Chapter 1

The Science Of Physics

1-1 What is Physics? Section Review p.9
1-2 Measurements in Experiments Section Review p.20
1-3 The Language of Physics Section Review p.25
Review Exercises p.27
Standardized Test Prep p.32

Chapter 2

Motion In One Dimension

2-1 Displacement and Velocity Section Review p.47
2-2 Acceleration Section Review p.59
2-3 Falling Objects Section Review p.65
Review Exercises p.68
Standardized Test Prep p.74

Chapter 3

Two-Dimensional Motion And Vectors

3-1 Introduction to Vectors Section Review p.85
3-2 Vector Operations Section Review p.94
3-3 Projectile Motion Section Review p.101
3-4 Relative Motion Section Review p.105
Review Exercises p.108
Standardized Test Prep p.114

Chapter 4

Forces And The Laws Of Motion

4-1 Changes in Motion Section Review p.124
4-2 Newton's First Law Section Review p.129
4-3 Newton's Second and Third Laws Section Review p.134
4-4 Everyday Forces Section Review p.143
Review Exercises p.145
Standardized Test Prep p.150

Chapter 5

Work And Energy

5-1 Work Section Review p.163
5-2 Energy Section Review p.172
5-3 Conservation of Energy Section Review p.178
5-4 Power Section Review p.181
Review Exercises p.184
Standardized Test Prep p.190

Chapter 6

Momentum And Collisions

6-1 Momentum and Impulse Section Review p.204
6-2 Conservation of Momentum Section Review p.211
6-3 Elastic and Inelastic Collisions Section Review p.220
Review Exercises p.223
Standardized Test Prep p.228

Chapter 7

Circular Motion And Gravitation

7-1 Circular Motion Section Review p.239
7-2 Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation Section Review p.247
7-3 Motion in Space Section Review p.253
7-4 Torque and Simple Machines Section Review p.261
Review Exercises p.263
Standardized Test Prep p.268

Chapter 8

Fluid Mechanics

8-1 Fluids and Buoyant Force Section Review p.279
8-2 Fluid Pressure Section Review p.283
8-3 Fluids in Motion Section Review p.286
Chapter Review p.288
Standardized Test Prep p.292

Chapter 9


9-1 Temperature and Thermal Equilibrium Section Review p.304
9-2 Defining Heat Section Review p.311
9-3 Changes in Temperature and Phase Section Review p.319
Review Exercises p.322
Standardized Test Prep p.326

Chapter 10


10-1 Relationships Between Heat and Work Section Review p.341
10-2 The First Law of Thermodynamics Section Review p.349
10-3 The Second Law of Thermodynamics Section Review p.357
Review Exercises p.360
Standardized Test Prep p.364

Chapter 11

Vibrations And Waves

11-1 Simple Harmonic Motion Section Review p.375
11-2 Measuring Simple Harmonic Motion Section Review p.381
11-3 Properties of Waves Section Review p.388
11-4 Wave Interactions Section Review p.394
Review Exercises p.396
Standardized Test Prep p.400

Chapter 12


12-1 Sound Waves Section Review p.413
12-2 Sound Intensity and Resonance Section Review p.420
12-3 Harmonics Section Review p.431
Review Exercises p.434
Standardized Test Prep p.438

Chapter 13

Light And Reflection

13-1 Characteristics of Light Section Review p.450
13-2 Flat Mirrors Section Review p.454
13-3 Curved Mirrors Section Review p.468
13-4 Color and Polarization Section Review p.474
Review Exercises p.476
Standardized Test Prep p.482

Chapter 14


14-1 Refraction Section Review p.493
14-2 Thin Lenses Section Review p.505
14-3 Optical Phenomenon Section Review p.511
Review Exercises p.514
Standardized Test Prep p.520

Chapter 15

Interference And Diffraction

15-1 Interference Section Review p.531
15-2 Diffraction Section Review p.540
15-3 Lasers Section Review p.545
Review Exercises p.548
Standardized Test Prep p.552

Chapter 16

Electric Forces And Fields

16-1 Electric Charge Section Review p.563
16-2 Electric Force Section Review p.571
16-3 The Electric Field Section Review p.579
Review Exercises p.581
Standardized Test Prep p.586

Chapter 17

Electrical Energy And Current

17-1 Electric Potential Section Review p.601
17-2 Capacitance Section Review p.607
17-3 Current and Resistance Section Review p.616
17-4 Electric Power Section Review p.623
Review Exercises p.626
Standardized Test Prep p.632

Chapter 18

Circuits And Circuit Elements

18-1 Schematic Diagrams and Circuits Section Review p.645
18-2 Resistors in Series or in Parallel Section Review p.656
18-3 Complex Resistor Combinations Section Review p.663
Review Exercises p.666
Standardized Test Prep p.672

Chapter 19


19-1 Magnets and Magnetic Fields Section Review p.682
19-2 Magnetism from Electricity Section Review p.686
19-3 Magnetic Force Section Review p.693
Review Exercises p.695
Standardized Test Prep p.700

Chapter 20

Electromagnetic Induction

20-1 Electricity from Magnetism Section Review p.715
20-2 Generators, Motors, and Mutual Inductance Section Review p.722
20-3 AC Circuits and Transformers Section Review p.730
20-4 Electromagnetic Waves Section Review p.737
Review Exercises p.739
Standardized Test Prep p.744

Chapter 21

Atomic Physics

21-1 Quantization of Energy Section Review p.760
21-2 Models of the Atom Section Review p.770
21-3 Quantum Mechanics Section Review p.777
Review Exercises p.779
Standardized Test Prep p.782

Chapter 22

Subatomic Physics

22-1 The Nucleus Section Review p.796
22-2 Nuclear Decay Section Review p.806
22-3 Nuclear Reactions Section Review p.810
22-4 Particle Physics Section Review p.817
Review Exercises p.820
Standardized Test Prep p.824

Chapter Appendix I

Additional Problems p.880
Holt Physics



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