Glencoe MATH Course 3 (Volume 1) Glencoe MATH Course 3 (Volume 1)

Glencoe MATH Course 3 (Volume 1)

| ISBN: 9780076615308 / 0076615308


expert-verified solutions in this book

Glencoe MATH Course 3 (Volume 1)
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| ISBN: 9780076615308 / 0076615308


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Real Numbers

Quick Check p.6
1-1 Rational Numbers Real World Link p.7
Guided Practice p.10
Independent Practice p.11
1-2 Powers and Exponents Real World Link p.15
Guided Practice p.18
Independent Practice p.19
1-3 Multiplying and Divide Monomials Real World Link p.23
Guided Practice p.26
Independent Practice p.27
1-4 Powers of Monomials Real World Link p.31
Guided Practice p.34
Independent Practice p.35
Mid-Chapter Check p.42
1-5 negative Exponents Real World Link p.43
Guided Practice p.46
Independent Practice p.47
1-6 Scientific Notation Real World Link p.51
Guided Practice p.54
Independent Practice p.55
1-7 Compute with Scientific Notation Real World Link p.59
Guided Practice p.62
Independent Practice p.63
Investigation p.67
Collaborate p.68
Investigation p.69
Collaborate p.70
1-8 Roots Real World Link p.71
Guided Practice p.74
Independent Practice p.75
Investigation p.79
Collaborate p.80
1-9 Estimate Roots Real World Link p.81
Guided Practice p.84
Independent Practice p.85
1-10 Compare Real Numbers Real World Link p.89
Guided Practice p.92
Independent Practice p.93
Vocabulary Check p.99
Key Concept Check p.100
Problem Solving p.101
Reflect p.102
Unit Project p.103

Chapter 2

Equations In One Variable

Quick Check p.110
2-1 Solve Equations with Rational Coefficients Real World Link p.111
Guided Practice p.114
Independent Practice p.115
Investigation p.119
Collaborate p.120
2-2 Solve Two Step Equations Real World Link p.121
Guided Practice p.124
Independent Practice p.125
2-3 Write Two Step Equations Real World Link p.129
Guided Practice p.132
Independent Practice p.133
Mid-Chapter Check p.140
Investigation p.141
Collaborate p.143
2-4 Solve Equations with Variables on Each Side Real World Link p.145
Guided Practice p.148
Independent Practice p.149
2-5 Solve Multi Step Equations Real World Link p.153
Guided Practice p.156
Independent Practice p.157
Vocabulary Check p.163
Key Concept Check p.164
Problem Solving p.165
Reflect p.166

Chapter 3

Equations In Two Variables

Quick Check p.170
3-1 Constant Rate of Change Real World Link p.171
Guided Practice p.174
Independent Practice p.175
Investigation p.179
Collaborate p.180
3-2 Slope Real World Link p.181
Guided Practice p.184
Independent Practice p.185
3-3 Equations in y = mx Form Real World Link p.189
Guided Practice p.194
Independent Practice p.195
3-4 Slope-Intercept Form Real World Link p.199
Guided Practice p.202
Independent Practice p.203
Investigation p.207
Collaborate p.208
3-5 Graph a Line Using Intercepts Real World Link p.209
Guided Practice p.212
Independent Practice p.213
Mid-Chapter Check p.220
3-6 Write Linear Equations Real World Link p.221
Guided Practice p.224
Independent Practice p.225
Investigation p.229
Collaborate p.230
Investigation p.231
Collaborate p.232
3-7 Solve Systems of Equations by Graphing Real World Link p.233
Independent Practice p.239
3-8 Solve Systems of Equations Algebraically Real World Link p.243
Guided Practice p.246
Independent Practice p.248
Investigation p.251
Collaborate p.252
Vocabulary Check p.255
Key Concept Check p.256
Problem Solving p.257
Reflect p.258
Unit Project p.259

Chapter 4


Quick Check p.266
4-1 Representing Relationships Real World Link p.267
Guided Practice p.272
Independent Practice p.273
4-2 Relations Real World Link p.277
Guided Practice p.280
Independent Practice p.281
Investigation p.285
Collaborate p.286
4-3 Functions Guided Practice p.290
Independent Practice p.291
4-4 Linear Functions Real World Link p.295
Guided Practice p.300
Independent Practice p.301
Mid-Chapter Check p.308
4-5 Compare Properties of Functions Real World Link p.309
Guided Practice p.314
Independent Practice p.315
4-6 Construct Functions Real World Link p.319
Guided Practice p.322
Independent Practice p.323
4-7 Linear and Nonlinear Functions Real World Link p.327
Guided Practice p.330
Independent Practice p.331
4-8 Quadratic Functions Real World Link p.335
Guided Practice p.338
Independent Practice p.339
Investigation p.343
Collaborate p.345
4-9 Qualitative Graphs Real World Link p.347
Guided Practice p.350
Independent Practice p.351
Vocabulary Check p.357
Key Concept Check p.358
Problem Solving p.359
Reflect p.360
Collaborate p.361
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