Algebra 2 Common Core Edition, Common Core Edition

Algebra 2 Common Core Edition, Common Core Edition Algebra 2 Common Core Edition, Common Core ...

ISBN: 9780076639908 / 0076639908

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Table of Contents

Chapter 0

Preparing For Advanced Algebra

Pretest p.P3
0-1 Representing Functions Exercises p.P5
0-2 FOIL Exercises p.P6
0-3 Factoring Polynomials Exercises p.P8
0-4 Counting Techniques Exercises p.P12
0-5 Adding Probabilities Exercises p.P15
0-6 Multiplying Porbabilities Exercises p.P19
0-7 Congruent and Similar Figures Exercises p.P21
0-8 The Pythagorean Theorem Exercises p.P23
0-9 Measures of Center, Spread, and Position Exercises p.P27
Posttest p.P29

Chapter 1

Equations And Inequalities

1-1 Expressions and Formulas Check Your Understanding p.7
Practice and Problem Solving p.7
H.O.T. Problems p.9
Standardized Test Practice p.10
Spiral Review p.10
Skills Review p.10
1-2 Properties of Real Numbers Check Your Understanding p.14
Practice and Problem Solving p.14
H.O.T. Problems p.16
Spiral Review p.17
1-3 Solving Equations Check Your Understanding p.22
Practice and Problem Solving p.22
H.O.T. Problems p.24
Spiral Review p.25
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.26
1-4 Solving Absolute Value Equations Check Your Understanding p.30
Practice and Problem Solving p.30
H.O.T. Problems p.31
Spiral Review p.32
1-5 Solving Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.36
Practice and Problem Solving p.37
H.O.T. Problems p.38
Spiral Review p.39
1-6 Solving Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.45
Practice and Problem Solving p.45
H.O.T. Problems p.47
Spiral Review p.48
Study Guide and Review p.49
Practice Test p.53
Standardized Test Practice p.56

Chapter 2

Linear Relations And Functions

2-1 Relations and Functions Check Your Understanding p.64
Practice and Problem Solving p.65
H.O.T. Problems p.66
Spiral Review p.67
2-2 Linear Relations and Functions Check Your Understanding p.71
Practice and Problem Solving p.72
H.O.T. Problems p.73
Spiral Review p.74
2-3 Rate of Change and Slope Check Your Understanding p.79
Practice and Problem Solving p.79
H.O.T. Problems p.81
Spiral Review p.82
2-4 Writing Linear Equations Check Your Understanding p.86
Practice and Problem Solving p.87
H.O.T. Problems p.88
Spiral Review p.89
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.91
2-5 Scatter Plots and Lines of Regression Check Your Understanding p.95
Practice and Problem Solving p.96
H.O.T. Problems p.97
Spiral Review p.98
2-6 Special Functions Check Your Understanding p.104
Practice and Problem Solving p.105
H.O.T. Problems p.106
Spiral Review p.107
2-7 Parent Functions and Transformations Check Your Understanding p.113
Practice and Problem Solving p.113
H.O.T. Problems p.115
Spiral Review p.116
2-8 Graphing Linear Absolute Value Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.119
Practice and Problem Solving p.119
H.O.T. Problems p.120
Spiral Review p.121
Study Guide and Review p.122
Practice Test p.127
Standardized Test Practice p.130

Chapter 3

Systems Of Equations And Inequalities

3-1 Solving Systems of Equations Check Your Understanding p.141
Skills Review p.141
Practice and Problem Solving p.142
H.O.T. Problems p.144
Standardized Test Practice, Spiral Review, and Skills Review p.145
3-2 Solving Systems of Inequalities by Graphing Check Your Understanding p.149
Practice and Problem Solving p.149
Spiral Review p.150
H.O.T. Problems p.151
Spiral Review p.152
3-3 Optimization with Linear Programming Check Your Understanding p.157
Practice and Problem Solving p.157
H.O.T. Problems p.159
Spiral Review p.160
3-4 Systems of Equations in Three Variables Check Your Understanding p.165
Practice and Problem Solving p.165
H.O.T. Problems p.166
Spiral Review p.167
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.168
3-5 Operations with Matrices Check Your Understanding p.175
Practice and Problem Solving p.175
H.O.T. Problems p.177
Spiral Review p.178
3-6 Multiplying Matrices Check Your Understanding p.183
Practice and Problem Solving p.184
Spiral Review p.186
3-7 Solving Systems of Equations Using Cramer's Rule Check Your Understanding p.194
Practice and Problem Solving p.195
H.O.T. Problems p.196
3-6 Multiplying Matrices Spiral Review p.197
3-8 Solving Systems of Equations Using Inverse Matrices Check Your Understanding p.202
Practice and Problem Solving p.202
H.O.T. Problems p.203
Spiral Review p.204
3-6 Multiplying Matrices H.O.T. Problems p.206
Study Guide and Review p.206
Practice Test p.211
Standardized Test Practice p.214

