SpringBoard Precalculus

SpringBoard Precalculus SpringBoard Precalculus

ISBN: 9781457301544 / 1457301547

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Arithmetic Sequences: Dvd Promotions

1-1 Sequences and Subscript Notation Activities p.3
1-2 Arithmetic Sequences and Series Activities p.8
1-3 Mathematical Induction Activities p.13
Practice p.17

Chapter 2

Geometric Sequences: She Sells Sea Shells

2-1 Identifying Geometric Sequences Activities p.19
2-2 Finite Geometric Sequences and Series Activities p.23
2-3 Infinite Geometric Sequences and Series Activities p.27
Practice p.31

Chapter 3

Modeling Recursive Relationships: Money Market Accounts

3-1 Exploring a Recursive Relationship Activities p.33
3-2 Explict Form of a Recursive Sequence Activities p.39
Practice p.43
Embedded Assessment p.45

Chapter 4

Exponential Functions: Pennsylvania Lotter

4-1 Writing an Exponential Function Activities p.47
4-2 Compound Interest Activities p.52
4-3 Power Functions Activities p.55
Practice p.57

Chapter 5

Logarithms: Power Trip

5-1 Common and Natural Logarithms Activities p.59
5-2 Using Properties and the Change of Base Formula Activities p.65
5-3 Solving Logarithmic Equations Activities p.71
Practice p.73
Embedded Assessment p.75

Chapter 6

Transformations Of Functions: I Doubt It

6-1 Transforming Functions Activities p.77
6-2 Function Operations Activities p.88
Practice p.89

Chapter 7

Modeling With Power Functions: Highway Safety

7-1 Finding a Regression Line Activities p.92
7-2 Power Functions Activities p.97
Practice p.101

Chapter 8

Compositions Of Functions And Inverses: Search And ...

8-1 Compositions of Functions Activities p.103
8-2 Inverse Functions Activities p.108
Practice p.113
Embedded Assessment p.115

Chapter 9

Polynomials: Sunspots

9-1 Data and Polynomial Models Activities p.119
9-2 Polynomial Functions Activities p.124
Practice p.129

Chapter 10

Analyzing Polynomial Functions: Graph It

10-1 Sketching Graphs of Polynomial Functions Activities p.131
10-2 Rational Root Theorem Activities p.137
10-3 Descartes' Rule of Signs Activities p.139
Practice p.141

Chapter 11

Complex Polynomial Roots And Inequalities: Open Question

11-1 Writing a Polynomial Function Activities p.143
11-2 Zeros and Complex Factors of Polynomials Activities p.148
11-3 Polynomial Inequalities Activities p.149
Practice p.153
Embedded Assessment p.155

Chapter 12

Rational Expressions And The Reciprocal Function: Playing ...

12-1 Writing Rational Functions Activities p.157
12-2 Sketching Graphs of Rational Functions Activities p.161
Practice p.165

Chapter 13

Rational Functions: Rationalizing Water Collection

13-1 Transformations of Rational Functions Activities p.167
13-2 Graphing Rational Functions Activities p.171
13-3 Writing a Rational Function and Rational Inequalities Activities p.176
Practice p.181
Embedded Assessment p.183

Chapter 14

Angles And Angle Measure: What's My Angle ...

14-1 Angle Measures in Standard Position Activities p.187
14-2 Radian Measure Activities p.190
Practice p.197

Chapter 15

Sinusoidal Functions: Bicycle Wheels

15-1 Exploring Periodic Data Activities p.199
15-2 Periodic Functions Activities p.203
15-3 Graphs and the Sine Function Activities p.208
Practice p.212

Chapter 16

Trigonometric Functions And The Unit Circle: Wheels ...

16-1 The Unit Circle Activities p.213
16-2 Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions Activities p.219
Practice p.223

Chapter 17

Graphs Of The Form Y = A ...

17-1 Trigonometric Graphs and Transformations Activities p.225
17-2 Writing Trigonometric Functions Activities p.230
Practice p.235

Chapter 18

Graphs Of Other Trigonometric Functions: More Trigonometric ...

