Glencoe Geometry Glencoe Geometry

Glencoe Geometry

| ISBN: 9780079039941 / 0079039944


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Glencoe Geometry
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| ISBN: 9780079039941 / 0079039944


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 0

Preparing For Geometry

Pretest p.P3
0-1 Changing Units of Measure Within Systems Exercises p.P5
0-2 Changing Units of Measure Between Systems Exercises p.P7
0-3 Simple Probability Exercises p.P9
0-4 Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.P10
0-5 Linear Equations Exercises p.P12
0-6 Linear Inequalities Exercises p.P14
0-7 Ordered Pairs Exercises p.P16
0-8 Systems of Linear Equations Exercises p.P18
0-9 Square Roots and Simplifying Radicals Exercises p.P20
Posttest p.P21

Chapter 1

Tools Of Geometry

1-1 Points, Lines, and Planes Exercises p.8
1-2 Line Segments and Distance Exercises p.20
1-3 Locating Points and Midpoints Exercises p.31
Exercises p.41
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.45
1-5 Angle Relationships Exercises p.50
1-6 Two-Dimensional Figures Exercises p.61
1-7 Transformations in the Plane Exercises p.70
1-8 Three-Dimensional Figures Exercises p.79
1-9 Two-Dimensional Representations of Three-Dimensional Figures Exercises p.86
1-10 Precision and Accuracy Exercises p.93
Study Guide and Review p.96
Practice Test p.103
Preparing for Assessment p.106

Chapter 2

Logical Arguments And Line Relationships

2-1 Conjectures and Counterexamples Exercises p.114
2-2 Statements, Conditionals, and Biconditionals Exercises p.125
2-3 Deductive Reasoning Exercises p.135
2-4 Writing Proofs Exercises p.146
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.151
2-5 Proving Segment Relationships Exercises p.155
2-6 Proving Angle Relationships Exercises p.164
2-7 Parallel Lines and Transversals Exercises p.172
2-8 Slope and Equations of Lines Exercises p.181
2-9 Proving Lines Parallel Exercises p.189
2-10 Perpendiculars and Distance Exercises p.199
Study Guide and Review p.204
Practice Test p.211
Preparing for Assessment p.214

Chapter 3

Rigid Transformations And Symmetry

3-1 Reflections Exercises p.225
3-2 Translations Exercises p.235
3-3 Rotations Exercises p.243
Chapter 3 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.247
3-4 Compositions of Transformations Exercises p.254
3-5 Symmetry Exercises p.262
Chapter 3 Study Guide and Review p.268
Chapter 3 Practice Test p.273
Chapter 3 Preparing for Assessment p.276

Chapter 4

Triangles And Congruence

4-1 Angles of Triangles Exercises p.286
4-2 Congruent Triangles Exercises p.294
4-3 Proving Triangles Congruent - SSS, SAS Exercises p.304
Chapter 4 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.310
4-4 Proving Triangles Congruent - ASA, AAS Exercises p.314
4-5 Proving Right Triangles Congruent Exercises p.321
4-6 Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles Exercises p.329
4-7 Triangles and Coordinate Proof Exercises p.337
Chapter 4 Study Guide and Review p.341
Chapter 4 Practice Test p.345
Chapter 4 Preparing for Assessment p.348

Chapter 5

Relationships In Triangles

5-1 Bisectors of Triangles Exercises p.359
5-2 Medians and Altitudes of Triangles Exercises p.369
5-3 Inequalities in One Triangle Exercises p.378
Chapter 5 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.382
5-4 Indirect Proof Exercises p.388
5-5 The Triangle Inequality Exercises p.396
5-6 Inequalities in Two Triangles Exercises p.405
Chapter 5 Study Guide and Review p.411
Chapter 5 Practice Test p.415
Chapter 5 Preparing for Assessment p.418

Chapter 6


6-1 Angles of Polygons Exercises p.427
6-2 Parallelograms Exercises p.437
6-3 Tests for Parallelograms Exercises p.447
Chapter 6 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.452
6-4 Special Parallelograms: Rectangles Exercises p.456
6-5 Special Parallelograms: Rhombi, Square Exercises p.465
6-6 Trapezoids and Kites Exercises p.474
Chapter 6 Study Guide and Review p.479
Chapter 6 Practice Test p.483
Chapter 6 Preparing for Assessment p.486

