Chapter 0

Problem Solving

0.1 Pictures, Graphs, and Diagrams Exercises p.4
0.2 Symbolic Representation Exercises p.11
0.3 Organizing Information Exercises p.18
Chapter Review p.22

Chapter 1

Patterns And Recursion

1.1 Recursively Defined Sequences Exercises p.34
1.2 Modeling Growth and Decay Exercises p.41
1.3 A First Look at Limits Exercises p.48
1.4 Graphing Sequences Exercises p.54
1.5 Loans and Investments Exercises p.64
Chapter Review p.71

Chapter 2

Describing Data

2.1 Measures of Central Tendency and Box Plots Exercises p.81
2.2 Measures of Spread Exercises p.90
2.3 Histograms and Percentiles Ranks Exercises p.100
Chapter Review p.108

Chapter 3

Linear Models And Systems

3.1 Linear Equations and Arithmetic Sequence Exercises p.117
3.2 Revisiting Slope Exercises p.124
3.3 Fitting a Line to Data Exercises p.131
3.4 The Median-Median Line Exercises p.139
3.5 Residuals Exercises p.146
3.6 Linear System Exercises p.154
3.7 Substitution and Elimination Exercises p.160
Chapter Review p.164

Chapter 4

Functions, Relations, And Transformations

4.1 Interpretting Graphs Exercises p.175
4.2 Function Notation Exercises p.181
4.3 Lines in Motion Exercises p.189
Exercises p.197
4.5 Reflections and the Square Root Family Exercises p.204
4.6 Stretches and Shrinks and the Absolute-Value Family Exercises p.214
4.7 Transformations and the Circle Family Exercises p.220
4.8 Compositions of Functions Exercises p.228
Review p.233

Chapter 5

Exponential, Power, And Logarithmic Functions

5.1 Exponential Functions Exercises p.240
5.2 Properties of Exponents and Power Functions Exercises p.248
5.4 Applications of Exponential and Power Equations Exercises p.256
Exercises p.263
5.5 Building Inverse of Functions Exercises p.269
5.6 Logarithmic Functions Exercises p.276
5.7 Properties of Logarithms Exercises p.282
5.8 Applications of Logarithms Exercises p.289
Review p.295

Chapter 6

Matrices And Linear Systems

6.1 Matrix and Linear Systems Exercises p.303
Exercises p.313
6.3 Row Reduction Method Exercises p.323
6.4 Solving Systems with Inverse Matrices Exercises p.331
6.5 Systems of Linear Inequalities Exercises p.339
6.6 Linear Programming Exercises p.347
Review p.351

Chapter 7

Quadratic And Other Polynomial Functions

7.1 Polynomial Degree and Finite Differences Exercises p.364
7.2 Equivalent Quadratic Forms Exercises p.372
7.3 Completing the Square Exercises p.382
7.4 The Quadratic Formula Exercises p.388
7.5 Complex Numbers Exercises p.394
7.6 Factoring Polynomials Exercises p.402
7.7 Higher-Degree Polynomials Exercises p.408
7.8 More About Finding Solutions Exercises p.416
Review p.419

Chapter 8

Parametric Equations And Trigonometry

8.1 Graphing Parametric Equations Exercises p.427
8.2 Converting from Parametric to Nonparametric Equations Exercises p.435
8.3 Right Triangle Trigonometry Exercises p.443
8.4 Using Trigonometry to Set a Course Exercises p.455
8.5 Projectile Motion Exercises p.464
8.6 The Law of Sines Exercises p.472
8.7 The Law of Cosines Exercises p.479
Review p.483

Chapter 9

Conic Sections And Rational Functions

9.1 Using the Distance Formula Exercises p.491
9.2 Circles and Ellipses Exercises p.503
9.3 Parabolas Exercises p.511
9.4 Hyperbolas Exercises p.520
9.5 The General Quadratic Exercises p.531
9.6 Introduction to Rational Functions Exercises p.540
9.7 Graphs of Rational Functions Exercises p.547
9.8 Operations with Rational Funcitons Exercises p.555

Chapter 10

Trigonometric Functions

10.1 Defining the Circular Functions Exercises p.569
10.2 Radian Measure and Arc Length Exercises p.578
10.3 Graphing Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.589
1.4 Graphing Sequences Exercises p.598
10.5 Modeling with Trigonometric Equations Exercises p.605
10.6 Fundamental Trigonometric Identities Exercises p.611
10.7 Combining Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.619
Chapter Review p.625

Chapter 11


11.1 Arithmetic Series Exercises p.633
11.2 Infinite Geometric Series 640 p.640
11.3 Partial Sums of Geometric Series Exercises p.646
Review p.652

Chapter 12


12.1 Randomness and Probability Exercises p.661
12.2 Counting Outcomes and Tree Diagrams Exercises p.673
12.3 Mutually Exclusive Events and Venn Diagrams Exercises p.684
12.4 Random Variables and Expected Value Exercises p.690
12.5 Permutations and Probability 698 p.698
12.6 Combinations and Probability Exercises p.707
12.7 The Binomial Theorem and Pascal's Triangle Exercises p.715
Review p.719

Chapter 13

Applications Of Statistics

13.1 Probability Distributions Exercises p.729
13.2 Normal Distributions Exercises p.740
13.3 z-Values and Confidence Intervals Exercises p.749
13.4 The Central Limit Theorem Exercises p.756
13.3 z-Values and Confidence Intervals Exercises p.767
13.6 The Least Square Line Exercises p.775
13.7 Nonlinear Regression Exercises p.784
Review p.788
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