Cutnell & Johnson Physics, 9th Edition Cutnell & Johnson Physics, 9th Edition

Cutnell & Johnson Physics, 9th Edition

9th Edition | ISBN: 9780470879528 / 0470879521


expert-verified solutions in this book

Cutnell & Johnson Physics, 9th Edition
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9th Edition | ISBN: 9780470879528 / 0470879521


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Introduction And Mathematical Concepts

Problems p.22

Chapter 2

Kinematics In One Dimension

Problems p.52

Chapter 3

Kinematics In Two Dimensions

Problems p.80

Chapter 4

Forces And Newton's Laws Of Motion

Problems p.123

Chapter 5

Dynamics Of Uniform Circular Motion

Problems p.150

Chapter 6

Work And Energy

Problems p.183

Chapter 7

Impulse And Momentum

Problems p.211

Chapter 8

Rotational Kinematics

Problems p.234

Chapter 9

Rotational Dynamics

Problems p.269

Chapter 10

Simple Harmonic Motion And Elasticity

Problems p.303

Chapter 11


Problems p.341

Chapter 12

Temperature And Heat

Problems p.378

Chapter 13

The Transfer Of Heat

Problems p.402

Chapter 14

The Ideal Gas Law And Kinetic Theory

Problems p.426

Chapter 15


Problems p.461

Chapter 16

Waves And Sound

Problems p.496

Chapter 17

The Principle Of Linear Superposition And Interference …

Problems p.524

Chapter 18

Electric Forces And Electric Fields

Problems p.560

Chapter 19

Electric Potential Energy And The Electric Potential

Problems p.591

Chapter 20

Electric Circuits

Problems p.629

Chapter 21

Magnetic Forces And Magnetic Fields

Problems p.668

Chapter 22

Electromagnetic Induction

Problems p.707

Chapter 23

Alternating Current Circuits

Problems p.735

Chapter 24

Electromagnetic Waves

Problems p.763

Chapter 25

The Reflection Of Light: Mirrors

Problems p.787

Chapter 26

The Refraction Of Light: Lenses And Optical …

Problems p.828

Chapter 27

Interference And The Wave Nature Of Light

Problems p.864

Chapter 28

Special Relativity

Problems p.892

Chapter 29

Particles And Waves

Problems p.915

Chapter 30

The Nature Of The Atom

Problems p.948

Chapter 31

Nuclear Physics And Radioactivity

Problems p.978

Chapter 32

Ionizing Radiation, Nuclear Energy, And Elementary Particles

Problems p.1006
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Cutnell & Johnson Physics, 9th Edition


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