Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra

ISBN: 9780618250035 / 0618250034

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Variables, Expressions, And Integers

Prerequisite Skills p.4
1-1 Expressions and Variables Checkpoint p.6
Exercises p.7
1-2 Powers and Exponents Checkpoint p.10
Exercises p.12
Checkpoint p.15
1-3 Order of Operations Checkpoint p.17
Exercises p.18
Draw Conclusions p.21
1-4 Comparing and Ordering Integers Checkpoint p.22
Exercises p.24
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.27
Draw Conclusions p.28
1-5 Adding Integers Checkpoint p.29
Exercises p.31
1-6 Subtracting Integers Checkpoint p.35
Exercises p.36
Checkpoint p.40
Draw Conclusions p.41
1-7 Multiplying and Dividing Integers Checkpoint p.43
Exercises p.44
1-8 The Coordinate Plane Checkpoint p.47
Exercises p.49
Chapter Review p.52
Chapter Test p.56
Chapter Standardized Test p.57
Problem Solving Practice p.59

Chapter 2

Solving Equations

Prerequisite Skills p.62
2-1 Properties and Operations Checkpoint p.64
Exercises p.66
Checkpoint p.70
2-2 The Distributive Property Checkpoint p.72
Exercises p.73
Checkpoint p.77
2-3 Simplifying Variable Expressions Checkpoint p.79
Exercises p.80
Draw Conclusions p.83
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.84
2-4 Variables and Equations Checkpoint p.85
Exercises p.87
Draw Conclusions p.90
2-5 Solving Equations Using Addition or Subtraction Checkpoint p.92
Exercises p.93
Draw Conclusions p.96
2-6 Solving Equations Using Multiplication or Division Checkpoint p.98
Exercises p.99
2-7 Decimal Operations and Equations with Decimals Checkpoint p.103
Exercises p.105
Chapter Review p.108
Chapter Test p.112
Chapter Standardized Test p.113

Chapter 3

Multi-Step Equations And Inequalities

Prerequisite Skills p.118
Draw Conclusions p.119
3-1 Solving Two-Step Equations Checkpoint p.120
Exercises p.122
3-2 Solving Equations Having Like Terms and Parentheses Checkpoint p.126
Exercises p.127
Draw Conclusions p.130
3-3 Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides Checkpoint p.131
Exercises p.133
Draw Conclusions p.136
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.137
3-4 Solving Inequalities Using Addition or Subtraction Checkpoint p.139
Exercises p.140
Draw Conclusions p.143
3-5 Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication or Division Checkpoint p.145
Exercises p.146
3-6 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Checkpoint p.149
Exercises p.151
Chapter Review p.154
Chapter Test p.158
Chapter Standardized Test p.159
Checkpoint p.161
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.162
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.164

Chapter 4

Factors, Fractions, And Exponents

Prerequisite Skills p.170
Draw Conclusions p.171
4-1 Factors and Prime Factorization Checkpoint p.172
Exercises p.174
4-2 Greatest Common Factor Checkpoint p.177
Exercises p.179
4-3 Equivalent Fractions Checkpoint p.183
Exercises p.184
4-4 Least Common Multiple Checkpoint p.187
Exercises p.189
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.192
Draw Conclusions p.193
4-5 Rules of Exponents Checkpoint p.194
Exercises p.196
4-6 Negative and Zero Exponents Checkpoint p.199
Exercises p.201
4-7 Scientific Notation Checkpoint p.205
Exercises p.206
Draw Conclusions p.209
Chapter Review p.210
Chapter Test p.214
Chapter Standardized Test p.215

Chapter 5

Rational Numbers And Equations

Prerequisite Skills p.218
5-1 Rational Numbers Checkpoint p.220
Exercises p.222
5-2 Adding and Subtracting Like Fractions Checkpoint p.226
Exercises p.227
Draw Conclusions p.230
5-3 Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions Checkpoint p.232
Exercises p.233
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.236
5-4 Multiplying Fractions Checkpoint p.238
Exercises p.239
Draw Conclusions p.242
5-5 Dividing Fractions Checkpoint p.244
Exercises p.245
5-6 Using Multiplicative Inverses to Solve Equations Checkpoint p.248
Exercises p.249
Draw Conclusions p.252
5-7 Equations and Inequalities with Rational Numbers Checkpoint p.253
Exercises p.255
Chapter Review p.258
Chapter Test p.262
Chapter Standardized Test p.263
Problem Solving Practice p.265

