Chemistry Chemistry


| ISBN: 9780130543844 / 0130543845


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| ISBN: 9780130543844 / 0130543845


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Introduction To Chemistry

1.1 Chemistry Section Review p.6
1.2 Chemistry Far and Wide Section Review p.14
1.3 Thinking Like a Scientists Section Review p.17
1.4 How to Study Chemistry Section Review p.22
Chapter Review p.25
Standardized Test Prep p.27

Chapter 2

Matter And Change

2.1 Matter Section Review p.31
2.2 Mixtures Section Review p.34
2.3 Elements and Compounds Section Review p.39
2.4 Chemical Reactions Section Review p.43
Chapter Review p.47
Standardized Test Prep p.49

Chapter 3

Scientific Measurement

3.1 The Importance of Measurement Section Review p.53
3.2 Uncertainty in Measurements Section Review p.58
3.3 International System of Units Section Review p.67
3.4 Density Section Review p.71
3.5 Temperature Section Review p.75
Chapter Review p.78
Standardized Test Prep p.81

Chapter 4

Problem Solving In Chemistry

4.1 What Do I Do Now? Section Review p.88
4.2 Simple Conversion Problems Section Review p.93
4.3 More-Complex Problems Section Review p.97
Chapter Review p.103
Standardized Test Prep p.105

Chapter 5

Atomic Structure And The Periodic Table

5.1 Atoms Section Review p.108
Chapter Review p.129
Standardized Test Prep p.131

Chapter 6

Chemical Names And Formulas

6.1 Introduction to Chemical Bonding Section Review p.136
6.2 Representing Chemical Compounds Section Review p.142
6.3 Ionic Charges Section Review p.145
6.4 Ionic Compounds Section Review p.151
6.5 Molecular Compounds and Acids Section Review p.159
6.6 Summary of Naming and Formula Writing Section Review p.163
Chapter Review p.166
Standardized Test Prep p.169

Chapter 7

Chemical Quantities

7.1 The Mole: A Measurement of Matter Section Review p.173
7.2 Mole-Mass and Mole-Volume Relationships Section Review p.183
7.3 Percent Composition and Chemical Formulas Section Review p.189
Chapter Review p.198
Standardized Test Prep p.201

Chapter 8

Chemical Reactions

8.1 Describing Chemical Change Section Review p.206
8.2 Types of Chemical Reactions Section Review p.214
8.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions Section Review p.226
Chapter Review p.232
Standardized Test Prep p.235

Chapter 9


9.1 The Arithmetic of Equations Section Review p.238
9.2 Chemical Calculations Section Review p.244
9.3 Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield Section Review p.254
Chapter Review p.262
Standardized Test Prep p.265

Chapter 10

States Of Matter

10.1 The Nature of Gases Section Review p.271
10.2 The Nature of Liquids Section Review p.279
10.3 The Nature of Solids Section Review p.283
10.4 Changes of State Section Review p.286
Chapter Review p.289
Standardized Test Prep p.291

Chapter 11

Thermochemistry-Heat And Chemical Change

11.1 The Flow of Energy-Heat Section Review p.299
11.2 Measuring and Expressing Heat Changes Section Review p.302
11.3 Heats in Changes of State Section Review p.309
11.4 Calculating Heat Changes Section Review p.317
Chapter Review p.322
Standardized Test Prep p.325

Chapter 12

The Behavior Of Gases

12.1 The Properties of Gases Section Review p.328
12.2 Factors Affecting Gas Pressure Section Review p.332
12.3 The Gas Laws Section Review p.335
12.4 Ideal Gases Section Review p.342
12.5 Gas Molecules: Mixtures and Movements Section Review p.348
Chapter Review p.356
Standardized Test Prep p.359

Chapter 13

Electrons In Atoms

13.1 Models of the Atom Section Review p.366
13.2 Electron Arrangement in Atoms Section Review p.369
13.3 Physics and the Quantum Mechanical Model Section Review p.375
Chapter Review p.386
Standardized Test Prep p.389

Chapter 14

Chemical Periodicity

14.1 Classification of the Elements Section Review p.396
14.2 Periodic Trends Section Review p.406
Chapter Review p.409
Standardized Test Prep p.411

Chapter 15

Ionic Bonding And Ionic Compounds

15.1 Electron Configuration in Ionic Bonding Section Review p.418
15.2 Ionic Bonds Section Review p.421
15.3 Bonding Metals Section Review p.429
Chapter Review p.432
Standardized Test Prep p.435

