Chapter 1

Sample And Display Data

1-1 Surveys and Sampling Methods Try These Exercises p.8
Practice Exercises p.8
Mixed Review Excercises p.9
Extended Practice Exercises p.9
1-2 Measures of Central Tendency and Range Practice Exercises p.12
Try These Exercises p.12
Mixed Review Exercises p.13
Extended Practice Exercises p.13
Review and Practice Your Skills p.14
1-3 Histograms and Stem-and-Leaf Plots Practice Exercises p.18
Try These Exercises p.18
Extended Practice Exercises p.19
1-4 Scatter Plots and Lines of Best Fit Try These Exercises p.22
Practice Exercises p.23
Extended Practice Exercises p.23
Mixed Review Exercises p.23
Review and Practice Your Skills p.24
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.25
1-5 Problem Solving Sills: Coefficient of Correlation Mixed Review Exercises p.27
Try These Exercises p.27
Practice Exercises p.27
1-6 Quartiles and Percentiles Practice Exercises p.30
Try These Exercises p.30
Extended Practice Exercises p.31
Mixed Review Exercises p.31
Review and Practice Your Skills p.32
1-7 Misleading Graphs and Statistics Practice Excercises p.36
Try These Exercises p.36
Extended Practice Excercises p.37
Mixed Review Excercises p.37
1-8 Use Matrices to Organize Data Try These Excecises p.40
Practice Excercises p.40
Extended Practice Exercises p.41
Mixed Review Excercises p.41
Chapter 1 Review p.42
Chapter 1 Assessment p.45
Standardized Test Practice p.46

Chapter 2

Foundations Of Algebra

2-1 Real Numbers Practice Excercises p.54
Try These Excercises p.54
Mixed Review Excercises p.55
Extended Practice Exercises p.55
2-2 Order Of Operations Try These Excercises p.58
Practice Excercises p.58
Extended Practice Exercises p.59
Mixed Review Exercises p.59
Review and Practice Your Skills p.60
2-3 Write Variable Expressions Try These Exercises p.64
Practice Exercises p.64
Extended Practice Excercises p.65
Mixed Review Exercises p.65
2-4 Add and Subtract Variable Expressions Practice Exercises p.68
Try These Exercises p.68
Mixed Review Exercises p.69
Extended Practice Exercises p.69
Review and Practice Your Skills p.70
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.71
2-5 Multiply and Divide Variable Expressions Try These Exercises p.74
Practice Exercises p.74
Mixed Review Exercises p.75
Extended Practice Exercises p.75
2-6 Simplify Variable Expressions Practice Exercises p.78
Try These Exercises p.78
Extended Practice Exercises p.79
Mixed Review Exercises p.79
Review and Practice Your Skills p.80
2-7 Properties of Exponents Try These Exercises p.84
Practice Exercises p.84
Extended Practice Exercises p.85
Mixed Review Exercises p.85
2-8 Zero and Negative Exponents Try These Exercises p.88
Practice Exercises p.88
Extended Practice Exercises p.89
Mixed Review Exercises p.89
Review and Practice Your Skills p.90
2-9 Problem Solving Skills: Find a Pattern Try These Exercises p.92
Mixed Review Exercises p.93
Practice Exercises p.93
Chapter 2 Review p.94
Standardized Test Practice p.98
2-2 Order Of Operations Extra Practice p.589
2-8 Zero and Negative Exponents Extra Practice p.592

Chapter 3

Equations And Inequalities

3-1 Equations and Formulas Practice Exercises p.106
Try These Exercises p.106
Extended Practice Exercises p.107
Mixed Review Exercises p.107
3-2 One-Step Equations Try These Exercises p.110
Practice Exercises p.110
Extended Practice Exercises p.111
Mixed Review Exercises p.111
Review and Practice Your Skills p.112
3-3 Problem Solving Skills: Model Algebra Try These Exercises p.114
Practice Exercises p.115
Mixed Review Exercises p.115
3-4 Equations with Two or More Operations Practice Exercises p.118
Try These Exercises p.118
Extended Practice Exercises p.119
Mixed Review Exercises p.119
Review and Practice Your Skills p.120
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.121
3-5 Proportions Practice Exercises p.124
Try These Exercises p.124
Extended Practice Exercises p.125
Mixed Review Exercises p.125
3-6 Graph Inequalities on a Number Line Practice Exercises p.128
Try These Exercises p.128
Mixed Review Exercises p.129
Extended Practice Exercises p.129
Review and Practice Your Skills p.130
3-7 Solve Inequalities Try These Exercises p.134
Practice Exercises p.134
Mixed Review Exercises p.135
Extended Practice Exercises p.135
3-8 Equations with Squares and Square Roots Try These Exercises p.138
Practice Exercises p.138
Extended Practice Exercises p.139
Mixed Review Exercises p.139
Chapter 3 Review p.140
Chapter 3 Assessment p.143
Standardized Test Practice p.144

