Chapter 1

Functions And Graphs

1.1 Modeling and Equation Solving Section 1.1 Exercises p.81
Quick Review p.81
1.2 Functions and Their Properties Quick Review 1.2 p.101
Section 1.2 Exercises p.102
1.3 Twelve Basic Functions Quick Review 1.3 p.113
Section 1.3 Exercises p.113
1.4 Building Functions from Functions Quick Review 1.4 p.124
Section 1.4 Exercises p.124
1.5 Parametric Relations and Inverses Quick Review 1.5 p.135
Section 1.5 Exercises p.135
1.6 Graphical Transformations Quick Review 1.6 p.147
Section 1.6 Exercises p.147
1.7 Modeling with Functions Section 1.7 Exercises p.160
Quick Review 1.7 p.160
Chapter 1 Review Exercises p.165

Chapter 2

Polynomial, Power, And Rational Functions

2.1 Linear and Quadratic Functions and Modeling Quick Review 2.1 p.182
Section 2.1 Exercises p.182
2.2 Power Functions with Modeling Quick Review 2.2 p.196
Section 2.2 Exercises p.196
2.3 Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree with Modeling Quick Review 2.3 p.208
Section 2.3 Exercises p.209
2.4 Real Zeros of Polynomial Functions Section 2.4 Exercises p.223
Quick Review 2.4 p.223
2.5 Complex Zeros and the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Quick Review 2.5 p.233
Section 2.5 Exercises p.234
2.6 Graphs of Rational Functions Quick Review 2.6 p.245
Section 2.6 Exercises p.245
2.7 Solving Equations in One Variable Section 2.7 Exercises p.253
Quick Review 2.8 p.253
2.8 Solving Inequalities in One Variable Section 2.8 Exercises p.264
Quick Review 2.8 p.264
Chapter 2 Review Exercises p.269

Chapter 3

Exponential, Logistic, And Logarithmic Functions

3.1 Exponential and Logistic Functions Section 3.1 Exercises p.286
Quick Review 3.1 p.286
3.2 Exponential and Logistic Modeling Section 3.2 Exercises p.296
Quick Review 3.2 p.296
3.3 Logarithmic Functions Section 3.3 Exercises p.308
Quick Review 3.3 p.308
3.4 Properties of Logarithmic Functions Quick Review 3.4 p.316
Section 3.4 Exercises p.317
3.5 Equation Solving and Modeling Quick Review 3.5 p.330
Section 3.5 Exercises p.331
3.6 Mathematics of Finance Section 3.6 Exercises p.341
Quick Review 3.6 p.341
Chapter 3 Review Exercises p.344

Chapter 4

Trigonometric Functions

4.1 Angles and Their Measure Section 4.1 Exercises p.356
Quick Review 4.1 p.356
4.2 Trigonometric Functions of Acute Angles Quick Review 4.2 p.366
Section 4.2 Exercises p.366
4.3 Trigonometry Extended: The Circular Functions Quick Review 4.3 p.380
Section 4.3 Exercises p.381
4.4 Graphs of Sine and Cosine: Sinusoids Quick Review 4.4 p.392
Section 4.4 Exercises p.392
4.5 Graphs of Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, and Cosecant Quick Review 4.5 p.400
Section 4.5 Exercises p.401
4.6 Graphs of Composite Trigonometric Functions Quick Review 4.6 p.411
Section 4.6 Exercises p.411
4.7 Inverse Trigonometric Functions Section 4.7 Exercises p.421
Quick Review 4.7 p.421
4.8 Solving Problems with Trigonometry Section 4.8 Exercises p.431
Quick Review 4.8 p.431
Chapter 4 Review Exercises p.439

Chapter 5

Analytic Trigonometry

5.1 Fundamental Identities Quick Review 5.1 p.451
Section 5.1 Exercises p.451
5.2 Proving Trigonometric Identities Quick Review 5.2 p.460
Section 5.2 Exercises p.460
5.3 Sum and Difference Identities Quick Review 5.3 p.468
Section 5.3 Exercises p.468
5.4 Multiple-Angle Identities Section 5.4 Exercises p.475
Quick Review 5.4 p.475
5.5 The Law of Sines Quick Review 5.5 p.484
Section 5.5 Exercises p.484
5.6 The Law of Cosines Quick Review 5.6 p.493
Section 5.6 Exercises p.494
Chapter 5 Review Exercises p.497