18-1 Graphs of Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions Activities p.237
18-2 Transformations of Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions Activities p.241
Practice p.244
Embedded Assessment p.245

Chapter 19

Inverse Trigonometric Functions: Veiwing Angle

19-1 Inverse Cosine Function Activities p.247
19-2 Inverse Sine Function Activities p.252
19-3 Inverse Tangent Function Activities p.258
Practice p.263

Chapter 20

Solving Simple Trigonometric Equations: Daylight Minutes

20-1 Writing and Solving Trigonometric Equations Activities p.265
20-2 Reference Angles and Trigonometric Equations Activities p.272
Practice p.273
Embedded Assessment p.275

Chapter 21

Trigonometric Identities: Imagine That

21-1 Trigonometric Identities Activities p.279
21-2 Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions Activities p.285
Practice p.291

Chapter 22

Identities And Equations: Triangle Measure

22-1 Cofunction Identities Activities p.293
22-2 Trigonometric Equations Activities p.297
Practice p.301

Chapter 23

Multiple Angle Identities: Sounds Like Trigonometry

23-1 Exploring Sums of Trig Functions Activities p.303
23-2 Sum and Difference Identities Activities p.307
23-3 Using Identities to Solve Equations Activities p.316
Practice p.317
Embedded Assessment p.319

Chapter 24

Law Of Cosines: The Chocolate Factory

24-1 Modeling with Trigonometric Functions Activities p.321
24-2 The Law of Cosines Activities p.326
Practice p.329

Chapter 25

The Law Of Sines: Get Lost?

25-1 Modeling and Applying the Law of Sines Activities p.331
25-2 The Ambiguous Case (SSA) Activities p.337
Practice p.341
Embedded Assessment p.343

Chapter 26

Parabola Equations And Graphs: The Human Cannonball

26-1 Parabolas and Conic Sections Activities p.347
26-2 Graphs and Equations of Parabola Activities p.353
Practice p.357

Chapter 27

Ellipses And Hyperbolas: Radio Navigation

27-1 Ellipses Activities p.359
27-2 Hyperbolas Activities p.365
27-3 Locating an Object Activities p.371
Practice p.375

Chapter 28

Polar Graphs: Air Traffic Controller

28-1 The Polar Grid Activities p.377
28-2 Polar Rectangular Coordinates Activities p.381
28-3 Polar Functions and Curves Activities p.386
Practice p.391

Chapter 29

Polar Curves And Polar Conics: Roses, Rings, ...

29-1 Polar Equations Practice p.393
29-2 Rectangular and Polar Form Activities p.397
29-3 Types of Polar Curves Activities p.402
Practice p.407
Embedded Assessment p.409

Chapter 30

Parametric Equations: Ships In The Fog

30-1 Interpreting Graphical Data Activities p.412
30-2 Writing Parametric Equations Activities p.415
30-3 Converting Parametric Equations Activities p.420
Practice p.423

Chapter 31

Parametric Equations Revisited: Keep Your Eye On ...

31-1 Angular and Linear Velocity Activities p.425
32-2 Graaphing and Parameterizing Data Activities p.429
32-3 Projectile Motion Activities p.434
Practice p.439
Embedded Assessment p.441

Chapter 32

Vectors And Complex Numbers: The Robotic Arm

32-1 Introduction to Vectors Activities p.444
32-2 Operations with Vectors Activities p.446
32-3 Vector Components Activities p.450
32-4 Complex Numbers and Operations Activities p.454
32-5 Polar Form Activities p.463
Practice p.467

Chapter 33

Applications Of Vectors: Moving Walkways

33-1 Rectilinear Motion Activities p.469
33-2 Planar Motion Activities p.476
Practice p.479
Embedded Assessment p.481

Chapter 34

Matrix Operations: How Much Would You Need?

34-1 Representing Data with Matrices Activities p.485
34-2 Matrix Multiplication Activities p.489
34-3 Inverse Matrices Activities p.494
Practice p.497

Chapter 35

Matrices And Transformations: Sizing Up Real Estate

35-1 Translations and Reflections Activities p.499
35-2 Rotations and Dilations Activities p.503
35-3 Determinants and Area Activities p.509
Practice p.513
Embedded Assessment p.515

Chapter 36

Matrices And Systems Of Equations: Hit The ...

36-1 Representing Linear Systems with Matrices Activities p.517
36-2 Solving Matrix Equations Activities p.521
36-3 Solving Matrix Equations with Technology Activities p.524
Practice p.529

Chapter 37

Volume: Stack 'Em High

37-1 Cavalieri's Principle Activities p.531
37-2 Volumes of Spheres Activities p.535
37-3 Limits Activities p.538
Practice p.543
Embedded Assessment p.545
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