Chapter 4


4-1 Experiments and Probabilities Try These Exercises p.152
Practice Exercises p.152
Extended Practice Exercises p.153
Mixed Review Exercises p.153
4-2 Problem Solving Skills: Simulations Practice Exercises p.155
Try These Exercises p.155
Mixed Review Exercises p.155
Review and Practice Your Skills p.156
4-3 Sample Spaces and Theoretical Probability Try These Exercises p.160
Practice Exercises p.160
Mixed Review Exercises p.161
Extended Practice Exercises p.161
4-4 Probability of Compound Events Try These Exercises p.164
Practice Exercises p.164
Extended Practice Exercises p.165
Mixed Review Exercises p.165
Review and Practice Your Skills p.166
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.167
4-5 Independent and Dependent Events Try These Exercises p.170
Practice Exercises p.170
Extended Practice Exercises p.171
Mixed Review Exercises p.171
4-6 Permutations of a Set Practice Exercises p.174
Try These Exercises p.174
Mixed Review Exercises p.175
Extended Practice Exercises p.175
Review and Practice Your Skills p.176
4-7 Combinations of a Set Practice Exercises p.180
Try These Exercises p.180
Mixed Review Exercises p.181
Extended Practice Exercises p.181
Chapter 4 Review p.182
Chapter 4 Assessment p.185
Standardized Test Practice p.186
4-3 Sample Spaces and Theoretical Probability Extra Practice p.596

Chapter 5

Logic And Geometry

5-1 Elements of Geometry Practice Exercises p.194
Try These Exercises p.194
Mixed Review Exercises p.195
Extended Practice Exercises p.195
5-2 Angles and Perpendicular Lines Practice Exercises p.198
Try These Exercises p.198
Extended Practice Exercises p.199
Mixed Review Exercises p.199
Review and Practice Your Skills p.200
5-3 Parallel Lines and Transversals Practice Exercises p.204
Try These Exercises p.204
Mixed Review Exercises p.205
Extended Practice Exercises p.205
5-4 Properties of Triangles Try These Exercises p.208
Practice Exercises p.208
Mixed Review Exercises p.209
Extended Practice Exercises p.209
Review and Practice Your Skills p.210
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.211
5-5 Congruent Triangles Practice Exercises p.214
Try These Exercises p.214
Extended Practice Exercises p.215
Mixed Review Exercises p.215
5-6 Quadrilaterals and Parallelograms Practice Exercises p.218
Try These Exercises p.218
Extended Practice Exercises p.219
Mixed Review Exercises p.219
Review and Practice Your Skills p.220
5-7 Diagonals and Angles of Polygons Practice Exercises p.224
Try These Exercises p.224
Extended Practice Exercises p.225
Mixed Review Exercises p.225
5-8 Properties of Circles Practice Exercises p.228
Try These Exercises p.228
Mixed Review Excercises p.229
Extended Practice Excercises p.229
Review and Practice Your Skills p.230
5-9 Problem Solving Skills: Circle Graphs Mixed Review Excercises p.233
Practice Exercises p.233
Try These Exercises p.233
Chapter 5 Review p.234
Chapter 5 Assessment p.237
Standardized Test Practice p.238
5-2 Angles and Perpendicular Lines Extra Practice p.599

Chapter 6

Graphing Functions

6-1 Distance in the Coordinate Plane Practice Exercises p.246
Try These Exercises p.246
Extended Practice Excercises p.247
Mixed Review Excercises p.247
6-2 Slope of a Line Practice Exercises p.250
Try These Exercises p.250
Extended Practice Excercises p.251
Mixed Review Excercises p.251
Review and Practice Your Skills p.252
6-3 Write and Graph Linear Equations Try These Exercises p.256
Practice Exercises p.256
Extended Practice Excercises p.257
Mixed Review Excercises p.257
6-4 Write and Graph Linear Inequalities Try These Exercises p.260
Practice Exercises p.260
Mixed Review Excercises p.261
Extended Practice Excercises p.261
Review and Practice Your Skills p.262
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.263
6-5 Linear and Nonlinear Functions Try These Exercises p.266
Practice Exercises p.267
Mixed Review Excercises p.267
Extended Practice Excercises p.267
6-6 Graph Quadratic Functions Try These Exercises p.269
Practice Exercises p.270
Extended Practice Excercises p.271
Mixed Review Excercises p.271
Review and Practice Your Skills p.272
6-7 Problem Solving Skills: Pattern and Functions Practice Exercises p.275
Mixed Review Exercises p.275
6-8 Direct Variation Try These Exercises p.278
Practice Exercises p.278
Extended Practice Exercises p.279
Mixed Review Exercises p.279
Review and Practice Your Skills p.280
6-9 Inverse Variation Practice Exercises p.284
Try These Exercises p.284
Mixed Review Exercises p.285
Extended Practice Exercises p.285
Chapter 6 Review p.286
Chapter 6 Assessment p.289
Standardized Test Practice p.290

