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A First Course in Probability, 8th Edition

A First Course in Probability, 8th Edition A First Course in Probability, 8th Edition

ISBN: 9780136033134 / 013603313X

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Combinatorial Analysis

Problems p.16
Theoretical Exercises p.18
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.20

Chapter 2

Axioms Of Probability

Problems p.50
Theoretical Exercises p.54
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.56

Chapter 3

Conditional Probability And Independence

Problems p.102
Theoretical Exercises p.110
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.114

Chapter 4

Random Variables

Problems p.172
Theoretical Exercises p.179
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.183

Chapter 5

Continuous Random Variables

Problems p.224
Theoretical Exercises p.227
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.229

Chapter 6

Jointly Distributed Random Variables

Problems p.287
Theoretical Exercises p.291
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.293

Chapter 7

Properties Of Expectation

Problems p.373
Theoretical Exercises p.380
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.384

Chapter 8

Limit Theorems

Problems p.412
Theoretical Exercises p.414
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.415

Chapter 9

Additional Topics In Probability

Problems p.435
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.436

Chapter 10


Problems p.453
Self-Test Problems and Exercises p.455
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A First Course in Probability, 8th Edition



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