Chapter 1

Statistical Reasoning: Investigating A Claim Of Discrimination

1.1 Discrimination in the Workplace: Data Exploration Discussion p.7
Exercises p.9
Practice p.9
1.2 Discrimination in the Workplace: Inference Discussion p.16
Practice p.17
Exercises p.18
Review Exercises p.20
AP Sample Test p.24

Chapter 2

Exploring Distributions

Review Exercises p.96
AP Sample Test p.102

Chapter 3

Relationships Between Two Quantitative Variables

Review Exercises p.203
AP Sample Test p.212

Chapter 4

Sample Surveys And Experiments

Review Exercises p.81
AP Sample Test p.284

Chapter 5

Probability Models

Review Exercises p.350
AP Sample Test p.354

Chapter 6

Probability Distributions

Review Exercises p.402
AP Sample Test p.406

Chapter 7

Sampling Distributions

Review Exercises p.460
AP Sample Test p.464

Chapter 8

Inference For Proportions

Review Exercises p.555
AP Sample Test p.557

Chapter 9

Inference For Means

Review Exercises p.664
AP Sample Test p.668

Chapter 10

Chi-Square Tests

Review Exercises p.729
AP Sample Test p.734

Chapter 11

Inference For Regression

Review Exercises p.790
AP Sample Test p.794

Chapter 12

Statistics In Action: Case Studies

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