Chapter 1

Points, Lines, Planes And Angles

1.1 Points, Lines & Planes Check for Understanding p.9
Practice and Apply p.9
1.2 Linear Measure and Precision Check for Understanding p.16
Practice and Apply p.17
Maintain Your Skills p.19
Practice Quiz 1 p.19
1.3 Distance and Midpoints Practice and Apply p.25
Check for Understanding p.25
Maintain Your Skills p.27
1.4 Angle Measure Check for Understanding p.33
Practice and Apply p.34
Practice Quiz 2 p.36
1.5 Angle Relationships Check for Understanding p.41
Practice and Apply p.42
Maintain Your Skills p.43
1.6 Polygons Check for Understanding p.48
Practice and Apply p.49
Maintain Your Skills p.50
Study Guide and Review p.53
Practice Test p.57
Standardized Test Practice p.58

Chapter 2

Reasoning And Proof

2.1 Inductive Reasoning and Conjecture Check for Understanding p.63
Practice and Apply p.64
2.2 Logic Maintain Your Skills p.66
Check for Understanding p.71
Practice and Apply p.72
Maintain Your Skills p.74
2.3 Conditional Statements Practice and Apply p.78
Check for Understanding p.78
Maintain Your Skills p.80
Practice Quiz 1 p.80
2.4 Deductive Reasoning Check for Understanding p.84
Practice and Apply p.85
Maintain Your Skills p.87
2.5 Postulates and Paragraph Proofs Check for Understanding p.91
Practice and Apply p.92
Maintain Your Skills p.93
2.6 Algebraic Proof Check for Understanding p.97
Practice and Apply p.97
Maintain Your Skills p.100
Practice Quiz 1 p.100
2.7 Proving Segment Relationships Check for Understanding p.103
Practice and Apply p.104
Maintain Your Skills p.106
2.8 Proving Angle Relationships Check for Understanding p.111
Practice and Apply p.112
Maintain Your Skills p.114
Study Guide and Review p.115
Practice Test p.121
Standardized Test Practice p.122

Chapter 3

Parallel And Perpendicular Lines

3.1 Parallel Lines and Transversals Check for Understanding p.128
Practice and Apply p.129
Maintain Your Skills p.131
3.2 Angles and Parallel Lines Practice and Apply p.136
Check for Understanding p.136
Maintain Your Skills p.138
Practice Quiz 1 p.138
3.3 Slopes of Lines Practice and Apply p.142
3.4 Equations of Lines Check for Understanding p.142
3.3 Slopes of Lines Maintain Your Skills p.144
3.4 Equations of Lines Check for Understanding p.147
Practice and Apply p.148
Maintain Your Skills p.150
Practice Quiz 2 p.150
3.5 Proving Lines Parallel Check for Understanding p.154
Practice and Apply p.155
Maintain Your Skills p.157
3.6 Perpendiculars and Distance Practice and Apply p.162
Check for Understanding p.162
Maintain Your Skills p.164
Study Guide and Review p.167
Practice Test p.171
Standardized Test Practice p.172

Chapter 4

Congruent Triangles

4.1 Classifying Triangles Check for Understanding p.180
Practice and Apply p.181
Maintain Your Skills p.183
4.2 Angles of Triangles Check for Understanding p.188
Practice and Apply p.189
Maintain Your Skills p.191
4.3 Congruent Triangles Check for Understanding p.195
Practice and Apply p.195
Maintain Your Skills p.198
Practice Quiz 1 p.198
4.4 Proving Congruence - SSS, SAS Check for Understanding p.203
Practice and Apply p.204
Maintain Your Skills p.206
4.5 Proving Congruence - ASA, AAS Check for Understanding p.210
Practice and Apply p.211
Maintain Your Skills p.213
4.6 Isosceles Triangles Check for Understanding p.219
Practice and Apply p.219
Maintain Your Skills p.221
Practice Quiz 2 p.221
4.7 Triangles and Coordinate Proof Practice and Apply p.224
Check for Understanding p.224
Maintain Your Skills p.226
Study Guide and Review p.227
Practice Test p.231
Standardized Test Practice p.232

