Chapter 1


1.1 Sets of Real Numbers Exercises p.4
1.2 Absolute Value Exercises p.9
1.3 Solving Equations (Review and Preview) Exercises p.17
1.4 Rectangular Coordinates. Visualizing Data Exercises p.26
1.5 Graphs and Graphing Utilities Exercises p.40
1.6 Equation of Lines Exercises p.52
1.7 Symmetry and Graphs. Circles Exercises p.67
Review Exercises p.74
Chapter Test p.78

Chapter 2

Equations And Inequalities

2.1 Quadratic Equations: Theory and Examples Exercises p.88
2.2 Other Types of Equations Exercises p.100
2.3 Inequalities Exercises p.110
2.4 More on Inequalities Exercises p.119
Review Exercises p.125
Chapter Test p.127

Chapter 3


3.1 The Definition of a Function Exercises p.140
3.2 The Graph of a Functions Exercises p.153
3.3 Shapes of Graphs. Average Rate of Change Exercises p.166
3.4 Techniques in Graphing Exercises p.178
3.5 Methods of Combining Functions. Iteration Exercises p.189
3.6 Inverse Functions Exercises p.203
Review Exercises p.209
Chapter Test p.211

Chapter 4

Polynomial And Rational Functions. Applications To Optimization

4.1 Linear Functions Exercises p.222
4.2 Quadratic Functions Exercises p.239
4.3 Using Iteration to Model Population Growth (Optional Section) Exercises p.255
4.4 Setting Up Equations That Define Functions Exercises p.266
4.5 Maximum and Minimum Problems Exercises p.280
4.6 Polynomial Functions Exercises p.299
4.7 Rational Functions Exercises p.313
Review Exercises p.320
Chapter Test p.322

Chapter 5

Exponential And Logarithmic Functions

5.1 Exponential Functions Exercises p.334
5.2 The Exponential Function y=e^x Exercises p.342
5.3 Logarithmic Functions Exercises p.356
5.4 Properties of Logarithms Exercises p.368
5.5 Equations and Inequalities with Logs and Exponents Exercises p.380
5.6 Compound Interest Exercises p.391
5.7 Exponential Growth and Decay Exercises p.405
Review Exercises p.420
Chapter Test p.422

Chapter 6

Trigonometric Functions And Angles

6.1 Trigonometric Functions of Acute Angles Exercises p.431
6.2 Algebra and the Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.442
6.3 Right-Triangle Applications Exercises p.451
6.4 Trigonometric Functions of Angles Exercises p.469
6.5 Trigonometric Identities Exercises p.477
Review Exercises p.482
Chapter Test p.486

Chapter 7

Trigonometric Functions Of Real Numbers

7.1 Radian Measure Exercises p.495
7.2 Radian Measure and Geometry Exercises p.501
7.3 Trigonometric Functions of Real Numbers Exercises p.515
7.4 Graphs of the Sine and Cosine Functions Exercises p.532
7.5 Graphs of y = Asin(Bx-C) and y = Acos(Bx-C) Exercises p.546
7.6 Simple Harmonic Motion Exercises p.556
7.7 Graphs of the Tangent and the Reciprocal Functions Exercises p.568
Review Exercises p.573
Chapter Test p.575

Chapter 8

Analytic Trigonometry

8.1 The Addition Formulas Exercises p.584
8.2 The Double-Angle Formulas Exercises p.595
8.3 The Product-to-Sum and Sum-to-Product Formulas Exercises p.603
8.4 Trigonometric Equations Exercises p.616
8.5 The Inverse Trigonometric Equations Exercises p.630
Review Exercises p.640
Chapter Test p.644

Chapter 9

Additional Topics In Trigonometry

9.1 The Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines Exercises p.653
9.2 Vectors in the Plane: A Geometric Approach Exercises p.667
9.3 Vectors in the Plane: An Algebraic Approach Exercises p.677
9.4 Parametric Equations Exercises p.688
9.5 Introduction to Polar Coordinates Exercises p.702
9.6 Curves in Polar Coordinates Exercises p.710
Review Exercises p.715
Chapter Test p.719

Chapter 10

Systems Of Equations

10.1 Systems of Two Linear Equations in Two Unknowns Exercises p.730
10.2 Gaussian Elimination Exercises p.743
10.3 Matrices Exercises p.759
10.4 The Inverse of a Square Matrix Exercises p.772
10.5 Determinants and Cramer's Rule Exercises p.786
10.6 Nonlinear Systems of Equations Exercises p.795
10.7 Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.800
Review Exercises p.804
Chapter Test p.807

Chapter 11

The Conic Sections

11.1 The Basic Equations Exercises p.815
11.2 The Parabola Exercises p.827
11.3 Tangents to Parabolas (Optional Section) Exercises p.832
11.4 The Ellipse Exercises p.843
11.5 The Hyperbola Exercises p.856
11.6 The Focus-Directrix Property of Conics Exercises p.866
11.7 The Conics in Polar Coordinates Exercises p.872
11.8 Rotation of Axes Exercise Set p.881
Review Exercises p.886
Chapter Test p.888

Chapter 12

Roots Of Polynomial Equations

12.1 The Complex Number System Exercises p.896
12.2 Division of Polynomials Exercises p.904
12.3 The Remainder Theorem and the Factor Theorem Exercises p.912
12.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Exercises p.921
12.5 Rational and Irrational Roots Exercises p.931
12.6 Conjugate Roots and Descartes's Rule of Signs Exercises p.939
12.7 Introduction to Partial Fractions Exercises p.946
12.8 More About Partial Fractions Exercises p.956
Review Exercises p.961
Chapter Test p.964

Chapter 13

Additional Topics In Algebra

13.1 Mathematical Induction Exercises p.970
13.2 The Binomial Theorem Exercises p.980
13.3 Introduction to Sequences and Series Exercises p.988
13.4 Arithmetic Sequences and Series Exercises p.996
13.5 Geometric Series and Sequences Exercises p.1006
13.6 DeMoivre's Theorem Exercises p.1012
Review Exercises p.1017
Chapter Test p.1020
Precalculus: A Problems-Oriented Approach, 6th Edition



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