Chapter 6

Ratio, Proportion, And Probability

Prerequisite Skills p.268
6-1 Ratios and Rates Checkpoint p.269
Exercises p.272
6-2 Writing and Solving Proportions Checkpoint p.275
Exercises p.277
6-3 Solving Proportions Using Cross Products Checkpoint p.281
Exercises p.282
Checkpoint p.286
Draw Conclusions p.287
6-4 Similar and Congruent Figures Checkpoint p.289
Exercises p.290
6-5 Similarity and Measurement Checkpoint p.293
Exercises p.295
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.298
Draw Conclusions p.299
6-6 Scale Drawings Checkpoint p.301
Exercises p.302
Draw Conclusions p.305
6-7 Probability and Odds Checkpoint p.307
Exercises p.309
Draw Conclusions p.312
6-8 The Counting Principle Checkpoint p.313
Exercises p.315
Chapter Review p.318
Chapter Test p.322
Chapter Standardized Test p.323

Chapter 7


Prerequisite Skills p.328
7-1 Percents and Fractions Checkpoint p.329
Exercises p.331
Draw Conclusions p.334
7-2 Percents and Proportions Checkpoint p.335
Exercises p.337
7-3 Percents and Decimals Checkpoint p.341
Exercises p.342
7-4 The Percent Equation Checkpoint p.345
Exercises p.347
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.350
Draw Conclusions p.351
7-5 Percent of Change Checkpoint p.352
Exercises p.354
7-6 Percent Applications Checkpoint p.357
Exercises p.359
7-7 Simple and Compound Interest Checkpoint p.362
Exercises p.364
Draw Conclusions p.367
Chapter Review p.368
Chapter Test p.372
Chapter Standardized Test p.373
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.376
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.378

Chapter 8

Linear Fractions

Prerequisite Skills p.384
8-1 Relations and Functions Checkpoint p.385
Exercises p.387
8-2 Linear Equations in Two Variables Checkpoint p.391
Exercises p.394
Draw Conclusions p.397
8-3 Using Intercepts Checkpoint p.399
Exercises p.400
Draw Conclusions p.403
8-4 The Slope of a Line Checkpoint p.405
Exercises p.407
Checkpoint p.411
8-5 Slope-Intercept Form Checkpoint p.413
Exercises p.415
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.418
8-6 Writing Linear Equations Checkpoint p.419
Exercises p.422
Draw Conclusions p.425
8-7 Function Notation Checkpoint p.426
Exercises p.428
8-8 Systems of Linear Equations Checkpoint p.432
Exercises p.433
8-9 Graphs of Linear Inequalities Checkpoint p.437
Exercises p.439
Chapter Review p.442
Chapter Test p.446
Chapter Standardized Test p.447
Problem Solving Practice p.449

Chapter 9

Real Numbers And Right Triangles

Prerequisite Skills p.452
9-1 Square Roots Checkpoint p.453
Exercises p.455
9-2 Simplifying Square Roots Checkpoint p.459
Exercises p.460
Checkpoint p.463
Draw Conclusions p.464
9-3 The Pythagorean Theorem Checkpoint p.466
Exercises p.467
9-4 Real Numbers Checkpoint p.470
Exercises p.472
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.475
9-5 The Distance and Midpoint Formulas Checkpoint p.477
Exercises p.479
Draw Conclusions p.482
9-6 Special Right Triangles Checkpoint p.484
Exercises p.485
Draw Conclusions p.488
9-7 The Tangent Ratio Checkpoint p.489
Exercises p.491
9-8 The Sine and Cosine Ratios Checkpoint p.495
Exercises p.496
Draw Conclusions p.499
Chapter Review p.500
Chapter Test p.504
Chapter Standardized Test p.505

Chapter 10

Measurement, Area, And Volume

Prerequisite Skills p.510
10-1 Triangles Checkpoint p.511
Exercises p.513
10-2 Polygons and Quadrilaterals Checkpoint p.517
Exercises p.518
10-3 Areas of Parallelograms and Trapezoids Checkpoint p.522
Exercises p.524
Draw Conclusions p.527
10-4 Circumference and Area of a Circle Checkpoint p.529
Exercises p.531
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.534
Checkpoint p.536
Draw Conclusions p.537
10-5 Surface Areas of Prisms and Cylinders Checkpoint p.539
Exercises p.541
10-6 Surface Areas of Pyramids and Cones Checkpoint p.546
Exercises p.547
Draw Conclusions p.550
10-7 Volumes of Prisms and Cylinders Checkpoint p.553
Exercises p.554
Draw Conclusions p.557
10-8 Volumes of Pyramids and Cones Checkpoint p.559
Exercises p.560
Chapter Review p.564
Chapter Test p.568
Chapter Standardized Test p.569
Checkpoint p.571
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.572
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.574

