Giancoli Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics, 4th Edition

Giancoli Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern ... Giancoli Physics for Scientists & Engineers ...

ISBN: 9780131495081 / 0131495089

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Introduction, Measurement, Estimating

Problems p.14
Questions p.14

Chapter 2

Describing Motion: Kinematics In One Dimension

Questions p.43
Problems p.44

Chapter 3

Kinematics In Two Or Three Dimensions; Vectors

Questions p.75
Problems p.75

Chapter 4

Dynamics: Newton's Laws Of Motion

Questions p.103
Problems p.104

Chapter 5

Using Newton's Laws: Friction, Circular Motion, Drag ...

Questions p.131
Problems p.132

Chapter 6

Gravitation And Newton's Synthesis

Questions p.157
Problems p.158

Chapter 7

Work And Energy

Questions p.177
Problems p.177

Chapter 8

Conservation Of Energy

Questions p.205
Problems p.207

Chapter 9

Linear Momentum

Questions p.239
Problems p.240

Chapter 10

Rotational Momentum

Questions p.275
Problems p.276

Chapter 11

Angular Momentum; General Momentum

Questions p.303
Problems p.303

Chapter 12

Static Equilibrium; Elasticity And Fracture

Questions p.329
Problems p.330

Chapter 13


Questions p.362
Problems p.363

Chapter 14


Problems p.388
Questions p.388

Chapter 15

Wave Motion

Questions p.417
Problems p.418

Chapter 16


Questions p.447
Problems p.448

Chapter 17

Temperature, Thermal Expansion, And The Ideal Gas ...

Problems p.471
Questions p.471

Chapter 18

Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Questions p.491
Problems p.492

Chapter 19

Heat And The First Law Of Thermodynamics

Questions p.521
Problems p.522

Chapter 20

Second Law Of Thermodynamics

Problems p.552
Questions p.552

Chapter 21

Electric Charge And Electric Field

Questions p.584
Problems Plus p.585

Chapter 22

Gauss's Law

Problems p.601
Questions p.601

Chapter 23

Electric Potential

Questions p.622
Problems p.623

Chapter 24

Capacitance, Dielectrics, Electric Energy Storage

Questions p.643
Problems p.644

Chapter 25

Electric Currents And Resistance

Questions p.671
Problems p.672

Chapter 26

Dc Circuits

Questions p.698
Problems p.699

Chapter 27


Questions p.726
Problems p.727

Chapter 28

Sources Of Magnetic Field

Problems p.751
Questions p.751

Chapter 29

Electromagnetic Induction And Faraday's Law

Questions p.777
Problems p.778

Chapter 30

Inductance, Electromagnetic Oscillations, And Ac Circuits

Questions p.804
Problems p.805

Chapter 31

Maxwell's Equations And Electromagnetic Waves

Questions p.832
Problems p.833

Chapter 32

Light: Reflection And Refraction

Questions p.859
Problems p.860

Chapter 33

Lenses And Optical Instruments

Questions p.893
Problems p.894

Chapter 34

The Wave Nature Of Light; Interference

Questions p.916
Problems p.916

Chapter 35

Diffraction And Polarization

Problems p.946
Questions p.946

Chapter 36

Special Theory Of Relativity

Questions p.981
Problems p.982

Chapter 37

Early Quantum Theory And Models Of The ...

Questions p.1011
Problems p.1012

Chapter 38

Quantum Mechanics

Questions p.1039
Problems p.1040

Chapter 39

Quantum Mechanics Of Atoms

Questions p.1066
Problems p.1067

Chapter 40

Molecules And Solids

Questions p.1099
Problems p.1099

Chapter 41

Nuclear Physics And Radioactivity

Questions p.1126
Problems p.1127

Chapter 42

Nuclear Energy; Effects And Uses Of Radiation

Questions p.1159
Problems p.1160

Chapter 43

Elementary Particles

Questions p.1190
Problems p.1190

Chapter 44

Astrophysics And Cosmology

Questions p.1226
Problems p.1226
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