Chapter 4

Quadratic Functions And Relations

4-1 Graphing Quadratic Functions Check Your Understanding p.224
Practice and Problem Solving p.224
H.O.T. Problems p.226
Spiral Review p.227
4-2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing Check Your Understanding p.233
Practice and Problem Solving p.233
H.O.T. Problems p.235
Spiral Review p.236
4-3 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring Check Your Understanding p.242
Practice and Problem Solving p.242
H.O.T. Problems p.244
Spiral Review p.245
4-4 Complex Numbers Check Your Understanding p.250
Practice and Problem Solving p.250
H.O.T. Problems p.251
Spiral Review p.252
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.255
4-5 Completing the Square Check Your Understanding p.260
Practice and Problem Solving p.260
H.O.T. Problems p.261
Spiral Review p.262
4-6 The Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant Check Your Understanding p.269
Practice and Problem Solving p.270
H.O.T. Problems p.271
Spiral Review p.272
4-7 Transformations of Quadratic Graphs Check Your Understanding p.278
Practice and Problem Solving p.278
H.O.T. Problems p.279
Spiral Review p.280
4-8 Quadratic Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.285
Practice and Problem Solving p.286
H.O.T. Problems p.287
Spiral Review p.288
Study Guide and Review p.290
Practice Test p.295
Standardized Test Practice p.298
4-2 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing Spiral Review p.317

Chapter 5

Polynomials And Polynomial Functions

5-1 Operations with Polynomials Check Your Understanding p.307
Practice and Problem Solving p.307
H.O.T. Problems p.308
Spiral Review p.309
5-2 Dividing Polynomials Check Your Understanding p.315
Practice and Problem Solving p.315
H.O.T. Problems p.316
5-3 Polynomial Functions Check Your Understanding p.326
Practice and Problem Solving p.326
H.O.T. Problems p.328
Spiral Review p.329
5-4 Analyzing Graphs of Polynomial Functions Check Your Understanding p.334
Practice and Problem Solving p.334
H.O.T. Problems p.336
Spiral Review p.337
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.340
5-5 Solving Polynomial Equations Check Your Understanding p.346
Practice and Problem Solving p.346
H.O.T. Problems p.348
Spiral Review p.349
5-6 The Remainder and Factor Theorems Check Your Understanding p.355
Practice and Problem Solving p.355
H.O.T. Problems p.356
Spiral Review p.357
5-7 Roots and Zeros Check Your Understanding p.363
Practice and Problem Solving p.363
H.O.T. Problems p.364
Spiral Review p.365
5-8 Rational Zero Theorem Check Your Understanding p.369
Practice and Problem Solving p.370
H.O.T. Problems p.371
Spiral Review p.372
Study Guide and Review p.373
Practice Test p.377
Standardized Test Practice p.380

Chapter 6

Inverses And Radical Functions And Relations

6-1 Operations on Functions Check Your Understanding p.389
Practice and Problem Solving p.389
H.O.T. Problems p.391
Spiral Review p.392
6-2 Inverse Functions and Relations Practice and Problem Solving p.396
H.O.T. Problems p.397
Spiral Review p.398
Graphing Technology Lab Exercises p.399
6-3 Square Root Functions and Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.403
Practice and Problem Solving p.403
H.O.T. Problems p.405
Spiral Review p.406
6-4 nth Roots Check Your Understanding p.409
Practice and Problem Solving p.410
H.O.T. Problems p.411
Spiral Review p.412
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.414
6-5 Operations with Radical Expressions Check Your Understanding p.419
Practice and Problem Solving p.419
H.O.T. Problems p.420
Spiral Review p.421
6-6 Rational Exponents Check Your Understanding p.425
Practice and Problem Solving p.426
H.O.T. Problems p.427
Spiral Review p.428
6-7 Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.432
Practice and Problem Solving p.433
H.O.T. Problems p.434
Study Guide and Review p.438
Practice Test p.443
Standardized Test Practice p.446

Chapter 7

Exponential And Logarithmic Functions And Relations

7-1 Graphing Exponential Functions Check Your Understanding p.455
Practice and Problem Solving p.456
H.O.T. Problems p.457
Spiral Review p.458
7-2 Solving Exponential Equations and Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.464
Practice and Problem Solving p.464
H.O.T. Problems p.466
Spiral Review p.467
7-3 Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions Check Your Understanding p.472
Practice and Problem Solving p.472
H.O.T. Problems p.474
7-4 Solving Logarithmic Equations and Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.480
Practice and Problem Solving p.480
H.O.T. Problems p.482
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.484
7-5 Properties of Logarithms Check Your Understanding p.488
Practice and Problem Solving p.488
H.O.T. Problems p.490
Spiral Review p.491
7-6 Common Logarithms Check Your Understanding p.495
Practice and Problem Solving p.495
H.O.T. Problems p.497
Spiral Review p.498
7-7 Base e and Natural Logarithms Check Your Understanding p.505
Practice and Problem Solving p.505
H.O.T. Problems p.506
Spiral Review p.507
7-8 Using Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Practice and Problem Solving p.513
H.O.T. Problems p.514
Spiral Review p.515
Study Guide and Review p.517
Practice Test p.521
Standardized Test Practice p.524
7-8 Using Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Check Your Understanding p.537