Chapter 5

Relationships In Triangles

5.1 Bisectors, Medians and Altitudes Check for Understanding p.242
Practice and Apply p.243
Maintain Your Skills p.245
5.2 Inequalities and Triangles Check for Understanding p.251
Practice and Apply p.252
Maintain Your Skills p.254
Practice Quiz 1 p.254
5.3 Indirect Proof Check for Understanding p.257
Practice and Apply p.258
Maintain Your Skills p.260
5.4 The Triangle Inequality Check for Understanding p.263
5.3 Indirect Proof Practice and Apply p.264
5.4 The Triangle Inequality Maintain Your Skills p.266
Practice Quiz 2 p.266
5.5 Inequalities Involving Two Triangles Check for Understanding p.270
Practice and Apply p.271
Maintain Your Skills p.273
Study Guide and Review p.274
Practice Test p.277
Standardized Test Practice p.278

Chapter 6

Proportions And Similarity

6.1 Proportions Check for Understanding p.284
Practice and Apply p.285
Maintain Your Skills p.287
6.2 Similar Polygons Check for Understanding p.292
Practice and Apply p.293
297 p.297
6.3 Similar Triangles Check for Understanding p.301
Practice and Apply p.302
Maintain Your Skills p.306
Practice Quiz 1 p.306
6.4 Parallel Lines and Proportional Parts Check for Understanding p.311
Practice and Apply p.312
Maintain Your Skills p.315
6.5 Parts of Similar Triangles Check for Understanding p.319
Practice and Apply p.320
Maintain Your Skills p.323
Practice Quiz 2 p.323
6.6 Fractals and Self-Similarity Check for Understanding p.328
Practice and Apply p.328
Maintain Your Skills p.331
Study Guide and Review p.332
Practice Test p.337
Standardized Test Practice p.338

Chapter 7

Right Triangles And Trigonometry

7.1 Geometric Mean Check for Understanding p.345
Practice and Apply p.346
Maintain Your Skills p.348
7.2 The Pythagorean Theorem and Its Converse Check for Understanding p.353
Practice and Apply p.354
Maintain Your Skills p.356
7.3 Special Right Triangles Check for Understanding p.360
Practice and Apply p.360
Maintain Your Skills p.363
Practice Quiz 1 p.363
7.4 Trigonometry Check for Understanding p.367
Practice and Apply p.368
Maintain Your Skills p.370
7.5 Angles of Elevation and Depression Check for Understanding p.373
Maintain Your Skills p.376
7.6 The Law of Sines Check for Understanding p.380
Practice and Apply p.381
Maintain Your Skills p.383
Practice Quiz 2 p.383
7.7 The Law of Cosines Check for Understanding p.387
Practice and Apply p.388
Maintain Your Skills p.390
Study Guide and Review p.392
Practice Test p.397
Standardized Test Practice p.398

Chapter 8


8.1 Angles of Polygons Check for Understanding p.407
Practice and Apply p.407
Maintain Your Skills p.409
8.2 Parallelograms Check for Understanding p.414
Practice and Apply p.415
Maintain Your Skills p.416
8.3 Tests for Parallelograms Check for Understanding p.420
Practice and Apply p.421
Practice Quiz 1 p.423
Maintain Your Skills p.423
8.4 Rectangles Check for Understanding p.427
Practice and Apply p.428
Maintain Your Skills p.430
8.5 Rhombi and Squares Practice and Apply p.434
Check for Understanding p.434
Maintain Your Skills p.437
8.6 Trapezoids Check for Understanding p.442
Practice and Apply p.442
Maintain Your Skills p.445
Practice Quiz 2 p.445
8.7 Coordinate Proof with Quadrilaterals Check for Understanding p.449
Practice and Apply p.450
Maintain Your Skills p.451
Study Guide and Review p.452
Practice Test p.457
Standardized Test Practice p.458

