GO Math: Middle School Grade 6

GO Math: Middle School Grade 6 GO Math: Middle School Grade 6

ISBN: 9780544056725 / 0544056728

Table of Contents

Chapter 1


Are You Ready? p.4
1-1 Identifying Integers and Their Opposites Reflect p.8
Guided Practice p.10
Independent Practice p.11
1-2 Comparing and Ordering Integers Reflect p.13
Guided Practice p.16
Independent Practice p.17
1-3 Absolute Value Reflect p.19
Guided Practice p.22
Independent Practice p.23
Ready to Go On? p.25
Mixed Review p.26

Chapter 2

Factors And Multiples

Are You Ready? p.28
2-1 Greatest Common Factor Reflect p.31
Guided Practice p.34
Independent Practice p.35
2-2 Least Common Multiple Reflect p.37
Guided Practice p.38
Independent Practice p.39
Ready to Go On? p.41
Mixed Review p.42

Chapter 3

Rational Numbers

Are You Ready? p.44
3-1 Classifying Rational Numbers Reflect p.48
Guided Practice p.50
Independent Practice p.51
3-2 Identifying Opposites and Absolute Value of Rational Numbers Reflect p.53
Guided Practice p.56
Independent Practice p.57
3-3 Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers Reflect p.59
Guided Practice p.62
Independent Practice p.63
Ready to Go On? p.65
Mixed Review p.66
Study Guide Review Exercises p.67
Study Guide Review Exercises p.68
Study Guide Review Exercises p.69
Performance Tasks p.70
Mixed Review p.71

Chapter 4

Operations With Fractions

Are You Ready? p.76
4-1 Applying GCF and LCM to Fraction Operations Reflect p.80
Guided Practice p.82
Independent Practice p.83
4-2 Dividing Fractions Reflect p.85
Guided Practice p.88
Independent Practice p.89
4-3 Dividing Mixed Numbers Reflect p.91
Guided Practice p.94
Independent Practice p.95
4-4 Solving Multistep Problems with Fractions and Mixed Numbers Reflect p.98
Guided Practice p.98
Independent Practice p.99
Ready to Go On? p.101
Mixed Review p.102

Chapter 5

Operations With Decimals

Are You Ready? p.104
5-1 Dividing Whole Numbers Reflect p.107
Guided Practice p.110
Independent Practice p.111
5-2 Adding and Subtracting Decimals Reflect p.113
Guided Practice p.116
Independent Practice p.117
5-3 Multiplying Decimals Reflect p.119
Guided Practice p.122
Independent Practice p.123
5-4 Dividing Decimals Reflect p.125
Guided Practice p.128
Independent Practice p.129
5-5 Applying Operations with Rational Numbers Reflect p.132
Guided Practice p.133
Independent Practice p.133
Ready to Go On? p.135
Mixed Review p.136
Study Guide Review Exercises p.137
Study Guide Review Exercises p.139
Performance Tasks p.140
Mixed Review p.141

Chapter 6

Representing Ratios And Rates

Are You Ready? p.146
6-1 Ratios Reflect p.149
Guided Practice p.152
Independent Practice p.153
6-2 Rates Reflect p.155
Guided Practice p.158
Independent Practice p.159
6-3 Using Ratios and Rates to Solve Problems Reflect p.162
Guided Practice p.164
Independent Practice p.165
Ready to Go On? p.167
Mixed Review p.168

Chapter 7

Applying Ratios And Rates

Are You Ready? p.170
7-1 ratios, Rates, Tables, and Graphs Reflect p.173
Guided Practice p.176
Independent Practice p.177
7-2 Solving Problems with Proportions Reflect p.179
Guided Practice p.182
Independent Practice p.183
7-3 Converting within Measurement Systems Reflect p.185
Guided Practice p.188
Independent Practice p.189
7-4 Converting Between Measurement Systems Reflect p.192
Guided Practice p.194
Independent Practice p.195
Ready to Go On? p.197
Mixed Review p.198

Chapter 8


Are You Ready? p.200
8-1 Understanding Per cent Reflect p.204
Guided Practice p.206
Independent Practice p.207
8-2 Percents, Fractions, and Decimals Reflect p.209
Guided Practice p.212
Independent Practice p.213
8-3 Solving Percent Problems Reflect p.216
Guided Practice p.220
Independent Practice p.221
Ready to Go On? p.223
Mixed Review p.224
Study Guide Review Exercises p.225
Exercises p.226
Study Guide Review Exercises p.227
Performance Tasks p.228
Mixed Review p.229