Chapter 7

Coordinate Graphing And Transformations

6-7 Problem Solving Skills: Pattern and Functions Try These Exercises p.274
7-1 Translations in the Coordinate Plane Practice Exercises p.298
Try These Exercises p.298
Extended Practice Exercises p.299
Mixed Review Exercises p.299
7-2 Reflections in the Coordinate Plane Practice Exercises p.302
Try These Exercises p.302
Extended Practice Exercises p.303
Mixed Review Exercises p.303
Review and Practice Your Skills p.304
7-3 Rotations in the Coordinate Plane Practice Exercises p.308
Try These Exercises p.308
Mixed Review Exercises p.309
Extended Practice Exercises p.309
7-4 Line Symmetry and Rotational Symmetry Practice Exercises p.312
Try These Exercises p.312
Extended Practice Exercises p.313
Mixed Review Exercises p.313
Review and Practice Skills p.314
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.315
7-5 Dilations in the Coordinate Plane Try These Exercises p.317
Practice Exercises p.318
Extended Practice Exercises p.319
Mixed Review Exercises p.319
7-6 Problem Solving Skills: Tessellations Try These Exercises p.320
Practice Exercises p.321
Mixed Review Exercises p.321
Review and Practice Your Skills p.322
Chapter 7 Review p.324
Chapter 7 Assessment p.327
Standardized Test Practice p.328

Chapter 8

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

8-1 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Try These Exercises p.336
Practice Exercises p.336
Extended Practice Exercises p.337
Mixed Review Exercises p.337
8-2 Solve System of Equations Graphically Try These Exercises p.340
Practice Exercises p.340
Extended Practice Exercises p.341
Mixed Review Exercises p.341
Review and Practice Your Skills p.342
8-3 Solve Systems by Substitution Try These Exercises p.346
Practice Exercises p.346
Extended Practice Exercises p.347
Mixed Review Exercises p.347
8-4 Solve Systems by Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Try These Exercises p.350
Practice Exercises p.350
Mixed Review Exercises p.351
Extended Practice Exercises p.351
Review and Practice Your Skills p.352
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.353
8-5 Matrices and Determinants Try These Exercises p.356
Practice Exercises p.356
Mixed Review Exercises p.357
Extended Practice Exercises p.357
8-6 Problem Solving Skills: Directed Graphs Mixed Review Exercises p.359
Try These Exercises p.359
Practice Exercises p.359
Review and Practice Your Skills p.360
8-7 Systems of Inequalities Try These Exercises p.364
Practice Exercises p.364
Extended Practice Exercises p.365
Mixed Review Excercises p.365
Chapter 8 Review p.366
Chapter 8 Assessment p.369
Standardized Test Practice p.370

Chapter 9


9-1 Add and Subtract Polynomials Try These Exercises p.378
Practice Exercises p.378
Extended Practice Excercises p.379
Mixed Review Exercises p.379
9-2 Multiply Monomials Try These Exercises p.382
Practice Exercises p.382
Extended Practice Excercises p.383
Mixed Review Exercises p.383
Review and Practice Your Skills p.384
9-3 Divide by a Monomial Practice Exercises p.388
Try These Exercises p.388
Mixed Review Excercises p.389
Extended Practice Exercises p.389
9-4 Multiply a Polynomial by a Monomial Practice Exercises p.392
Try These Exercises p.392
Extended Practice Exercises p.393
Mixed Review Excercises p.393
Review and Practice Your Skills p.394
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.395
9-5 Multiply Binomials Practice Exercises p.398
Try These Exercises p.398
Mixed Review Exercises p.399
Extended Practice Exercises p.399
9-6 Problem Solving Skills: Work Backwards Try These Exercises p.400
Practice Exercises p.401
Mixed Review Exercises p.401
Review and Practice Your Skills p.402
9-7 Factor Using Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Practice Exercises p.406
Try These Exercises p.406
Mixed Review Exercises p.407
Extended Practice Exercises p.407
9-8 Perfect Squares and Difference of Squares Try These Exercises p.410
Practice Exercises p.410
Extended Practice Excercises p.411
Mixed Review Exercises p.411
Chapter 9 Review p.412
Chapter 9 Assessment p.415
Standardized Test Practice p.416

