Chapter 1

Lessons 1-10, Investigation 1

1 Using Properties of Real Numbers Practice p.5
2 Evaluating Expressions and Combining Like Terms Practice p.11
3 Using Rules of Exponents Practice p.16
4 Identifying Functions and Using Function Notation Practice p.24
5 Using Matrices to Organize Data and to Solve Problems Practice p.33
6 Finding Percent Increase and Decrease Practice p.39
7 Solving Linear Equations Practice p.45
8 Finding Direct Variation Practice p.51
9 Multiplying Matrices Practice p.58
10 Solving and Graphing Inequalities Practice p.66
INV 1 Logic and Truth Tables Logic and Truth Tables p.69
Investigation Practice p.71

Chapter 2

Lessons 11-20, Investigation 2

11 Understanding Polynomials Practice p.75
12 Solving Inverse Variation Problems Practice p.82
13 Graphing Linear Equations I Practice p.90
14 Finding Determinants Practice p.97
15 Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Practice p.104
16 Using Cramer's Rule Practice p.110
17 Solving Equations and Inequalities with Absolute Value Practice p.121
18 Calculating with Units of Measure Practice p.126
19 Multiplying Polynomials Practice p.132
20 Performing Operations with Functions Practice p.140
INV 2 Solving Parametric Equations Solving Parametric Equations p.143
Investigation Practice p.145

Chapter 3

Lessons 21-30, Investigation 3

21 Solving Systems of Equations Using the Substitution Method Practice p.150
22 Analyzing Discrete and Continuous Functions Practice p.160
23 Factoring Polynomials Practice p.167
24 Solving Systems of Equations Using the Elimination Method Practice p.175
25 Finding Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion Practice p.184
26 Writing the Equation of a Line Practice p.191
27 Connecting the Parabola with the Quadratic Function Practice p.198
28 Simplifying Rational Expressions Practice p.204
29 Systems of Three Equations and Three Variables Practice p.212
30 Applying Transformations to the Parabola and Determining the Minimum or Maximum Practice p.219
INV 3 Graphing Three Linear Equations in Three Variables Practice p.222
Practice p.225

Chapter 4

Lessons 31-40, Investigation 4

31 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Practice p.230
32 Solving Linear Systems with Matrix Inverses Practice p.237
33 Applying Counting Principles Practice p.243
34 Graphing Linear Equations II Practice p.250
35 Solving Quadratic Equations I Practice p.256
36 Using Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Practice p.263
37 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Practice p.270
38 Dividing Polynomials Using Long Division Practice p.276
39 Graphing Linear Inequalities in Two Variables Practice p.283
40 Simplifying Radical Expressions Practice p.290
INV 4 Understanding Cryptography Understanding Cryptography p.293
Investigation Practice p.295

Chapter 5

Lessons 41-50, Investigation 5

41 Using the Pythagorean Theorem and the Distance Formula Practice p.300
42 Finding Permutations and Combinations Practice p.309
43 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities Practice p.315
44 Rationalizing Denominators Practice p.320
45 Finding the Line of Best Fit Practice p.329
46 Finding Trigonometric Functions and Their Reciprocals Practice p.334
47 Graphing Exponential Functions Practice p.340
48 Understanding Complex Fractions Practice p.345
49 Using the Binomial Theorem Practice p.352
50 Finding Inverses of Relations and Functions Practice p.358
INV 5 Finding the Binomial Distribution Finding the Binomial Distribution p.361
Investigation Practice p.363

Chapter 6

Lessons 51-60, Investigation 6

51 Using Synthetic Division Practice p.367
52 Using Two Special Right Triangles Practice p.373
53 Performing Composition of Functions Practice p.379
54 Using Linear Programming Practice p.386
55 Finding Probability Practice p.393
56 Finding Angles of Rotation Practice p.403
57 Finding Exponential Growth and Decay Practice p.410
58 Completing the Square Practice p.417
59 Using Fractional Exponents Practice p.424
60 Distinguishing Between Mutually Exclusive and Independent Events Practice p.430
INV 6 Deriving the Quadratic Formula Deriving the Quadratic Formula p.433
Investigation Practice p.435

