Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, 6th Edition

Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, 6th ... Applied Statistics and Probability for ...

ISBN: 9781118539712 / 1118539710

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Table of Contents

Chapter 2


2-1 Sample Spaces and Events Exercises p.26
2-2 Interpretations and Axioms of Probability Exercises p.33
2-3 Addition Rules Exercises p.38
2-4 Conditional Probability Exercises p.43
2-5 Multiplication and Total Probability Exercises p.48
2-6 Independence Exercises p.52
2-7 Baye's Theorem Exercises p.56
2-8 Random Variables Exercises p.58
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.64

Chapter 3

Discrete Random Variables And Probability Distributions

3-1 Discrete Random Variables Exercises p.67
3-2 Probability Distributions and Probability Mass Functions Exercises p.69
3-3 Cumulative Distribution Functions Exercises p.73
3-4 Mean and Variance of a Discrete Random Variable Exercises p.77
3-5 Discrete Uniform Distribution Exercises p.79
3-6 Binomial Distribution Exercises p.84
3-7 Geometric and Negative Binomial Distributions Exercises p.91
3-8 Hypergeometric Distribution Exercises p.96
3-9 Poisson Distribution Exercises p.102
Supplemental Exercises p.103
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.106

Chapter 4

Continuous Random Variables And Probability Distributions

4-2 Probability Distributions and Probability Density Functions Exercises p.111
4-3 Cumulative Distribution Functions Exercises p.113
4-4 Mean and Variance of a Continuous Random Variables Exercises p.116
4-5 Continuous Uniform Distribution Exercises p.118
4-6 Normal Distribution Exercises p.126
4-7 Normal Approximation to the Binomial and Poisson Distributions Exercises p.132
4-8 Exponential Distribution Exercises p.137
4-9 Erlang and Gamma Distributions Exercises p.142
4-10 Weibull Distribution Exercises p.144
4-11 Lognormal Distributions Exercises p.147
4-12 Beta Distribution Exercises p.150
Supplemental Exercises p.151
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.154

Chapter 5

Joint Probability Distributions

5-1 Two or More Random Variables Exercises p.170
5-2 Covariance and Correlation Exercises p.178
5-3 Common Joint Distribution Exercises p.183
5-4 Linear Functions of Random Variables Exercises p.187
5-5 General Functions of Random Variables Exercises p.190
5-6 Moment-Generating Functions Exercises p.194
Supplemental Exercises p.195
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.198

Chapter 6

Descriptive Statistics

6-1 Numerical Summaries of Data Exercises p.205
6-2 Stem-and Leaf Diagrams Exercises p.210
6-3 Frequency Distributions and Histograms Exercises p.216
6-4 Box Plots Exercises p.218
6-5 Time Sequence Plots Exercises p.221
6-6 Scatter Diagrams Exercises p.228
6-7 Probability Plots Exercises p.232
Supplemental Exercises p.233
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.238

Chapter 7

Point Estimation Of Parameters And Sampling Distributions

7-2 Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem Exercises p.248
7-3 General Concepts of Point Estimation Exercises p.255
7-4 Methods of Point Estimation Exercises p.267
Supplemental Exercises p.268
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.269

Chapter 8

Statistical Intervals For A Single Sample

8-1 Confidence Interval on the Mean of a Normal Distribution, Variance Known Exercises p.281
8-2 Confidence Interval on the Mean of a Normal Distribution, Variance Unknown Exercises p.285
8-3 Confidence Interval on the Variance and Standard Deviation of a Normal Distribution Exercises p.290
8-4 Large-Sample Confidence Interval for a Population Proportion Exercises p.295
8-7 Tolerance and Prediction Intervals Exercises p.299
Supplemental Exercises p.300
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.303

Chapter 9

Test Of Hypotheses For A Single Sample

9-1 Hypothesis Testing Exercises p.320
9-2 Tests on the Mean of a Normal Distribution, Variance Known Exercises p.329
9-3 Test on the Mean of a Distribution, Variance Unknown Exercises p.338
9-4 Tests on the Variance and Standard Deviation of a Normal Distribution Exercises p.343
9-5 Tests on a Population Proportion Exercises p.349
9-7 Testing for Goodness of Fit Exercises p.353
9-8 Contigency Table Tests Exercises p.356
9-9 Nonparametric Procedures Exercises p.364
9-10 Equivalence Testing Exercises p.366
9-11 Combining P-Values Exercises p.368
Supplemental Exercises p.368
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.372

Chapter 10

Statistical Inference For Two Samples

10-1 Inference on the Difference in Means of Two Normal Distributions, Variance Known Exercises p.381
10-2 Inference on the Difference in Means of two Normal Distributions, Variances Unknown Exercises p.392
10-3 A Nonparametric Test for the Difference in Two Means Exercises p.399
10-4 Paired t-Test Exercises p.404
10-5 Inference on the Variance of Two Normal Distributions Exercises p.413
10-6 Inference on Two Population Proportions Exercises p.419
Supplemental Exercises p.421
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.425

Chapter 11

Simple Linear Regression And Correlation

11-2 Simple Linear Regression Exercises p.435
11-4 Hypothesis Tests in Simple Linear Regression Exercises p.445
11-5 Confidence Intervals Exercises p.448
11-7 Adequacy of the Regression Model Exercises p.456
11-8 Correlation Exercises p.461
11-9 Regression on Transformed Variables Exercises p.466
11-10 Logistic Regression Exercises p.470
Supplemental Exercises p.472
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.475

Chapter 12

Multiple Linear Regression

12-1 Multiple Linear Regression Model Exercises p.489
12-2 Hypothesis Tests in Multiple Linear Regression Exercises p.504
12-3 Confidence Intervals in Multiple Linear Regression Exercises p.510
12-5 Model Adequacy Checking Exercises p.516
12-6 Aspects of Multiple Regression Modeling Exercises p.530
Supplemental Exercises p.533
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.539

Chapter 13

Design And Analysis Of Single-Factor Experiments: The …

13-2 Completely Randomized Single-Factor Experiment Exercises p.554
13-3 The Random-Effects Model Exercises p.561
13-4 Randomized Complete Block Design Exercises p.569
Supplemental Exercises p.571
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.573

Chapter 14

Design Of Experiments With Several Factors

14-3 Two-Factor Factorial Experiments Exercises p.589
14-4 Two-Factor Factorial Experiments Exercises p.593
14-5 Factorial Designs Exercises p.613
14-6 Blocking and Confounding in 2k Design Exercises p.624
14-7 Fractional Replication of the 2k Design Exercises p.639
14-8 Response Surface Methods and Designs Exercises p.651
Supplemental Exercises p.653
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.662

Chapter 15

Statistical Quality Control

15-3 X and R or S Control Charts Exercises p.680
15-4 Control Charts for Individual Measurements Exercises p.686
15-5 Process Capability Exercises p.693
15-6 Attribute Control Charts Exercises p.699
15-7 Control Chart Performance Exercises p.702
15-8 Time-Weighted Charts Exercises p.713
15-9 Other SPC Problem-Solving Tools Exercises p.720
Supplemental Exercises p.723
Mind-Expanding Exercises p.733
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