Chapter 9

Generating Equivalent Numerical Expressions

Are You Ready? p.234
9-1 Exponents Reflect p.237
Guided Practice p.240
Independent Practice p.241
9-2 Prime Factorization Reflect p.243
Guided Practice p.246
Independent Practice p.247
9-3 Order of Operations Reflect p.250
Guided Practice p.252
Independent Practice p.253
Ready to Go On? p.255
Mixed Review p.256

Chapter 10

Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expressions

Are You Ready? p.258
10-1 Modeling and Writing Expressions Reflect p.262
Guided Practice p.265
Independent Practice p.266
10-2 Evaluating Expressions Reflect p.270
Guided Practice p.272
Independent Practice p.273
10-3 Generating Equivalent Expressions Reflect p.276
Guided Practice p.280
Independent Practice p.281
Ready to Go On? p.283
Mixed Review p.284
Study Guide Review Exercises p.285
Study Guide Review Exercises p.287
Performance Tasks p.288
Mixed Review p.289

Chapter 11

Equations And Relationships

Are You Ready? p.294
11-1 Writing Equations to Represent Situations Reflect p.298
Guided Practice p.300
Independent Practice p.301
11-2 Addition and Subtraction Equations Reflect p.303
Guided Practice p.308
Independent Practice p.309
11-3 Multiplication and Division Equations Reflect p.311
Guided Practice p.316
Independent Practice p.317
11-4 Writing Inequalities Reflect p.320
Guided Practice p.322
Independent Practice p.323
Ready to Go On? p.325
Mixed Review p.326

Chapter 12

Relationships In Two Variables

Are You Ready? p.328
12-1 Graphing on the Coordinate Plane Reflect p.332
Guided Practice p.334
Independent Practice p.335
12-2 Independent and Dependent Variables in Tables and Graphs Reflect p.338
Guided Practice p.342
Independent Practice p.343
12-3 Writing Equations from Tables Reflect p.345
Guided Practice p.348
Independent Practice p.349
12-4 Representing Algebraic Relationships in Tables Reflect p.351
Guided Practice p.354
Independent Practice p.355
Ready to Go On? p.357
Mixed Review p.358
Study Guide Review Exercises p.359
Study Guide Review Exercises p.361
Performance Tasks p.362
Mixed Review p.363

Chapter 13

Area And Polygons

Are You Ready? p.368
13-1 Area of Quadrilaterals Reflect p.372
Guided Practice p.374
Independent Practice p.375
13-2 Area of Triangle Reflect p.377
Guided Practice p.380
Independent Practice p.381
13-3 Solving Area Equations Reflect p.383
Guided Practice p.386
Independent Practice p.387
13-4 Area of Polygons Reflect p.389
Guided Practice p.392
Independent Practice p.393
Ready to Go On? p.395
Mixed Review p.396

Chapter 14

Distance And Area In The Coordinate Plane

Are You Ready? p.398
14-1 Distance in the Coordinate Plane Reflect p.401
Guided Practice p.404
Independent Practice p.405
14-2 Polygons in the Coordinate Plane Reflect p.407
Guided Practice p.410
Independent Practice p.411
Ready to Go On? p.413
Mixed Review p.414

Chapter 15

Surface Area And Volume Of Solids

Are You Ready? p.416
15-1 Nets and Surface Area Reflect p.419
Guided Practice p.422
Independent Practice p.423
15-2 Volume of Rectangular Prisms Reflect p.426
Guided Practice p.428
Independent Practice p.429
15-3 Solving Volume Equations Reflect p.431
Guided Practice p.432
Independent Practice p.433
Ready to Go On? p.435
Mixed Review p.436
Study Guide Review Exercises p.437
Study Guide Review Exercises p.438
Study Guide Review Exercises p.440
Performance Tasks p.440
Mixed Review p.441

Chapter 16

Displaying, Analyzing, And Summarizing Data

Are You Ready? p.446
16-1 Measures of Center Reflect p.450
Guided Practice p.452
Independent Practice p.453
16-2 Mean Absolute Deviation Reflect p.456
Guided Practice p.459
Independent Practice p.460
16-3 Box Plots Reflect p.464
Guided Practice p.466
Independent Practice p.467
16-4 Dot Plots and Data Distribution Reflect p.469
Guided Practice p.473
Independent Practice p.474
16-5 Histograms Reflect p.478
Guided Practice p.480
Independent Practice p.481
Ready to Go On? p.483
Mixed Review p.484
Study Guide Review Exercises p.486
Performance Tasks p.486
Mixed Review p.487
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