Our offering

Slader offers solutions and homework help; and unlike our competitors, we're totally free. The majority of US high school students are active Slader users, accessing millions of solutions and Q&A content that span all subjects. We're constantly improving the quality of content and we're now expanding our college-level solutions product. With our ability to age with our high school users into college, we're stoked to watch our community continue to grow! Come join the fun; Slader is better having you around!

Our Vision

No learner should be stuck. There's nothing more alienating than being by yourself in a moment of frustration with no easy way out. Slader aims to alleviate student frustration and act as a helping hand to power through tricky concepts, helping our users reach a level of mastery. All students should feel empowered about one's learning. This right should not be limited to students who have access to tutors or other costly services.

Our Team

Who's us? Us is awesome! We have a diverse, NYC-based team who build what you're looking at right now, in addition to hundreds of rock stars all over the globe who write and moderate the highest quality content online!

Jobs with Slader

Do you think Slader is totally rad but missing that certain special something? And that certain special something is you? Check out our jobs page for current positions we’re actively trying to fill. Or flick us an email at jobs@slader.com and tell us how you could help build the future Slader!

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