TEKS Texas Algebra 1

TEKS Texas Algebra 1 TEKS Texas Algebra 1

ISBN: 9780021402465 / 0021402469

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Table of Contents

Chapter 0

Preparing For Algebra

0-5 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers Exercises p.
0-1 Plan for Problem Solving Exercises p.P6
0-2 Real Numbers Exercises p.P10
0-3 Operations with Integers Exercises p.P12
0-4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers Exercises p.P16
0-6 The Percent Proportion Exercises p.P21
0-7 Perimeter Exercises p.P25
0-8 Area Exercises p.P28
0-9 Volume Exercises p.P30
0-10 Surface Area Exercises p.P32
0-11 Simple Probability and Odds Exercises p.P36
0-12 Measures of Center, Variation, and Position Exercises p.P39
0-13 Representing Data Exercises p.P45
Posttest p.P47

Chapter 1

Expressions, Equations, And Function

1-1 Variables and Expressions Exercises p.7
1-2 Order of Operations Exercises p.12
1-3 Properties of Numbers Exercises p.19
1-4 The Distributive Property Exercises p.29
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.32
1-5 Equations Exercises p.36
1-6 Relations Exercises p.43
1-7 Functions Exercises p.51
1-8 Interpreting Graphs of Functions Exercises p.59
Study Guide and Review p.62
Practice Test p.67
Preparing for Standardized Tests p.69
Preparing for Assessment p.70

Chapter 2

Linear Equations

2-1 Writing Equations Exercises p.77
2-2 Solving One-Step Equations Exercises p.86
2-3 Solving Multi-Step Equations Exercises p.93
2-4 Solving Equations with the Variable on Each Side Exercises p.100
2-5 Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value Exercises p.105
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.110
2-6 Ratios and Proportions Exercises p.114
2-7 Percent of Change Exercises p.121
2-8 Literal Equations and Dimensional Analysis Exercises p.128
2-9 Weighted Averages Exercises p.135
Study Guide and Review p.139
Practice TEst p.145
Preparing for Assignment p.147
Chapter 2 Preparing for Assessment p.148

Chapter 3

Linear Functions

3-1 Graphing Linear Equations Exercises p.159
3-2 Zeros of Linear Functions Exercises p.166
3-3 Rate of Change and Slope Exercises p.177
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.181
3-4 Direct Variation Exercises p.185
3-5 Arithmetic Sequences as Linear Functions Exercises p.193
3-6 Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships Exercises p.200
Study Guide and Review p.203
Practice Test p.207
Preparing for Assessment p.209

Chapter 4

Equations Of Linear Functions

4-1 Graphing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.219
4-2 Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form Exercises p.229
4-3 Writing Equations in Point-Slope Form Exercises p.235
4-4 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Exercises p.242
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.246
4-5 Scatter Plots and Lines of Fit Exercises p.250
4-6 Regression and Median-Fit Lines Exercises p.259
4-7 Inverse Linear Functions Exercises p.267
Study Guide and Review p.272
Practice Test p.277
Preparing for Assessment p.279
Chapter 4 Preparing for Assessment p.280

Chapter 5

Linear Inequalities

5-1 Solving Inequalities by Addition and Subtractions Exercises p.288
5-2 Solving Inequalities by Multiplication and Division Exercises p.295
5-3 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Exercises p.300
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.304
5-4 Solving Compound Inequalities Exercises p.308
5-5 Inequalities Involving Absolute Value Exercises p.314
5-6 Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables Exercises p.320
Study Guide and Review p.324
Practice Test p.327
Preparing for Assessment p.329
Chapter 5 Preparing for Assessment p.330

Chapter 6

Systems Of Linear Equations And Inequalities

6-1 Graphing Systems of Equations Exercises p.338
6-2 Substiution Exercises p.347
6-3 Elimination Using Addition and Subtraction Exercises p.353
6-4 Elimination Using Multiplication Exercises p.359
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.363
6-5 Applying Systems of Linear Equations Exercises p.367
6-6 Systems of Inequalities Exercises p.374
Study Guide and Review p.378
Practice Test p.383
Preparing for Assessment p.385
Chapter 6 Preparing for Assessment p.386

