Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th Edition

Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th Edition Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th ...

ISBN: 9780495013129 / 0495013129

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Physics And Measurement

Questions p.14
Problems p.14

Chapter 2

Motion In One Dimension

Questions p.44
Problems p.46

Chapter 3


Questions p.64
Problems p.65

Chapter 4

Motion In Two Dimensions

Questions p.91
Problems p.93

Chapter 5

The Laws Of Motion

Questions p.125
Problems p.128

Chapter 6

Circular Motion And Other Applications Of Newton's …

Questions p.154
Problems p.155

Chapter 7

Energy Of A System

Questions p.188
Problems p.189

Chapter 8

Conservation Of Energy

Questions p.217
Problems p.218

Chapter 9

Linear Momentum And Collisions

Questions p.259
Problems p.260

Chapter 10

Rotation Of A Rigid Object About A …

Questions p.298
Problems p.299

Chapter 11

Angular Momentum

Questions p.329
Problems p.330

Chapter 12

Static Equilibrium And Elasticity

Questions p.352
Problems p.353

Chapter 13

Universal Gravitation

Questions p.381
Problems p.382

Chapter 14

Fluid Mechanics

Questions p.407
Problems p.408

Chapter 15

Oscillatory Motion

Questions p.440
Problems p.441

Chapter 16

Wave Motion

Questions p.467
Problems p.468

Chapter 17

Sound Waves

Questions p.492
Problems p.493

Chapter 18

Superposition And Standing Waves

Questions p.523
Problems p.524

Chapter 19


Questions p.545
Problems p.546

Chapter 20

The First Law Of Thermodynamics

Questions p.579
Problems p.580

Chapter 21

The Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Questions p.605
Problems p.606

Chapter 22

Heat Engines, Enthropy, And The Second Law …

Questions p.633
Problems p.635

Chapter 23

Electric Fields

Questions p.665
Problems p.666

Chapter 24

Gauss's Law

Questions p.685
Problems p.686

Chapter 25

Electrical Potential

Questions p.713
Problems p.714

Chapter 26

Capacitance And Dielectrics

Questions p.744
Problems p.745

Chapter 27

Current And Resistance

Questions p.768
Problems p.769

Chapter 28

Direct Current Circuits

Questions p.799
Problems p.800

Chapter 29

Magnetic Fields

Questions p.829
Problems p.830

Chapter 30

Sources Of The Magnetic Field

Questions p.858
Problems p.859

Chapter 31

Faraday's Law

Questions p.886
Problems p.887

Chapter 32


Questions p.915
Problems p.916

Chapter 33

Alternating Current Circuits

Questions p.945
Problems p.946

Chapter 34

Electromagnetic Waves

Questions p.970
Problems p.971

Chapter 35

The Nature Of Light And The Laws …

Questions p.997
Problems p.999

Chapter 36

Image Formation

Questions p.1041
Problems p.1043

Chapter 37

Interference Of Light Waves

Questions p.1067
Problems p.1068

Chapter 38

Diffraction Patterns And Polarization

Questions p.1099
Problems p.1101

Chapter 39


Questions p.1143
Problems p.1145
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Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 7th Edition


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