Chapter 8

Rational Functions And Relations

8-1 Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions Check Your Understanding p.533
Practice and Problem Solving p.534
H.O.T. Problems p.536
Spiral Review p.537
8-2 Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions Check Your Understanding p.541
Practice and Problem Solving p.541
H.O.T. Problems p.543
Spiral Review p.544
8-3 Graphing Reciprocal Functions Check Your Understanding p.548
Practice and Problem Solving p.549
H.O.T. Problems p.550
Spiral Review p.551
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.552
8-4 Graphing Rational Functions Check Your Understanding p.557
Practice and Problem Solving p.558
H.O.T. Problems p.559
Spiral Review p.560
8-5 Variation Functions Check Your Understanding p.566
Practice and Problem Solving p.566
H.O.T. Problems p.568
Spiral Review p.569
8-6 Solving Rational Equations and Inequalities Check Your Understanding p.576
Practice and Problem Solving p.577
H.O.T. Problems p.577
Spiral Review p.578
Study Guide and Review p.581
Practice Test p.585
Standardized Test Practice p.588

Chapter 9

Conic Sections

9-1 Midpoint and Distance Formulas Check Your Understanding p.595
Practice and Problem Solving p.596
H.O.T. Problems p.597
Spiral Review p.598
9-2 Parabolas Check Your Understanding p.603
Practice and Problem Solving p.603
H.O.T. Problems p.604
Spiral Review p.605
9-3 Circles Check Your Understanding p.610
Practice and Problem Solving p.610
H.O.T. Problems p.612
Spiral Review p.613
9-4 Ellipses Check Your Understanding p.619
Practice and Problem Solving p.620
H.O.T. Problems p.620
Spiral Review p.622
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.623
9-5 Hyperbolas Check Your Understanding p.628
Practice and Problem Solving p.628
H.O.T. Problems p.630
Spiral Review p.631
9-6 Identifying Conic Sections Check Your Understanding p.634
Practice and Problem Solving p.634
H.O.T. Problems p.635
9-7 Solving Linear-Nonlinear Systems Check Your Understanding p.642
Practice and Problem Solving p.643
H.O.T. Problems p.644
9-6 Identifying Conic Sections Spiral Review p.645
Study Guide and Review p.646
Practice Test p.651
Standardized Test Practice p.654

Chapter 10

Sequences And Series

10-1 Sequences as Functions Exercises p.663
10-2 Arithmetic Sequences and Series Exercises p.670
10-3 Geometric Sequences and Series Exercises p.677
10-4 Infinite Geometric Series Exercises p.686
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.691
10-5 Recursion and Iteration Exercises p.695
10-6 The Binomial Theorem Exercises p.701
10-7 Proof by Mathematical Induction Exercises p.707
Study Guide and Review p.710
Practice Test p.715
Standardized Test Practice p.718

Chapter 11

Statistics And Probability

11-1 Designing a Study Exercises p.727
11-2 Distributions of Data Exercises p.738
11-3 Probability Distributions Exercises p.747
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.751
11-4 The Binomial Distribution Exercises p.756
11-5 The Normal Distribution Exercises p.764
11-6 Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing Exercises p.774
Study Guide and Review p.777
Practice Test p.781
Standardized Test Practice p.784

Chapter 12

Trigonometric Functions

12-1 Trigonometric Functions in Right Triangles Exercises p.795
12-2 Angles and Angle Measure Exercises p.802
12-3 Trigonometric Functions of General Angles Exercises p.811
12-4 Law of Sines Exercises p.818
12-5 Law of Cosines Exercises p.825
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.829
12-6 Circular and Periodic Functions Exercises p.833
12-7 Graphing Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.841
12-8 Translations of Trigonometric Graphs Exercises p.849
12-9 Inverse Trigonometric Functions Exercises p.856
Study Guide and Review p.859
Practice Test p.865
Standardized Test Practice p.868

Chapter 13

Trigonometric Identities And Equations

13-1 Trigonometric Identities Exercises p.876
13-2 Verifying Trigonometric Identities Exercises p.882
13-3 Sum and Difference Angles Identities Exercises p.888
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.892
13-4 Double-Angle and Half-Angle Identities Exercises p.897
13-5 Solving Trigonometric Equations Exercises p.904
Study Guide and Review p.908
Practice Test p.911
Standardized Test Practice p.914
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