Chapter 1

Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Get Ready! p.1
1-1 Patterns and Expressions Entry-Level Assessment p.7
1-2 Properties of Real Numbers Exercises p.15
1-3 Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.22
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.25
1-4 Solving Equations Exercises p.30
1-5 Solving Inequalities Exercises p.37
1-6 Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities Exercises p.45
Chapter Review p.51
Chapter Test p.53
Cumulative Standards Review p.54

Chapter 2

Functions, Equations, And Graphs

Get Ready! p.57
2-1 Relations and Functions Exercises p.64
2-2 Direct Variation Exercises p.71
2-3 Linear Functions and Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.78
2-4 More About Linear Equations Exercises p.86
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.89
2-5 Using Linear Models Exercises p.96
2-6 Families of Functions Exercises p.103
2-7 Absolute Value Functions and Graphs Exercises p.111
2-8 Two-Variable Inequalities Exercises p.118
Chapter Review p.122
Chapter Test p.127
Cumulative Test Prep p.128

Chapter 3

Linear Systems

Get Ready! p.131
3-1 Solving Systems Using Tables and Graphs Exercises p.138
3-2 Solving Systems Algebraically Exercises p.145
3-3 Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.152
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.156
3-4 Linear Programming Exercises p.160
Concept Byte: Exercises p.163
3-5 Systems with Three Variables Exercises p.171
3-6 Solving Systems Using Matrices Exercises p.179
Chapter Review p.183
Chapter Test p.187
Cumulative Standards Review p.188

Chapter 4

Quadratic Functions And Equations

Get Ready! p.191
4-1 Quadratic Functions and Transformations Exercises p.198
4-2 Standard Form of a Quadratic Function Exercises p.206
4-3 Modeling with Quadratic Functions Exercises p.212
4-4 Factoring Quadratic Expressions Exercises p.221
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.224
Algebra Review p.225
4-5 Quadratic Equations Exercises p.229
4-6 Completing the Square Exercises p.237
4-7 The Quadratic Formula Exercises p.244
4-8 Complex Numbers Exercises p.253
4-9 Quadratic Systems Exercises p.261
Chapter Review p.267
Chapter Test p.273
Cumulative Test Prep p.274

Chapter 5

Polynomials And Polynomial Functions

Get Ready! p.277
5-1 Polynomial Functions Exercises p.285
5-2 Polynomials, Linear Factors, and Zeros Exercises p.293
5-3 Solving Polynomial Equations Exercises p.300
5-4 Dividing Polynomials Exercises p.308
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.311
5-5 Theorems About Roots of Polynomial Equations Exercises p.315
5-6 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Exercises p.322
5-7 The Binomial Theorem Exercises p.328
5-8 Polynomial Models in the Real World Exercises p.335
5-9 Transforming Polynomial Functions Exercises p.342
Chapter Review p.347
Chapter Test p.353
Cumulative Standards Review p.354

Chapter 6

Radical Functions And Rational Exponents

Get Ready! p.357
6-1 Roots and Radical Expressions Exercises p.364
6-2 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions Exercises p.370
6-3 Binomial Radical Expressions Exercises p.378
6-4 Rational Expressions Exercises p.385
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.389
6-5 Solving Square Root and Other Radical Equations Exercises p.394
6-6 Function Operations Exercises p.401
6-7 Inverse Relations and Functions Exercises p.409
6-8 Graphing Radical Functions Exercises p.418
Chapter Review p.422
Chapter Test p.427
Cumulative Standards Review p.428

Chapter 7

Exponential And Logarithmic Functions

Get Ready! p.431
7-1 Exploring Exponential Models Exercises p.439
7-2 Properties of Exponential Functions Exercises p.447
7-3 Logarithmic Functions as Inverses Exercises p.456
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.461
7-4 Properties of Logarithms Exercises p.465
7-5 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Exercises p.473
7-6 Natural Logarithms Exercises p.480
Chapter Review p.487
Chapter Test p.491
Cumulative Test Prep p.492

Chapter 8

Rational Functions

Get Ready! p.495
Exercises p.503
8-2 The Reciprocal Function Family Exercises p.512
8-3 Rational Functions and Their Graphs Exercises p.521
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.526
8-4 Rational Expressions Exercises p.530
8-5 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Exercises p.539
8-6 Solving Rational Equations Exercises p.545
Chapter Review p.553
Chapter Test p.557
Cumulative Test Prep p.558

Chapter 9

Sequences And Series

Get Ready! p.561
9-1 Mathematical Patterns Practice and Problem Solving Exercises p.568
9-2 Arithmetic Sequences Exercises p.575
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.579
9-3 Geometric Sequences Exercises p.583
9-4 Arithmetic Series Exercises p.591
9-5 Geometric Series Exercises p.598
Chapter Review p.603
Chapter Test p.607
Cumulative Test Prep p.608

Chapter 10

Quadratic Relations And Conic Sections

Get Ready! p.611
10-1 Exploring Conic Sections Exercises p.617
10-2 Parabolas Exercises p.627
10-3 Circles Exercises p.634
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.637
10-4 Ellipses Exercises p.642
10-5 Hyperbolas Exercises p.650
10-6 Translating Conic Sections Exercises p.658
Chapter Review p.663
Chapter Test p.667
Cumulative Test Prep p.668

Chapter 11

Probability And Statistics

Get Ready! p.671
11-1 Permutations and Combinations Exercises p.678
11-2 Probability Exercises p.685
11-3 Probability of Multiple Events Exercises p.691
11-4 Conditional Probability Exercises p.700
11-5 Probability Models Exercises p.707
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.710
11-6 Analyzing Data Exercises p.715
11-7 Standard Deviation Exercises p.722
11-8 Samples and Surveys Exercises p.728
11-9 Binomial Distributions Exercises p.735
11-10 Normal Distributions Exercises p.743
Chapter Review p.751
Chapter Test p.757
Cumulative Test Prep p.758

Chapter 12


Get Ready! p.761
12-1 Adding and Subtracting Matrices Exercises p.768
Concept Byte: Exercises p.771
12-2 Matrix Multiplication Exercises p.777
12-3 Determinants and Inverses Exercises p.787
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.791
12-4 Inverse Matrices and Systems Exercises p.797
12-5 Geometric Transformations Exercises p.806
12-6 Vectors Exercises p.813
Chapter Review p.817
Chapter Test p.821
Cumulative Standards Review p.822

Chapter 13

Periodic Functions And Trigonometry

Get Ready! p.825
13-1 Exploring Periodic Data Exercises p.831
13-2 Angles and the Unit Cirlce Exercises p.840
13-3 Radian Measure Exercises p.847
13-4 The Sine Function Exercises p.855
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.859
13-5 The Cosine Function Exercises p.864
13-6 The Tangent Function Exercises p.871
13-7 Translating Sine and Cosine Functions Exercises p.880
13-8 Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.887
Chapter Review p.892
Chapter Test p.897
Cumulative Test Prep p.898

Chapter 14

Trigonometric Identities And Equations

Get Ready! p.901
14-1 Trigonometric Identities Exercises p.908
14-2 Solving Trigonometric Equations Using Inverses Exercises p.915
14-3 Right Triangles and Trigonometric Ratios Exercises p.923
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.927
14-4 Area and the Law of Sines Exercises p.932
14-5 The Law of Cosines Exercises p.939
Exercises p.948
14-7 Double-Angle and Half-Angle Identities Exercises p.955
Chapter Review p.959
Chapter Test p.963
End-of-Course Assessment p.964
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