Stats: Modeling the World, 4th Edition

Stats: Modeling the World, 4th Edition Stats: Modeling the World, 4th Edition

ISBN: 9780134243924 / 0134243927

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Stats Starts Here

Exercises p.10

Chapter 2

Displaying And Describing Categorical Data

Exercises p.33

Chapter 3

Displaying And Summarizing Quanitative Data

Exercises p.73

Chapter 4

Understanding And Comparing Distrobutions

Exercises p.96

Chapter 5

The Standard Deviation As A Ruler And …

Exercises p.131
Part I Review Exercises p.138

Chapter 6

Scatterplots, Association, And Correlation

Exercises p.167

Chapter 7

Linear Regression

Exercises p.198

Chapter 8

Regression Wisdom

Exercises p.222

Chapter 9

Re-Expressing Data: Get It Straight!

Exercises p.247
Part II Review Exercises p.255

Chapter 10

Understanding Randomness

Exercises p.276

Chapter 11

Sample Surveys

Exercises p.300

Chapter 12

Experiments And Observational Studies

Exercises p.325
Part III Review Exercises p.331

Chapter 13

From Randomness To Probability

Exercises p.357

Chapter 14

Probability Rules!

Exercises p.383

Chapter 15

Random Variables

Exercises p.407

Chapter 16

Probability Models

Exercises p.430
Part IV Review Exercises p.434

Chapter 17

Sampling Distribution Models

Exercises p.464

Chapter 18

Confidence Intervals For Proportions

Exercises p.489

Chapter 19

Testing Hypothesis About Proportions

Exercises p.511

Chapter 20

More About Tests And Intervals

Exercises p.535

Chapter 21

Comparing Two Proportions

Exercises p.557
Part V Review Exercises p.562

Chapter 22

Inferences About Means

Exercises p.597

Chapter 23

Comparing Means

Exercises p.625

Chapter 24

Paried Samples And Blocks

Exercises p.648
Part VI Review Exercises p.659

Chapter 25

Comparing Counts

Exercises p.698

Chapter 26

Inferences For Regression

Exercises p.730
Part VII Review Exercises p.744
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Stats: Modeling the World, 4th Edition



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