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1. Exploring Data

1.1 Basics of Statistics 1.2 Displaying and Describing Categorical Data 1.3 Displaying and Describing Quanititative Data 1.4 Descriptive measures

2. Designing Studies

2.1 Sampling Methods 2.2 Experiments and Observational Studies 2.3 Randomness and Simulation

3. Probability

3.1 Probability Rules 3.2 Random Variables 3.3 Probability Distributions 3.4 Normal distribution 3.5 Sampling Distributions

4. Confidence Intervals for one Population

4.1 Basics 4.2 Confidence Intervals for Proportions 4.3 Confidence Intervals for Means

5. Inference for one Population

5.1 Basics 5.2 Inference for Proportions 5.3 Inference for Means 5.4 Confidence Intervals and Inference for Standard deviations and Variances

6. Confidence Intervals and Inference for two Populations

6.1 Comparing Two Proportions 6.2 Comparing Two Means for Independent Samples 6.3 Comparing Two Means for Dependent Samples 6.4 Comparing Two Standard deviation or Two Variances

7. Inferences for Distributions of Categorical Data

7.1 Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Tests 7.2 Two-Way Tables

8. Linear Regression

8.1 Scatterplots, Association and Correlation 8.2 Least-squares Regression 8.3 Regression Wisdom 8.4 Linearizing Data 8.5 Inferential Methods in Regression and Correlation

9. Other Statistics Test

9.1 ANOVA test 9.2 Nonparametric Tests

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