Chapter 6

Applications Of Trigonometric Functions

6.1 Vectors in the Plane Quick Review 6.1 p.511
Section 6.1 Exercises p.511
6.2 Dot Product of Vectors Section 6.2 Exercises p.519
Quick Review 6.2 p.519
6.3 Parametric Equations and Motion Quick Review 6.3 p.529
Section 6.3 Exercises p.530
6.4 Polar Coordinates Quick Review 6.4 p.539
Section 6.4 Exercises p.539
6.5 Graphs of Polar Equations Quick Review 6.5 p.547
Section 6.5 Exercises p.548
6.6 De Moivre's Theorem and nth Roots Quick Review 6.6 p.558
Section 6.6 Exercises p.559
Chapter 6 Review Exercises p.561

Chapter 7

Systems And Matrices

7.1 Solving Systems of Two Equations Section 7.1 Exercises p.575
Quick Review 7.1 p.575
7.2 Matrix Algebra Quick Review 7.2 p.590
Section 7.2 Exercises p.590
7.3 Multivariate Linear Systems and Row Operations Quick Review 7.3 p.603
Section 7.3 Exercises p.604
7.4 Partial Functions Quick Review 7.4 p.612
Section 7.4 Exercises p.614
7.5 Systems of Inequalities in Two Variables Quick Review 7.5 p.623
Section 7.5 Exercises p.623
Chapter 7 Review Exercises p.626

Chapter 8

Analytic Geometry In Two And Three Dimensions

8.1 Conic Sections and Parabolas Quick Review 8.1 p.640
Section 8.1 Exercises p.641
8.2 Ellipses Quick Review 8.2 p.653
Section 8.2 Exercises p.653
8.3 Hyperbolas Section 8.3 Exercises p.663
Quick Review 8.3 p.663
8.4 Translation and Rotation of Axes Quick Review 8.4 p.672
Section 8.4 Exercises p.673
8.5 Polar Equations of Conics Quick Review 8.5 p.681
Section 8.5 Exercises p.682
8.6 Three-Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System Section 8.6 Exercises p.693
Quick Review 8.6 p.693
Chapter 8 Review Exercises p.696

Chapter 9

Discrete Mathematics

9.1 Basic Combinatorics Quick Review 9.1 p.707
Section 9.1 Exercises p.708
9.2 The Binomial Theorem Quick Review 9.2 p.715
Section 9.2 Exercises p.715
9.3 Probability Quick Review 9.3 p.728
Section 9.3 Exercises p.728
9.4 Sequences Quick Review 9.4 p.739
Section 9.4 Exercises p.739
9.5 Series Section 9.5 Exercises p.749
Quick Review 9.5 p.749
9.6 Mathematical Induction Quick Review 9.6 p.756
Section 9.6 Exercises p.756
9.7 Statistics and Data (Graphical) Quick Review 9.7 p.767
Section 9.7 Exercises p.768
9.8 Statistics and Data (Algebraic) Section 9.8 Exercises p.782
Chapter 9 Review Exercises p.786

Chapter 10

An Introduction To Calculus: Limits, Derivatives, And ...

10.1 Limits and Motion: The Tangent Problem Quick Review 10.1 p.801
Section 10.1 Exercises p.801
10.2 Limits and Motion: The Area Problem Quick Review 10.2 p.809
Section 10.2 Exercises p.810
10.3 More on Limits Section 10.3 Exercises p.822
Quick Review 10.3 p.822
10.4 Numerical Derivatives and Integrals Quick Review 10.4 p.831
Section 10.4 Exercises p.832
Chapter 10 Review Exercises p.836

Chapter Prerequisites


P.1 Real Numbers Quick Review P.1 p.10
Section P.1 Exercises p.11
P.2 Cartesian Coordinate System Quick Review P.2 p.20
Section P.2 Exercises p.20
P.3 Linear Equations and Inequalities Quick Review P.3 p.28
Section P.3 Exercises p.29
P.4 Lines in the Plane Section P.4 Exercises p.40
Quick Review P.4 p.40
P.5 Solving Equations Graphically, Numerically, and Algebraically Quick Review P.5 p.50
Section P.5 Exercises p.50
P.6 Complex Numbers Quick Review P.6 p.57
Section P.6 Exercises p.57
P.7 Solving Inequalities Algebraically and Graphically Quick Review p.63
Section P.7 Exercises p.64
Chapter P Review Exercises p.66
Precalculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic, 7th Edition



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