Chapter 9


9.1 Reflections Check for Understanding p.467
Practice and Apply p.467
Maintain Your Skills p.469
9.2 Translations Practice and Apply p.472
Check for Understanding p.472
Maintain Your Skills p.475
9.3 Rotations Check for Understanding p.478
9.2 Translations Practice and Apply p.479
Maintain Your Skills p.482
Practice Quiz 1 p.482
9.4 Tessellations Check for Understanding p.485
Practice and Apply p.486
Maintain Your Skills p.488
9.5 Dilations Check for Understanding p.493
Practice and Apply p.494
Maintain Your Skills p.497
Practice Quiz 2 p.497
9.6 Vectors Check for Understanding p.502
Practice and Apply p.503
Maintain Your Skills p.505
9.7 Transformations with Matrices Check for Understanding p.508
Practice and Apply p.509
Maintain Your Skills p.511
Study Guide and Review p.512
Practice Test p.517
Standardized Test Practice p.518

Chapter 10


10.1 Circles and Circumference Check for Understanding p.525
Practice and Apply p.526
Maintain Your Skills p.528
10.2 Angles and Arcs Check for Understanding p.532
10.1 Circles and Circumference Practice and Apply p.533
10.2 Angles and Arcs Maintain Your Skills p.535
10.3 Arcs and Chords Check for Understanding p.539
Practice and Apply p.540
Maintain Your Skills p.543
Practice Quiz 1 p.543
10.4 Inscribed Angles Check for Understanding p.548
Practice and Apply p.549
Maintain Your Skills p.551
10.5 Tangents Exercises p.555
10.6 Secants, Tangents and Angle Measures Exercises p.564
Practice Quiz p.568
10.7 Special Segments in a Circle Exercises p.571
10.8 Equations of Circles Exercises p.577
Study Guide and Review p.581
Practice Test p.587
Standardized Test Prep p.588

Chapter 11

Areas Of Polygons And Circles

Getting Started p.593
11.1 Areas of Parallelograms Exercises p.598
11.2 Areas of Triangles, Trapezoids and Rhombi Exercises p.605
Practice Quiz p.609
11.2 Areas of Triangles, Trapezoids and Rhombi Exercises p.613
11.3 Areas of Regular Polygons and Circles Check for Understanding p.613
Practice and Apply p.613
Maintain Your Skills p.616
11.4 Areas of Irregular Figures Practice and Apply p.619
Check for Understanding p.619
Maintain Your Skills p.621
Practice Quiz 2 p.621
11.5 Geometric Probability Check for Understanding p.625
Practice and Apply p.625
Maintain Your Skills p.627
Study Guide and Review p.628
Practice Test p.631
Standardized Test Practice p.632

Chapter 12

Surface Area

12.1 Three-Dimensional Figures Check for Understanding p.639
Practice and Apply p.640
Maintain Your Skills p.642
12.2 Nets and Surface Area Check for Understanding p.645
Practice and Apply p.646
Maintain Your Skills p.648
12.3 Surface Areas of Prisms Check for Understanding p.651
Practice and Apply p.651
12.4 Surface Areas of Cylinders Maintain Your Skills p.654
Check for Understanding p.657
Practice and Apply p.657
Maintain Your Skills p.659
Practice Quiz 1 p.659
12.5 Surface Areas of Pyramids Check for Understanding p.663
Practice and Apply p.663
Maintain Your Skills p.665
12.6 Surface Areas of Cones Check for Understanding p.668
Practice and Apply p.668
Maintain Your Skills p.670
Practice Quiz 2 p.670
12.7 Surface Areas of Spheres Check for Understanding p.674
Practice and Apply p.674
Maintain Your Skills p.676
Check for Understanding p.678
Practice Test p.683
Standardized Test Practice p.684

Chapter 13


13.1 Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders Check for Understanding p.691
Maintain Your Skills p.694
13.2 Volumes of Pyramids and Cones Check for Understanding p.698
Practice and Apply p.699
13.3 Volumes of Spheres Maintain Your Skills p.701
Practice Quiz 1 p.701
13.3 Volumes of Spheres Practice and Apply p.704
Check for Understanding p.704
Maintain Your Skills p.706
13.4 Congruent and Similar Solids Check for Understanding p.710
Maintain Your Skills p.713
Practice Quiz 2 p.713
13.5 Coordinates in Space Check for Understanding p.717
Practice and Apply p.717
Maintain Your Skills p.719
Study Guide and Review p.720
Practice Test p.723
Standardized Test Practice p.724



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