Chapter 16

Covalent Bonding

16.1 The Nature of Covalent Bonding Section Review p.440
16.2 Bonding Theories Section Review p.459
16.3 Polar Bonds and Molecules Section Review p.462
Chapter Review p.470
Standardized Test Prep p.473

Chapter 17

Water And Aqueous Systems

17.1 Liquid Water and Its Properties Section Review p.478
17.2 Water Vapor and Ice Section Review p.481
17.3 Aqueous Solutions Section Review p.488
17.4 Heterogeneous Aqueous Systems Section Review p.493
Chapter Review p.496
Standardized Test Prep p.499

Chapter 18


18.1 Properties of Solutions Section Review p.507
18.2 Concentrations of Solutions Section Review p.511
18.3 Colligative Properties of Solutions Section Review p.519
18.4 Calculations Involving Colligative Properties Section Review p.521
Chapter Review p.528
Standardized Test Prep p.531

Chapter 19

Reaction Rates And Equilibrium

19.1 Rates of Reaction Section Review p.538
19.2 Reversible Reactions and Equilibrium Section Review p.544
19.3 Determining Whether a Reaction Will Occur Section Review p.556
19.4 Calculating Entropy and Free Energy Section Review p.560
19.5 The Progress of Chemical Reactions Section Review p.568
Chapter Review p.572
Standardized Test Prep p.575

Chapter 20

Acids And Bases

20.1 Describing Acids and Bases Section Review p.579
20.2 Hydrogen Ions and Acidity Section Review p.582
20.3 Acid-Base Theories Section Review p.599
20.4 Strengths of Acids and Bases Section Review p.605
Chapter Review p.609
Standardized Test Prep p.611

Chapter 21


21.1 Neutralization Reactions Section Review p.616
21.2 Salts in Solution Section Review p.630
Chapter Review p.640
Standardized Test Prep p.643

Chapter 22

Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

22.1 The Meaning of Oxidation and Reduction Section Review p.649
22.2 Oxidation Numbers Section Review p.656
22.3 Balancing Redox Equations Section Review p.662
Chapter Review p.673
Standardized Test Prep p.675

Chapter 23


23.1 Electrochemical Cells Section Review p.684
23.2 Half-Cells and Cell Potentials Section Review p.689
23.3 Electrolytic Cells Section Review p.697
Chapter Review p.701
Standardized Test Prep p.703

Chapter 24

The Chemistry Of Metals And Nonmetals

24.1 The s-Block Elements: Active Metals Section Review p.710
24.2 The p=Block Elements: Metals and Nonmetals Section Review p.723
24.3 The d- and f-Block Elements: Transition and Inner Transition Metals Section Review p.731
24.4 Hydrogen and Noble Gases Section Review p.735
Chapter Review p.738
Standardized Test Prep p.741

Chapter 25

Hydrocarbon Compounds

25.1 Hydrocarbons Section Review p.747
25.2 Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Section Review p.753
25.3 Isomerism Section Review p.756
25.4 Hydrocarbon Rings Section Review p.761
25.5 Hydrocarbons from the Earth Section Review p.765
Chapter Review p.768
Standardized Test Prep p.771

Chapter 26

Functional Groups And Organic Reactions

26.1 Introduction to Functional Groups Section Review p.777
26.2 Alcohols and Ethers Section Review p.784
26.3 Carbonyl Compounds Section Review p.794
26.4 Polymerization Section Review p.800
Chapter Review p.804
Standardized Test Prep p.807

Chapter 27

The Chemistry Of Life

27.1 A Strategy for Life Section Review p.811
27.2 Carbohydrates Section Review p.814
27.3 Amino Acids and Their Polymers Section Review p.819
27.4 Lipids Section Review p.823
27.5 Nucleic Acids Section Review p.831
27.6 Metabolism Section Review p.834
Chapter Review p.837
Standardized Test Prep p.839

Chapter 28

Nuclear Chemistry

28.1 Nuclear Radiation Section Review p.844
28.2 Nuclear Transformations Section Review p.849
28.3 Fission and Fusion of Atomic Nuclei Section Review p.856
28.4 Radiation in Your Life Section Review p.861
Chapter Review p.864
Standardized Test Prep p.867
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