Chapter 1

Limits And Their Properties

1.1 A Preview of Calculus Exercises p.47
1.2 Finding Limits Graphically and Numerically Exercises p.54
1.3 Evaluating Limits Analytically Exercises p.65
1.4 Continuity and One-Sided Limits Exercises p.76
1.5 Infinite Limits Exercises p.85
Review Exercises p.88
Problem Solving p.90

Chapter 2


2.1 The Derivative and the Tangent Line Problem Exercises p.101
2.2 Basic Differentiation Rules and Rates of Change Exercises p.113
2.3 The Product and Quotient Rules and Higher-Order Derivatives Exercises p.124
2.4 The Chain Rule Exercises p.133
2.5 Implicit Differentiation Exercises p.142
2.6 Related Rates Exercises p.149
Review Exercises p.153
Problem Solving p.156

Chapter 3

Applications Of Differentiation

3.1 Extrema on an Interval Exercises p.165
3.2 Rolle's Theorem and the Mean Value Theorem Exercises p.172
3.3 Increasing and Decreasing Functions and the First Derivative Test Exercises p.181
3.4 Concavity and the Second Derivative Test Exercises p.189
3.5 Limits at Infinity Exercises p.199
3.6 A Summary of Curve Sketching Exercises p.208
3.7 Optimization Problems Exercises p.216
3.8 Newton's Method Exercises p.226
3.9 Differentials Exercises p.233
Review Exercises p.235
Problem Solving p.238

Chapter 4


4.1 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integration Exercises p.249
4.2 Area Exercises p.261
4.3 Reimann Sums and Definite Integrals Exercises p.272
4.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Exercises p.284
4.5 Integration by Substitution Exercises p.297
4.6 Numerical Integration Exercises p.305
Review Exercises p.307
Problem Solving p.310

Chapter 5

Logarithmic, Exponential, And Other Transcendental Functions

5.1 The Natural Logarithmic Function and Differentiation Exercises p.321
5.2 The Natural Logarithmic Function and Integration Exercises p.330
5.3 Inverse Functions Exercises p.338
5.4 Exponential Functions: Differentiation and Integration Exercises p.347
5.5 Bases Other Than e and Applications Exercises p.357
5.6 Differential Equations: Growth and Decay Exercises p.366
5.7 Differential Equations: Separation of Variables Exercises p.377
5.8 Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Differentiation Exercises p.386
5.9 Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Integration Exercises p.393
5.10 Hyperbolic Functions Exercises p.403
Review Exercises p.405
Problem Solving p.408

Chapter 6

Applications Of Integration

6.1 Area of a Region Between Two Curves Exercises p.418
6.2 Volume: The Disk Method Exercises p.428
6.3 Volume: The Shell Method Exercises p.437
6.4 Arc Length and Surfaces of Revolution Exercises p.447
6.5 Work Exercises p.456
6.6 Moments, Centers of Mass, and Centroids Exercises p.467
6.7 Fluid Pressure and Fluid Force Exercises p.474
Review Exercises p.476
Problem Solving p.478

Chapter 7

Integration Techniques, L'Hôpital's Rule, And Improper Integrals

7.1 Basic Integration Rules Exercises p.486
7.2 Integration by Parts Exercises p.494
7.3 Trigonometric Integrals Exercises p.503
7.4 Trigonometric Substitution Exercises p.512
7.5 Partial Fractions Exercises p.522
7.6 Integration by Tables and Other Integration Techniques Exercises p.528
7.7 Indeterminate Forms and L'Hôpital's Rule Exercises p.537
7.8 Improper Integrals Exercises p.547
Review Exercises p.550
Problem Solving p.552

Chapter 8

Infinite Series

8.1 Sequences Exercises p.564
8.2 Series and Convergence Exercises p.573
8.3 The Integral Test and p-Series Exercises p.580
8.4 Comparison of Series Exercises p.587
8.5 Alternating Series Exercises p.595
8.6 The Ratio and Root Tests Exercises p.603
8.7 Taylor Polynomials and Approximations Exercises p.613
8.8 Power Series Exercises p.623
8.9 Representation of Functions by Power Series Exercises p.630
8.10 Taylor and Maclaurian Series Exercises p.641
Review Exercises p.643
Problem Solving p.646

Chapter 9

Conics, Parametric Equations, And Polar Coordinates

9.1 Conics and Calculus Exercises p.660
9.2 Plane Curves and Parametric Equations Exercises p.672
9.3 Parametric Equations and Calculus Exercises p.681
9.4 Polar Coordinates and Polar Graphs Exercises p.691
9.5 Area and Arc Length in Polar Coordinates Exercises p.700
9.6 Polar Equations of Conics and Kepler's Laws Exercises p.707
Review Exercises p.709
Problem Solving p.712

Chapter P

Preparation For Calculus

P.1 Graphs and Models Exercises p.8
P.2 Linear Models and Rates of Change Exercises p.16
P.3 Functions and Their Graphs Exercises p.27
P.4 Fitting Models to Data Exercises p.33
Review Exercises p.36
Problem Solving p.38
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