SpringBoard Geometry SpringBoard Geometry

SpringBoard Geometry

| ISBN: 9781457301520 / 1457301520


expert-verified solutions in this book

SpringBoard Geometry
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| ISBN: 9781457301520 / 1457301520


expert-verified solutions in this book

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Geometric Figures-What's My Name?

1.1 Basic Geometric Figures Learning Targets p.3
1.2 More Geometric Figures Learning Targets p.7
Activity Practice p.11

Chapter 2

Logical Reasoning-Riddle Me This

2.1 Inductive Reasoning Learning Targets p.13
2.2 Deductive Reasoning Learning Targets p.18
Activity Practice p.23

Chapter 3

The Axiomatic System Of Geometry- Back To …

3.1 Geometric Definitions and Two-Column Proofs Learning Targets p.25
3.2 Conditional Statements Learning Targets p.29
3.3 Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive Learning Targets p.32
Activity Practice p.35

Chapter 4

Segment And Angle Measurement-It All Adds Up

4.1 Segments and Midpoints Learning Targets p.40
4.2 Angles and Angle Bisectors Learning Targets p.45
Activity Practice p.49

Chapter 5

The Distance And Midpoint Formulas-We ❤ Descartes

5.1 Distance on the Coordinate Plane Learning Targets p.51
5.2 Midpoint on the Coordinate Plane Learning Targets p.56
Activity Practice p.59

Chapter 6

Proofs About Line Segments And Angles-Now I'M …

6.1 Justifying Statements Learning Targets p.65
6.2 Two-Column Geometric Proofs Learning Targets p.69
Activity Practice p.71

Chapter 7

Parallel And Perpendicular Lines-Patios By Madeline

7.1 Parallel Lines and Angle Relationships Learning Targets p.74
7.2 Proving Lines are Parallel Learning Targets p.79
7.3 Perpendicular Lines Learning Targets p.84
Activity Practice p.87

Chapter 8

Equations Of Parallel And Perpendicular Lines-Skateboard Geometry

8.1 Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Learning Targets p.89
8.2 Writing Equations Learning Targets p.92
Activity Practice p.97

Chapter 9

Translations, Reflections, And Rotations-The Marching Cougars

9.1 Transformations Learning Targets p.103
9.2 Translations Learning Targets p.108
9.3 Reflections Learning Targets p.112
9.4 Rotations Learning Targets p.120
Activity Practice p.127

Chapter 10

Compositions And Congruence-More Rigid Motions

10.1 Compositions of Transformations Learning Targets p.129
10.2 Congruence Learning Targets p.134
Activity Practice p.139

Chapter 11

Congruence Transformations And Triangle Congruence-Truss Your Judgment

11.1 Congruent Triangles Learning Targets p.144
11.2 Congruence Criteria Learning Targets p.147
11.3 Proving and Applying the Congruence Criteria Learning Targets p.154
11.4 Extending the Congruence Criteria Learning Targets p.160
Activity Practice p.165

Chapter 12

Flowchart Proofs-Go With The Flow

12.1 Flowchart Proofs Learning Targets p.168
12.2 Three Types of Proofs Learning Targets p.175
Activity Practice p.177

Chapter 13

Properties Of Triangles-Best Two Out Of Three

13.1 Angle Relationships in Triangles Learning Targets p.181
13.2 Isosceles Triangle Learning Targets p.186
Activity Practice p.189

Chapter 14

Concurrent Segments In Triangles-What The Point?

14.1 Altitudes of a Triangle Learning Targets p.192
14.2 Medians of a Triangle Learning Targets p.195
14.3 Perpendicular Bisectors and Angle Bisectors of a Triangle Learning Targets p.198
Activity Practice p.201

Chapter 15

Quadrilaterals And Their Properties-A 4-Gon Hypothesis

15.1 Kites and Triangle Midsegments Learning Targets p.205
15.2 Trapezoids Learning Targets p.209
15.3 Parallelograms Learning Targets p.213
15.4 Rectangles, Rhombuses, and Square Learning Targets p.216
Activity Practice p.221

Chapter 16

More About Quadrilaterals-A 4-Gon Conclusion

16.1 Proving a Quadrilateral is a Parallelogram Learning Targets p.223
16.2 Proving a Quadrilateral is a Rectangle Learning Targets p.227
16.3 Proving a Quadrilateral is a Rhombus Learning Targets p.230
16.4 Proving a Quadrilateral is a Square Learning Targets p.233
Activity Practice p.235

Chapter 17

Dilations And Similarity Transformations-Scaling Up/Scaling Down

17.1 Dilations Learning Targets p.241
17.2 Similarity Transformations Learning Targets p.248
17.3 Properties of Similar Figures Learning Targets p.252
Activity Practice p.255

Chapter 18

Similar Triangles-Measuring Up

18.1 Similarity Criteria Learning Targets p.257
18.2 Using Similarity Criteria Learning Targets p.262
18.3 Triangle Proportionality Learning Targets p.265
Activity Practice p.271

Chapter 19

Geometric Mean-Do You Mean It?

