Operations with Complex Numbers 5-9 Exercises p.386
Multi-Step Test Prep p.390
Ready To Go On? p.391
Study Guide: Review p.392
Chapter Test p.396

Chapter 6

Polynomial Functions

6-1 Polynomials 6-1 Exercises p.410
6-2 Multiply Polynomials 6-2 Exercises p.418
6-3 Dividing Polynomials 6-3 Exercises p.426
6-4 Factoring Polynomials 6-4 Exercises p.433
Multi-Step Test Prep p.436
Ready To Go On? p.437
6-5 Finding Real Roots of Polynomial Equations 6-5 Exercises p.442
6-6 Fundamental Theorem of Algebra 6-6 Exercises p.449
6-7 Investigating Graphs of Polynomial Functions 6-7 Exercises p.457
6-8 Transforming Polynomial Functions 6-8 p.463
6-9 Curve Fitting with Polynomial Models 6-9 Exercises p.469
Multi-Step Test Prep p.472
Ready To Go On? p.473
Study Guide: Review p.474
Chapter Test p.478

Chapter 7

Exponential And Logarithmic Functions

7-1 Exponential Functions and Logarithms 7-1 Exercises p.493
7-2 Inverses of Relations and Functions 7-2 Exercises p.501
7-3 Logarithmic Functions 7-3 p.509
7-4 Properties of Logarithms 7-4 Exercises p.516
Multi-Step Test Prep p.520
Ready To Go On? p.521
7-5 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 7-5 Exercises p.526
7-6 The Natural Base, e 7-6 Exercises p.534
7-7 Transforming Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 7-7 Exercises p.541
7-8 Curve Fitting with Exponential and Logarithmic Models 7-8 Exercises p.548
Multi-Step Test Prep p.552
Ready To Go On? p.553
Study Guide: Review p.554
Chapter Test p.558

Chapter 8

Rational And Radical Functions

Exercises p.573
Exercises p.580
Exercises p.588
Technology Lab p.591
Exercises p.597
Exercises p.605
Multi-Step Test Prep p.608
Ready To Go On? p.609
Exercises p.614
Connecting Algebra to Geometry p.618
Exercises p.624
Exercises p.632
Multi-Step Test Prep p.636
Ready To Go On? p.637
Study Guide: Review p.638
Chapter 8 Test p.642
College Entrance Exam Practice p.643

Chapter 9

Properties And Attributes Of Functions

Exercises p.658
Exercises p.666
Exercises p.676
Ready To Go On? p.681
Exercises p.686
Exercises p.693
Exercises p.702
Ready To Go On? p.707
Study Guide: Review p.708
Chapter Test p.712

Chapter 10

Conic Sections

Exercises p.726
Exercises p.732
Exercises p.740
Exercises p.748
Exercises p.755
Ready To Go On? p.759
Exercises p.764
Exercises p.772
Ready To Go On? p.777
Study Guide: Review p.778
Chapter Test p.782

Chapter 11

Probability And Statistics

11-1 Permutations and Combinations Exercises p.798
11-2 Theoretical and Experimental Probability Exercises p.806
11-3 Independent and Dependent Events Exercises p.815
Exercises p.822
Multi-Step Test Prep p.826
Ready To Go On? p.827
Exercises p.833
Exercises p.840
Multi-Step Test Prep p.844
Ready to Go On? 11.5-11.6 p.845
Study Guide: Review p.848

Chapter 12

Sequences And Series

Exercises p.865
Exercises p.874
Exercises p.884
Quiz for Lessons 12.1 - 12.3 p.889
Exercises p.895
Exercises p.904
Concept Connection p.908
Ready To Go On? p.909
Extension p.911
Study Guide: Review p.912

Chapter 13

Trigonometric Functions

13-1 Right-Angle Trigonometry 13-1 Exercises p.933
13-2 Angles of Rotation 13-2 Exercises p.939
13-3 The Unit Circle 13-3 Exercises p.947
13-4 Inverses of Trigonometric Functions 13-4 Exercises p.953
Multi-Step Test Prep p.956
Ready To Go On? p.957
13-5 The Law of Sines 13-5 Exercises p.962
13-6 The Law of Cosines 13-6 Exercises p.970
Multi-Step Test Prep p.974
Ready To Go On? p.975
Study Guide: Review p.976
Chapter Test p.980

Chapter 14

Trigonometric Graphs And Identities

14-1 Graphs of Sines and Cosines 14-1 Exercises p.995
14-2 Graphs of Other Trigonometric Functions 14-2 Exercises p.1001
Multi-Step Test Prep p.1004
Ready To Go On? p.1005
14-3 Fundamental Trigonometric Identities 14-3 Exercises p.1011
14-4 Sum and Difference Identities 14-4 Exercises p.1017
14-5 Double-Angle and Half-Angle Identities 14-5 Exercises p.1024
14-6 Solving Trigonometric Equations 14-6 Exercises p.1031
Multi-Step Test Prep p.1034
Ready To Go On? p.1035
Study Guide: Review p.1036
Chapter Test p.1040
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