Chapter 7

Exponents And Exponential Functions

7.1 Multiplication Properties of Exponents Exercises p.394
7-2 Division Properties of Exponents Exercises p.402
7-3 Rational Exponents Exercises p.410
7-4 Scientific Notation Exercises p.417
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.421
7-5 Exponential Functions Exercises p.427
7-6 Growth and Decay Exercises p.434
7-7 Geometric Sequences as Exponential Functions Ecercises p.441
7-8 Recursive Formulas Exercises p.448
Study Guide and Review p.451
Practice Test p.455
Preparing for Assessment p.457
Chapter 7 Preparing for Assessment p.458

Chapter 8

Quadratic Expressions And Equations

8-1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Exercises p.468
8-2 Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial Exercises p.474
8-3 Multiplying Polynomials Exercises p.483
8-4 Special Products Exercises p.488
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.492
8-5 Using the Distributive Property Exercises p.497
8-6 Solving x2+bx+c=0 Exercises p.507
8-7 Solving ax2+bx+c=0 Exercises p.513
8-8 Differences of Squares Exercises p.518
8-9 Perfect Squares Exercises p.526
Study Guide and Review p.530
Practice Test p.535
Chapter 8 Preparing for Assessment p.538

Chapter 9

Quadratic Functions And Equations

9-1 Graphing Quadratic Functions Exercises p.549
9-2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing Exercises p.558
9-3 Transformations of Quadratic Functions Exercises p.569
9-4 Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square Exercises p.576
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.582
9-5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Using the Quadratic Formula Exercises p.587
9-6 Analyzing Functions with Successive Differences Exercises p.593
9-7 Special Functions Exercises p.601
Study Guide and Review p.607
Practice Test p.611
Preparing for Assessment p.613
Chapter 9 Preparing for Assessment p.614

Chapter 10

Radical Functions And Geometry

10-1 Square Root Functions Exercises p.624
10-2 Simplifying Radical Expressions Exercises p.631
10-3 Operations with Radical Expressions Exercises p.637
10-4 Radical Equations Exercises p.644
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.647
10-5 The Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.650
10-6 Trigonometric Ratios Exercises p.659
Study Guide and Review p.663
Practice Test p.667
Preparing for Assessment p.669

Chapter 11

Rational Functions And Equations

11-1 Inverse Variation Exercises p.679
11-2 Rational Functions Exercises p.687
11-3 Simplifying Rational Expressions Exercises p.693
11-4 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Exercises p.701
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.705
11-5 Dividing Polynomials Exercises p.708
11-6 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Exercises p.716
11-7 Mixed Expressions and Complex Fractions Exercises p.723
11-8 Rational Equations Exercises p.730
Study Guide and Review p.735
Practice Test p.739
Preparing for Assessment p.741

Chapter 12

Statistics And Probability

12-1 Samples and Studies Exercises p.751
12-2 Statistics and Parameter Exercises p.760
12-3 Distributions of Data Exercises p.768
12-4 Comparing Sets of Data Exercises p.775
Exercises p.779
12-5 Simulation Exercises p.782
12-6 Permutations and Combinations Exercises p.789
12-7 Probability of Compound Events Exercises p.797
12-8 Probability Distributions Exercises p.806
Study Guide and Review p.812
Practice Test p.817
Preparing for Assessment p.819
Chapter 12 Preparing for Assessment p.820

Chapter R

Extra Practice

R1 Extra Practice Chapter 1 Extra Practice p.R1
R2 Extra Practice Chapter 2 Extra Practice p.R2
R3 Extra Practice Chapter 3 Extra Practice p.R3
R4 Extra Practice Chapter 4 Extra Practice p.R4
R5 Extra Practice Chapter 5 Extra Practice p.R5
R6 Extra Practice Chapter 6 Extra Practice p.R6
R7 Extra Practice Chapter 7 Extra Practice p.R7
R8 Extra Practice Chapter 8 Extra Practice p.R8
R9 Extra Practice Chapter 9 Extra Practice p.R9
R10 Extra Practice Chapter 10 Extra Practice p.R10
R11 Extra Practice Chapter 11 Extra Practice p.R11
R12 Extra Practice Chapter 12 Extra Practice p.R12
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