Chapter 7


7-1 Dilations Exercises p.496
7-2 Similar Polygons Exercises p.506
7-3 Similar Triangles: AA Simularity Exercises p.516
7-4 Similar Triangles: SSS and SAS Similarity Exercises p.526
Chapter 7 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.533
7-5 Parallel Lines and Proportional Parts Exercises p.539
7-6 Parts of Similar Triangles Exercises p.547
Chapter 7 Study Guide and Review p.553
Chapter 7 Practice Test p.557
Chapter 7 Preparing for Assessment p.560

Chapter 8

Right Triangles And Trigonometry

8-1 Geometric Mean Exercises p.569
8-2 The Pythagorean Theorem and Its Converse Exercises p.579
8-3 Special Right Triangles Exercises p.590
8-4 Trigonometry Exercises p.601
Chapter 8 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.607
8-5 Angles of Elevation and Depression Exercises p.611
8-6 The Law of Sines Exercises p.620
8-7 The Law of Cosines Exercises p.626
Chapter 8 Study Guide and Review p.630
Chapter 8 Practice Test p.635
Chapter 8 Preparing for Assessment p.638

Chapter 9


9-1 Circles and Circumference Exercises p.647
9-2 Measuring Angles and Arcs Exercises p.656
9-3 Arcs and Chords Exercises p.664
9-4 Inscribed Angles Exercises p.673
Chapter 9 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.677
9-5 Tangents Exercises p.681
9-6 Secants,Tangents, and Angle Measures Exercises p.691
9-7 Equations of Circles Exercises p.699
9-8 Equations of Parabolas Exercises p.707
Chapter 9 Study Guide and Review p.711
Chapter 9 Practice Test p.717
Chapter 9 Preparing for Assessment p.720

Chapter 10

Extending Area

10-1 Areas of Parallelograms Exercises p.729
10-2 Areas of Trapezoids, Rhombi, and Kites Exercises p.739
10-3 Areas of Circles and Sectors Exercises p.745
Chapter 10 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.750
10-4 Areas of Regular Polygons and Composite Figures Exercises p.756
10-5 Area and Nongrid Transformations Exercises p.766
10-6 Surface Area Exercises p.777
Chapter 10 Study Guide and Review p.782
Chapter 10 Practice Test p.787
Chapter 10 Preparing for Assessment p.790

Chapter 11

Extending Volume

11-1 Cross Sections and Solids of Revolution Exercises p.798
11-2 Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders Exercises p.805
11-3 Volumes of Pyramids and Cones Exercises p.813
Chapter 11 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.817
11-4 Spheres Exercises p.822
11-5 Spherical Geometry Exercises p.829
11-6 Volume and Nongrid Transformations Exercises p.837
11-7 Applying Measurements Exercises p.844
Chapter 11 Study Guide and Review p.847
Chapter 11 Practice Test p.851
Chapter 11 Preparing for Assessment p.854

Chapter 12


12-1 Representing Sample Spaces Exercises p.862
12-2 Probability and Counting Exercises p.869
12-3 Probability with Permutations and Combinations Exercises p.877
12-4 Geometric Probability Exercises p.884
Chapter 12 Mid-Chapter Quiz p.888
12-5 Probability and the Multiplication Rule Exercises p.893
12-6 Probability and the Addition Rule Exercises p.900
12-7 Conditional Probability Exercises p.906
12-8 Two-Way Frequency Tables Exercises p.912
Chapter 12 Study Guide and Review p.916
Chapter 12 Practice Test p.921
Chapter 12 Preparing for Assessment p.924

Chapter R

Extra Practice

R1 Chapter 1 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R1
R2 Chapter 2 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R2
R3 Chapter 3 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R3
R4 Chapter 4 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R4
R5 Chapter 5 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R5
R6 Chapter 6 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R6
R7 Chapter 7 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R7
R8 Chapter 8 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R8
R9 Chapter 9 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R9
R10 Chapter 10 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R10
R11 Chapter 11 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R11
R12 Chapter 12 Extra Practice Extra Practice p.R12
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