Principles of Physics (International Edition), 10th Edition Principles of Physics (International Edition), 10th Edition

Principles of Physics (International Edition), 10th Edition

10th Edition | ISBN: 9781118230749 / 1118230744


expert-verified solutions in this book

Principles of Physics (International Edition), 10th Edition
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10th Edition | ISBN: 9781118230749 / 1118230744


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1


Problems p.8

Chapter 2

Motion Along A Straight Line

Problems p.29

Chapter 3


Problems p.50

Chapter 4

Motion In Two And Three Dimensions

Problems p.73

Chapter 5

Force And Motion-I

Problems p.100

Chapter 6

Force And Motion-Ii

Problems p.121

Chapter 7

Kinetic Energy And Work

Problems p.147

Chapter 8

Potential Energy And Conservation Of Energy

Problems p.174

Chapter 9

Center Of Mases And Linear Momentum

Problems p.213

Chapter 10


Problems p.250

Chapter 11

Rolling, Torque, And Angular Momentum

Problems p.279

Chapter 12

Equilibrium And Elasticity

Problems p.301

Chapter 13


Problems p.331

Chapter 14


Problems p.357

Chapter 15


Problems p.386

Chapter 16


Problems p.419

Chapter 17


Problems p.449

Chapter 18

Temperature, Heat, And The First Law Of …

Problems p.480

Chapter 19

The Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Problems p.512

Chapter 20

Entropy And The Second Law Of Thermodynamics

Problems p.537

Chapter 21

Coulomb's Law

Problems p.555

Chapter 22

Electric Fields

Problems p.579

Chapter 23

Gauss' Law

Problems p.603

Chapter 24

Electric Potential

Problems p.632

Chapter 25


Problems p.660

Chapter 26

Current And Resistance

Problems p.684

Chapter 27


Problems p.711

Chapter 28

Magnetic Fields

Problems p.743

Chapter 29

Magnetic Fields Due To Currents

Problems p.767

Chapter 30

Induction And Inductance

Problems p.803

Chapter 31

Electromagnetic Oscillations And Alternating Current

Problems p.842

Chapter 32

Maxwell's Equations; Magnetism Of Matter

Problems p.871

Chapter 33

Electromagnetic Waves

Problems p.904

Chapter 34


Problems p.937

Chapter 35


Problems p.969

Chapter 36


Problems p.1001

Chapter 37


Problems p.1036

Chapter 38

Photons And Matter Waves

Problems p.1068

Chapter 39

More About Matter Waves

Problems p.1099

Chapter 40

All About Atoms

Problems p.1130

Chapter 41

Conduction Of Electricity In Solids

Problems p.1154

Chapter 42

Nuclear Physics

Problems p.1183

Chapter 43

Energy From The Nucleus

Problems p.1209

Chapter 44

Quarks, Leptons, And The Big Bang

Problems p.1242
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Principles of Physics (International Edition), 10th Edition


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