Chapter 7

Lessons 61-70, Investigation 7

61 Understanding Advanced Factoring Practice p.439
62 Using Complex Numbers Practice p.444
63 Understanding the Unit Circle and Radian Measures Practice p.452
64 Using Logarithms Practice p.459
65 Using the Quadratic Formula Practice p.466
66 Solving Polynomial Equations Practice p.473
67 Finding Inverse Trigonometric Functions Practice p.480
68 Finding Conditional Probability Practice p.486
69 Simplifying Complex Expressions Practice p.492
70 Solving Radical Equations Practice p.499
INV 7 Collecting Data Collecting Data p.502
Investigation Practice p.504

Chapter 8

Lessons 71-80, Investigation 8

71 The Law of Sines Practice p.510
72 Using the Properties of Logarithms Practice p.516
73 Using Sampling Practice p.525
74 Finding the Discriminant Practice p.531
75 Graphing Radical Functions Practice p.537
76 Finding Polynomial Roots I Practice p.543
77 Using the Law of Cosines Practice p.549
78 Solving Quadratic Equations II Practice p.555
79 Understanding Piecewise Functions Practice p.561
80 Finding the Normal Distribution Practice p.569
INV 8 Finding the Area Under a Curve Finding the Area Under a Curve p.572
Investigation Practice p.573

Chapter 9

Lessons 81-90, Investigation 9

81 Using Natural Logarithms Practice p.577
82 Graphing the Sine Function Practice p.583
83 Writing Quadratic Equations from Roots Practice p.589
84 Solving Rational Equations Practice p.596
85 Finding Polynomial Roots II Practice p.603
86 Graphing the Cosine Function Practice p.609
87 Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions Practice p.614
88 Solving Abstract Equations Practice p.620
89 Solve Quadratic Ineqaulities Practice p.627
90 Graphing the Tangent Function Practice p.633
INV 9 Understanding Step Functions Understanding Step Functions p.635
Investigation Practice p.637

Chapter 10

Lessons 91-100, Investigation 10

100 Graphing Rational Functions I Practice p.643
92 Finding Arithmetic Sequences Practice p.649
93 Solving Exponential Equations and Inequalities Practice p.656
94 Solving Rational Inequalities Practice p.662
95 Using hte Remainder and Factor Theorems Practice p.668
96 Using Polar Coordinates Practice p.676
97 Finding Geometric Sequences Practice p.681
98 Making Graphs and Using equations of Ellipses Practice p.688
99 Using Vectors Practice p.693
100 Graphing Rational Functions I Practice p.700
INV 10 Graphing Polar Models Graphing Polar Models p.703
Investigation Practice p.705

Chapter 11

Lessons 101-110, Investigation 11

101 Making Graphs of Polynomial Functions Practice p.711
102 Solving Logarithmic Equations and Inequalities Practice p.716
103 Graphing Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions Practice p.722
104 Finding Transformations Practice p.729
105 Finding Arithmetic Series Practice p.735
106 Using the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Practice p.743
107 Graphing Rational Functions II Practice p.749
108 Using Fundamental Trigonometric Identities Practice p.754
109 Making Graphs and Using Equations of Hyperbolas Practice p.761
110 Graphing Logarithmic Functions Practice p.767
INV 11 Using De Moivre's Theorem Using De Moivre's Theorem p.770
Investigation Practice p.773

Chapter 12

Lessons 111-120, Investigation 12

111 Transforming Polynomial Functions Practice p.777
112 Using Sum and DIfference Identities Practice p.783
113 Using Geometric Series Practice p.790
114 Identifying Conic Sections Practice p.795
115 Finding Double Angle and Half Angle Identities Practice p.801
116 Finding Best Fit Models Practice p.808
117 Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations Practice p.814
118 Recognizing Misleading Data Practice p.822
119 Solving Trigonometric Equations Practice p.828
INV 12 Using Mathematical Induction Using Mathematical Induction p.831
Investigation Practice p.832
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