Chapter 11

Data Analysis And Probability

Prerequisite Skills p.580
11-1 Stem-and-Leaf Plots and Histograms Checkpoint p.583
Exercises p.584
Draw Conclusions p.587
11-2 Box-and-Whisker Plots Checkpoint p.589
Exercises p.590
Draw Conclusions p.593
Checkpoint p.595
11-3 Using Data Displays Checkpoint p.597
Exercises p.598
11-4 Collecting Data Checkpoint p.602
Exercises p.603
Draw Conclusions p.606
Draw Conclusions p.608
11-5 Interpreting Data Checkpoint p.609
Exercises p.611
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.614
11-6 Permutations Checkpoint p.615
Exercises p.617
11-7 Combinations Checkpoint p.620
Exercises p.623
Draw Conclusions p.626
11-8 Probabilities of Disjoint and Overlapping Events Checkpoint p.627
Exercises p.630
Draw Conclusions p.633
11-9 Independent and Dependent Events Checkpoint p.634
Exercises p.637
Chapter Review p.640
Chapter Test p.644
Chapter Standardized Test p.645

Chapter 12

Polynomials And Nonlinear Functions

Prerequisite Skills p.650
12-1 Polynomials Checkpoint p.651
Exercises p.653
Draw Conclusions p.656
12-2 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Checkpoint p.657
Exercises p.659
12-3 Multiplying Monomials and Polynomials Checkpoint p.662
Exercises p.664
Draw Conclusions p.667
12-4 Multiplying Binomials Checkpoint p.668
Exercises p.670
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.673
12-5 Other Rules of Exponents Checkpoint p.674
Exercises p.676
12-6 Quadratic Functions Checkpoint p.679
Exercises p.682
Draw Conclusions p.685
12-7 Exponential Growth and Decay Checkpoint p.687
Exercises p.689
12-8 Sequences Checkpoint p.693
Exercises p.695
Chapter Review p.698
Chapter Test p.702
Chapter Standardized Test p.703
Problem Solving Practice p.705

Chapter 13

Angle Relationships And Transformations

Prerequisite Skills p.708
13-1 Angle Relationships Checkpoint p.709
Exercises p.711
Checkpoint p.715
13-2 Angles and Parallel Lines Checkpoint p.716
Exercises p.718
Draw Conclusions p.721
13-3 Angles and Polygons Checkpoint p.723
Exercises p.725
Mid-Chapter Quiz p.728
13-4 Translations Checkpoint p.729
Exercises p.731
13-5 Reflections and Symmetry Checkpoint p.735
Exercises p.736
Draw Conclusions p.739
Draw Conclusions p.740
13-6 Rotations and Symmetry Checkpoint p.742
Exercises p.744
13-7 Dilations Checkpoint p.748
Exercises p.749
Chapter Review p.752
Chapter Test p.756
Chapter Standardized Test p.757
Checkpoint p.759
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.760
Practicing Test-Taking Skills p.762
End-of-Course Test p.765

Chapter 14

Extra Practice

Practice p.770
Practice p.771
Practice p.772
Practice p.773
Practice p.774
Practice p.775
Practice p.776
Practice p.777
Practice p.778
Practice p.779
Practice p.780
Practice p.781
Practice p.782
Practice p.783
Practice p.784
Practice p.785
Practice p.786
Practice p.787
Practice p.788
Practice p.789
Practice p.790
Practice p.791
Practice p.792
Practice p.793
Practice p.794
Practice p.795
Practice p.796
Practice p.797
Practice p.798
Practice p.799
Practice p.800
Practice p.801
Practice p.802
Chapter 1 p.803
Chapter 2 p.804
Chapter 3 p.805
Chapter 4 p.806
Chapter 5 p.807
Chapter 6 p.808
Chapter 7 p.809
Chapter 8 p.810
Chapter 9 p.811
Chapter 10 p.812
Chapter 11 p.813
Chapter 12 p.814
Chapter 13 p.815
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