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Pearson Chemistry

| ISBN: 9780132525763 / 0132525763


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Pearson Chemistry
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| ISBN: 9780132525763 / 0132525763


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Introduction To Chemistry

1.1 The Scope of Chemistry Lesson Check p.5
1.2 Chemistry and You Lesson Check p.11
1.3 Thinking Like a Scientist Lesson Check p.19
1.2 Chemistry and You Sample Problem p.26
1.4 Problem Solving in Chemistry Lesson Check p.26
Assessment p.28
Standardized Test Prep p.31

Chapter 2

Matter And Change

2.1 Properties of Matter Lesson Check p.37
Sample Problem p.41
2.2 Mixtures Lesson Check p.41
Sample Problem p.45
2.3 Elements and Compounds Lesson Check p.47
2.4 Chemical Reactions Lesson Check p.50
Assessment p.55
Standardized Test Prep p.59

Chapter 3

Scientific Measurement

3.1 Using and Expressing Measurements Sample Problem p.63
Sample Problems p.63
Lesson Check p.72
3.2 Units of Measurement Sample Problems p.79
Lesson Check p.82
3.3 Solving Conversion Problems Sample Problems p.86
Lesson Check p.91
Assessment p.95
Standardized Test Prep p.99

Chapter 4

Atomic Structure

4.1 Defining the Atom Lesson Check p.104
4.2 Structure of the Nuclear Atom Lesson Check p.109
4.3 Distinguishing Among Atoms Sample Problems p.113
Lesson Check p.119
Assessment p.122
Standardized Test Prep p.125

Chapter 5

Electrons In Atoms

5.1 Revising the Atomic Model Lesson Check p.132
5.2 Electron Arrangement in Atoms Standardized Test Prep p.136
Lesson Check p.137
5.3 Atomic Emission Spectra and the Quantum Mechanical Model Sample Problems p.141
Lesson Check p.148
Assessment p.152
Standardized Test Prep p.157

Chapter 6

The Periodic Table

6.1 Organizing the Elements Lesson Check p.166
6.2 Classifying the Elements Sample Problems p.173
Lesson Check p.173
6.3 Periodic Trends Lesson Check p.182
Assessment p.186
Standardized Test Prep p.191

Chapter 7

Ionic And Metallic Bonding

7.1 Ions Lesson Check p.199
7.2 Ionic Bonds and Ionic Compounds Sample Problems p.203
Lesson Check p.207
7.3 Bonding in Metals Lesson Check p.212
Assessment p.214
Standardized Test Prep p.219

Chapter 8

Covalent Bonding

8.1 Molecular Compounds Lesson Check p.225
8.2 The Nature of Covalent Bonds Sample Problems p.229
Lesson Check p.238
8.3 Bonding Theories Lesson Check p.246
8.4 Polar Bonds and Molecules Sample Problems p.249
Lesson Check p.253
Assessment p.256
Standardized Test Prep p.261

Chapter 9

Chemical Names And Formulas

9.1 Naming Ions Sample Problems p.267
Lesson Check p.269
9.2 Naming and Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds Sample Problems p.273
Lesson Check p.279
9.3 Naming and Writing Formulas for Molecular Compounds Sample Problems p.282
Lesson Check p.283
9.4 Naming and Writing Formulas for Acids and Bases Sample Problems p.287
Lesson Check p.288
9.5 The Laws Governing How Compounds Form Sample Problems p.291
Lesson Check p.294
Assessment p.298
Standardized Test Prep p.303

Chapter 10

Chemical Quantities

10.1 The Mole: A Measurement of Matter Sample Problems p.307
Lesson Check p.315
10.2 Molle-Mass and Mole-Volume Relationships Sample Problems p.318
Lesson Check p.323
10.3 Percent Composition and Chemical Formulas Sample Problems p.326
Lesson Check p.333
Assessment p.338
Standardized Test Prep p.343

Chapter 11

Chemical Reactions

11.1 Describing Chemical Reactions Sample Problems p.349
Lesson Check p.354
11.2 Types of Chemical Reactions Sample Problems p.359
Lesson Check p.367
11.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solutions Sample Problems p.371
Lesson Check p.373
Assessment p.377
Standardized Test Prep p.381

Chapter 12


12.1 The Arithmetic of Equations Sample Problems p.385
Lesson Check p.389
12.2 Chemical Calculations Sample Problems p.391
Lesson Check p.398
12.3 Limiting Reagent and Percent Yield Sample Problems p.402
Lesson Check p.408
Assessment p.411
Standardized Test Prep p.417

Chapter 13

States Of Matter

13.1 The Nature of Gases Sample Problems p.422
Lesson Check p.424
13.2 The Nature of Liquids Lesson Check p.430
13.3 The Nature of Solids Lesson Check p.434
13.4 Changes of State Lesson Check p.439
Assessment p.443
Standardized Test Prep p.447

