Where it Began

Fresh out of college, we went on a vision quest in the outback. We emerged with an idea: students need solutions to ALL exercises in their textbooks (not just the odd ones). And so we built it — an independent website where anyone can get any solution (and explanation!) to any textbook problem...We started with math, the language of the universe. And like the universe, Slader expanded. Today, we’ve burst out beyond books. We have solutions for almost every academic subject — from Algebra to Zoology. And we support students of every age, from middle school to grad school and everything in between. Take the trip

Our Products

Every month, millions of students use Slader to get the textbook solutions and explanations they need. It’s like having a way smarter older sister around, all the time.

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Our Team

Yo, there are real humans behind this site! We are an independent company headquartered in NYC. And our solutions are contributed by real students and experts all across the globe. Wanna get in touch? Tell us anything by sending an email to feedback@slader.com.

Jobs with Slader

Has Slader saved your life? Maybe you want to share your story and expertise with the rest of the world? Check out our jobs page for current positions. Or drop us an email at jobs@slader.com and tell us how you could help build the future of Slader.

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