19.1 The Right Triangle Altitude Theorem Learning Targets p.275
19.2 The Geometric Mean Learning Targets p.278
Activity Practice p.281

Chapter 20

The Pythagorean Theorem And Its Converse-Is That …

20.1 Pythagorean Theorem Learning Targets p.283
20.2 Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem Learning Targets p.286
Activity Practice p.289

Chapter 21

Special Right Triangles-The Community Quilting Project

21.1 45° 45° 90° Triangles Learning Targets p.291
21.2 30° 60° 90° Triangles Learning Targets p.295
Activity Practice p.299

Chapter 22

Basic Trigonometric Relationships-The Sine Of Things To …

22.1 Similar Right Triangles Learning Targets p.303
22.2 Trigonometric Ratios Learning Targets p.308
22.3 Using Trigonometric Ratios Learning Targets p.312
22.4 Solving Right Triangles Learning Targets p.315
Activity Practice p.317

Chapter 23

The Law Of Sines And Of Cosines-There …

23.1 The Law of Sines Learning Targets p.319
23.2 The Ambiguous Case Learning Targets p.322
23.3 The Law of Cosines Learning Targets p.324
23.4 Solving Triangles Learning Targets p.327
Activity Practice p.329

Chapter 24

Tangents And Chords-Off On A Tangent

24.1 Circle Basics Learning Targets p.335
24.2 Theorems About Chords Learning Targets p.339
24.3 Tangent Segments Learning Targets p.345
Activity Practice p.347

Chapter 25

Arcs And Angles-Coming Full Circle

25.1 Arcs and Central Angles Learning Targets p.349
25.2 Inscribed Angles Learning Targets p.353
25.3 Angles Formed by Chords Learning Targets p.358
25.4 Angles Formed by Tangents and Secants Learning Targets p.363
Activity Practice p.369

Chapter 26

Coordinate Proofs-Prove It!

26.1 Proving the Midpoint Formula Learning Targets p.373
26.2 Proofs about Slope Learning Targets p.377
26.3 Proving Concurrency of Medians Learning Targets p.382
26.4 Points Along a Line Segment Learning Targets p.387
Activity Practice p.390

Chapter 27

Equation Of A Circle-Round And Round

27.1 Circles on the Coordinate Plane Learning Targets p.391
27.2 Completing the Square to Find the Center and Radius Learning Targets p.396
Activity Practice p.399

Chapter 28

Equations Of Parabolas-Throwing A Curve

28.1 Parabolas on the Coordinate Plane Learning Targets p.401
28.2 Parabolas with Vertex (h,k) Learning Targets p.405
Activity Practice p.409

Chapter 29

Constructions-Constructive Thinking

29.1 Constructions with Segments and Angles Learning Targets p.411
29.2 Constructions with Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Learning Targets p.418
29.3 Constructions with Circles Learning Targets p.422
Activity Practice p.427

Chapter 30

Deriving Area Formulas-Shape Up

30.1 Areas of Rectangles and Parallelograms Learning Targets p.433
30.2 Areas of Triangles Learning Targets p.437
30.3 Areasof Rhombuses and Trapezoids Learning Targets p.441
Activity Practice p.445

Chapter 31

Regular Polygons-Plenty Of Polygons

31.1 Sum of the Measures of the Interior Angles of a Polygons Learning Targets p.447
31.2 Regular Polygons and Exterior Angles Learning Targets p.453
31.3 Area and Perimeter of Regular Polygons Learning Targets p.457
Activity Practice p.461

Chapter 32

Length And Area Of Circles-Pi In The …

32.1 Circumference and Area of a Circle Learning Targets p.463
32.2 Sectors and Arcs Learning Targets p.467
32.3 Circles and Similarity Learning Targets p.470
Activity Practice p.475

Chapter 33

Three-Dimensional Figures-What's Your View

33.1 Prisms and Pyramids Learning Targets p.479
33.2 Cylinders and Cones Learning Targets p.486
33.3 Spheres and Solids of Rotation Learning Targets p.489
Activity Practice p.493

Chapter 34

Prisms And Cylinders-Exterior Experiences

34.1 Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders Learning Targets p.495
34.2 Volume of Prisms and Cylinders Learning Targets p.500
Activity Practice p.505

Chapter 35

Pyramids And Cones-Perfect Packaging

35.1 Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones Learning Targets p.507
35.2 Volumes of Pyramids and Cones Learning Targets p.513
35.3 Density Learning Targets p.518
Activity Practice p.521

Chapter 36

Spheres-Isn't That Spatial

36.1 Surface Area of Spheres Learning Targets p.526
36.2 Volume of Spheres Learning Targets p.529
36.3 Spherical Geometry Learning Targets p.532
Activity Practice p.537

Chapter 37

Changing Dimensions-Model Behavior

37.1 Cubes and Spheres Learning Targets p.539
37.2 Pyramids and Cylinders Learning Targets p.542
Activity Practice p.547

Chapter 38

Sample Spaces-Springboard Superstar And More

38.1 Probability of a Single Event Learning Targets p.553
38.2 Events Involving "And" and "Or" Learning Targets p.559
Activity Practice p.565

Chapter 39

Venn Diagrams And Probability Notation-Annabel Hs

39.1 Using a Venn Diagram to Represent a Sample Space Learning Targets p.567
39.2 Using a Venn Diagram to Represent "And","Or", and "Not" Learning Targets p.573
Activity Practice p.579

Chapter 40

Addition Rule And Mutually Exclusive Events-Hector St.

40.1 Applying the Addition Rule Learning Targets p.581
40.2 Adapting the Addition Rule for Mutually Exclusive Events Learning Targets p.587
Activity Practice p.591

Chapter 41

Dependent Events-Coco Wildlife Conservation Trust

41.1 Understanding Conditional Probability Learning Targets p.595
41.2 The Conditional Probability Formula Learning Targets p.601
41.3 Tree Diagrams Learning Targets p.604
Activity Practice p.611

Chapter 42

Independent Events-The Caribou, The Bear, And The …

42.1 The Multiplaction Rule Learning Targets p.613
42.2 Geometric Probability Learning Targets p.621
42.3 Permutations and Combinations Learning Targets p.625
Activity Practice p.631
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