Chapter 14

The Behavior Of Gases

14.1 Properties of Gases Lesson Check p.454
14.2 The Gas Laws Sample Problems p.457
Lesson Check p.463
14.3 Ideal Gases Sample Problems p.465
Lesson Check p.468
14.4 Gases: Mixtures and Movements Sample Problems p.471
Lesson Check p.474
Assessment p.480
Standardized Test Prep p.485

Chapter 15

Water And Aqueous Systems

15.1 Water and Its Properties Lesson Check p.493
15.2 Homogeneous Aqueous Systems Sample Problems p.500
Lesson Check p.501
15.3 Heterogeneous Aqueous Systems Lesson Check p.507
Assessment p.510
Standardized Test Prep p.515

Chapter 16


16.1 Properties of Solutions Sample Problems p.524
Lesson Check p.524
16.2 Concentrations of Solutions Sample Problems p.526
Lesson Check p.531
16.3 Colligative Properties of Solutions Lesson Check p.537
16.4 Calculations Involving Colligative Properties Sample Problems p.539
Lesson Check p.544
Assessment p.548
Standardized Test Prep p.553

Chapter 17


17.1 The Flow of Energy Sample Problems p.559
Lesson Check p.561
17.2 Measuring and Expressing Enthalpy Changes Sample Problems p.564
Lesson Check p.568
17.3 Heat in Changes of State Sample Problems p.570
Lesson Check p.575
17.4 Calculating Heats of Reaction Sample Problems p.581
Lesson Check p.582
Assessment p.586
Standardized Test Prep p.591

Chapter 18

Reaction Rates And Equilibrium

18.1 Rates of Reaction Lesson Check p.601
18.2 The Progress if Chemical Reactions Sample Problems p.606
Lesson Check p.608
Sample Problems p.615
18.3 Reversible Reactions and Equilibrium Lesson Check p.620
18.4 Solubility Equilibrium Sample Problems p.623
Lesson Check p.626
18.5 Free Energy and Entropy Lesson Check p.634
Assessment p.638
Standardized Test Prep p.643

Chapter 19

Acids, Bases And Salts

19.1 Acid-Base Theories Sample Problems p.652
Lesson Check p.652
19.2 Hydrogen Ions and Acidity Sample Problems p.655
Lesson Check p.662
19.3 Strengths of Acids and Bases Sample Problems p.667
Lesson Check p.669
19.4 Neutralization Reactions Sample Problems p.673
Lesson Check p.675
19.5 Salts in Solution Sample Problems p.680
Lesson Check p.680
Assessment p.684
Standardized Test Prep p.689

Chapter 20

Oxidations-Reuction Reactions

20.1 The Meaning of Oxidation and Reduction Sample Problems p.695
Lesson Check p.699
20.2 Oxidation Numbers Sample Problems p.703
Sample Problems p.705
Lesson Check p.706
20.3 Describing Redox Equations Sample Problems p.709
Lesson Check p.715
Assessment p.720
Standardized Test Prep p.725

Chapter 21


21.1 Electrochemical Cells Lesson Check p.736
21.2 Half-Cells and Cell Potentials Sample Problems p.741
Lesson Check p.743
21.3 Electrolytic Cells Lesson Check p.751
Assessment p.754
Standardized Test Prep p.759

Chapter 22

Hydrocarbon Compounds

22.1 Hydrocarbons Sample Problems p.767
Lesson Check p.771
22.2 Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Lesson Check p.773
22.3 Isomers Sample Problems p.777
Lesson Check p.778
22.4 Hydrocarbon Rings Lesson Check p.781
22.5 Hydrocarbons from Earth's Crust Lesson Check p.786
Assessment p.790
Standardized Test Prep p.795

Chapter 23

Functional Groups

23.1 Introduction to Functional Groups Lesson Check p.802
23.2 Alcohols, Ethers, and Amines Lesson Check p.811
23.3 Carbonyl Compounds Lesson Check p.820
23.4 Polymers Lesson Check p.827
Assessment p.830
Standardized Test Prep p.835

Chapter 24

The Chemistry Of Life

24.1 A Basis for Life Lesson Check p.840
24.2 Carbohydrates Lesson Check p.843
24.3 Amino Acids and Their Polymers Lesson Check p.848
24.4 Lipids Lesson Check p.852
24.5 Nucleic Acids Lesson Check p.861
24.6 Metabolism Lesson Check p.866
Assessment p.869
Standardized Test Prep p.873

Chapter 25

Nuclear Chemistry

25.1 Nuclear Radiation Lesson Check p.879
25.2 Nuclear Transformations Sample Problems p.884
Lesson Check p.886
25.3 Fission and Fusion Lesson Check p.891
25.4 Radiation in Your Life Lesson Check p.897
Assessment p.900
Standardized Test Prep p.905
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