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Holt Environmental Science

Holt Environmental Science Holt Environmental Science

ISBN: 9780030781360 / 0030781361

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Science And The Environment

1 Understanding Our Environment Mid-Section Review p.8
Section Review p.15
2 The Environment and Society Section Review p.21
Chapter Review p.23
Reading Skills p.25
Standardized Test Prep p.26

Chapter 2

Tools Of Environmental Science

1 Scientific Methods Section Review p.39
2 Statistics and Models Section Review p.46
3 Making Informed Decisions Section Review p.51
Chapter Review p.53
Reading Skills p.55
Standardized Test Prep p.56

Chapter 3

The Dynamic Earth

1 The Geosphere Section Review p.70
2 The Atmosphere Section Review p.76
3 The Hydrosphere and Biosphere Section Review p.85
Chapter Review p.87
Reading Skills p.89
Standardized Test Prep p.90

Chapter 4

The Organization Of Life

1 Ecosystems: Everything Is Connected Section Review p.102
2 Evolution Section Review p.107
3 The Diversity of Living Things Section Review p.113
Chapter Review p.115
Reading Skills p.117
Standardized Test Prep p.118

Chapter 5

How Ecosystems Work

1 Energy Flow in Ecosystems Section Review p.131
2 The Cycling of Materials Section Review p.136
3 How Ecosystems Change Section Review p.141
Chapter Review p.143
Reading Skills p.145
Standardized Test Prep p.146

Chapter 6


1 What is a Biome? Section Review p.155
2 Forest Biomes Section Review p.164
3 Grassland, Desert, and Tundra Biomes Section Review p.173
Chapter Review p.175
Reading Skills p.177
Standardized Test Prep p.178

Chapter 7

Aquatic Ecosystems

1 Freshwater Ecosystems Section Review p.190
2 Marine Ecosystems Section Review p.197
Chapter Review p.199
Reading Skills p.201
Standardized Test Prep p.202

Chapter 8

Understanding Populations

1 How Populations Change in Size Section Review p.216
2 How Species Interact with Each Other Section Review p.223
Chapter Review p.225
Reading Skills p.227
Standardized Test Prep p.228

Chapter 9

The Human Population

1 Studying Human Populations Section Review p.240
2 Changing Population Trends Section Review p.247
Chapter Review p.249
Reading Skills p.251
Standardized Test Prep p.252

Chapter 10


1 What is Biodiversity? Section Review p.262
2 Biodiversity at Risk Section Review p.269
3 The Future of Biodiversity Section Review p.275
Chapter Review p.277
Reading Skills p.279
Standardized Test Prep p.280

Chapter 11


1 Water Resources Section Review p.295
2 Water Use and Management Section Review p.303
3 Water Pollution Section Review p.313
Chapter Review p.315
Reading Skills p.317
Standardized Test Prep p.318

Chapter 12


1 What Causes Air Pollution? Section Review p.330
2 Air, Noise, and Light Pollution Section Review p.335
3 Acid Precipitation Section Review p.339
Chapter Review p.341
Reading Skills p.343
Standardized Test Prep p.344

Chapter 13

Atmosphere And Climate Change

1 Climate and Climate Change Section Review p.358
2 The Ozone Shield Section Review p.362
3 Global Warming Section Review p.369
Chapter Review p.371
Reading Skills p.373
Standardized Test Prep p.374

Chapter 14


1 How We Use Land Section Review p.383
2 Urban Land Use Section Review p.388
3 Land Management and Conservation Section Review p.395
Chapter Review p.397
Reading Skills p.399
Standardized Test Prep p.400

Chapter 15

Food And Agriculture

1 Feeding the World Section Review p.411
2 Crops and Soil Mid-Section Review p.416
Section Review p.422
3 Animals and Agriculture Section Review p.427
Chapter Review p.429
Reading Skills p.431
Standardized Test Prep p.432

Chapter 16

Mining And Mineral Resources

1 Minerals and Mineral Resources Section Review p.444
2 Mineral Exploration and Mining Section Review p.450
3 Mining Regulations and Mine Reclamation Section Review p.455
Chapter Review p.457
Reading Skills p.459
Standardized Test Prep p.460

Chapter 17

Nonrenewable Energy

1 Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels Section Review p.475
2 Nuclear Energy Section Review p.479
Chapter Review p.481
Reading Skills p.483
Standardized Test Prep p.484

Chapter 18

Renewable Energy

1 Renewable Energy Today Section Review p.499
2 Alternative Energy and Conservation Section Review p.505
Chapter Review p.507
Reading Skills p.509
Standardized Test Prep p.510

Chapter 19


1 Solid Waste Section Review p.523
2 Reducing Solid Waste Section Review p.528
3 Hazardous Waste Section Review p.535
Chapter Review p.537
Reading Skills p.539
Standardized Test Prep p.540

Chapter 20

The Environment And Human Health

1 Pollution and Human Health Section Review p.556
2 Biological Hazards Section Review p.561
Chapter Review p.563
Reading Skills p.565
Standardized Test Prep p.566

Chapter 21

Economics, Policy, And The Future

1 Economics and International Cooperation Section Review p.578
2 Environmental Policies in the United States Section Review p.583
3 The Importance of the Individual Section Review p.587
Chapter Review p.589
Reading Skills p.591
Standardized Test Prep p.592
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Holt Environmental Science



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