Chapter 10

Three-Dimensional Geometry

10-1 Visualize and Represent Solids Try These Exercises p.423
Practice Exercises p.424
Mixed Review Excercises p.425
Extended Practice Excercises p.425
10-2 Nets and Surface Area Try These Exercises p.428
Practice Exercises p.428
Mixed Review Excercises p.429
Extended Practice Excercises p.429
Review and Practice Your Skills p.430
10-3 Surface Area of Three-Dimensional Figures Practice Exercises p.434
Try These Exercises p.434
Mixed Review Excercises p.435
Extended Practice Excercises p.435
10-4 Perspetive Drawings Try These Exercises p.437
Practice Exercises p.438
Extended Practice Excercises p.439
Mixed Review Excercises p.439
Review and Practice Your Skills p.440
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.441
10-5 Isometric Drawings Try These Exercises p.443
Practice Exercises p.444
Mixed Review Excercises p.445
Extended Practice Excercises p.445
10-6 Orthogonal Drawings Try These Exercises p.447
Practice Exercises p.448
Mixed Review Excercises p.449
Extended Practice Excercises p.449
Review and Practice Your Skills p.450
10-7 Volume of Prisms and Pyramids Practice Exercises p.454
Try These Exercises p.454
Mixed Review Excercises p.455
Extended Practice Excercises p.455
10-8 Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Sphere Try These Exercises p.458
Practice Exercises p.458
Mixed Review Excercises p.459
Extended Practice Exercises p.459
Review and Practice Your Skills p.460
10-9 Problem Solving Skills: Length, Area, and Volume Try These Exercises p.463
Practice Exercises p.463
Mixed Review Excercises p.463
Chapter 10 Review p.464
Chapter 10 Assessment p.467
Standardized Test Practice p.468

Chapter 11

Right Triangle Trigonometry

11-1 Similar Polygons Try These Exercises p.476
11-2 Indirect Measurements Practice Exercises p.476
11-1 Similar Polygons Mixed Review Excercises p.477
Extended Practice Exercises p.477
11-2 Indirect Measurements Try These Exercises p.480
Practice Exercises p.480
Mixed Review Excercises p.481
Extended Practice Exercises p.481
Review and Practice Your Skills p.482
11-3 The Pythagorean Theorem Try These Exercises p.486
Practice Exercises p.486
Mixed Review Excercises p.487
Extended Practice Exercises p.487
11-4 Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Ratios Try These Exercises p.490
Practice Exercises p.490
Mixed Review Excercises p.491
Extended Practice Exercises p.491
Review and Practice Your Skills p.492
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.493
11-5 Find Lengths of Sides in Right Triangles Try These Exercises p.495
Practice Exercises p.496
Mixed Review Excercises p.497
Extended Practice Exercises p.497
11-6 Find Measures of Angles in Right Triangles Try These Exercises p.499
Practice Exercises p.500
Mixed Review Excercises p.501
Extended Practice Exercises p.501
Review and Practice Your Skills p.502
11-7 Special Right Triangles Try These Exercises p.505
Practice Exercises p.506
Mixed Review Excercises p.507
Extended Practice Exercises p.507
11-8 Problem Solving Skills: Reasonable Solutions Try These Exercises p.509
Mixed Review Exercises p.509
Practice Exercises p.509
Chapter 11 Review p.510
Chapter 11 Assessment p.513
Standardized Test Practice p.514

Chapter 12

Logic And Sets

Chapter 2 Assessment p.97
12-1 Properties of Sets Practice Exercises p.522
Try These Exercises p.522
Mixed Review Exercises p.523
Extended Practice Exercises p.523
12-2 Union and Intersetion of Sets Practice Exercises p.526
Try These Exercises p.526
Mixed Review Exercises p.527
Extended Practice Exercises p.527
Review and Practice Your Skills p.528
12-3 Problem Solving Skills: Conditional Statements Practice Exercises p.531
Try These Exercises p.531
Mixed Review Exercises p.531
12-4 Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive Practice Exercises p.534
Try These Exercises p.534
Mixed Review Excercises p.535
Extended Practice Exercises p.535
Review and Practice Your Skills p.536
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.537
12-5 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Practice Exercises p.540
Try These Exercises p.540
Extended Practice Exercises p.541
Mixed Review Exercises p.541
12-6 Patterns and Deductive Reasoning Practice Exercises p.544
Try These Exercises p.544
Mixed Review Exercises p.545
Extended Practice Exercises p.545
Review and Practice Your Skills p.546
12-7 Logical Reasoning and Proof Try These Exercises p.549
Practice Exercises p.550
Extended Practice Exercises p.551
Mixed Review Exercises p.551
Chapter 12 Review p.552
Chapter 12 Assessment p.555
Standardized Test Practice p.556
MathMatters 2, 2nd Edition



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