Big Ideas Math: A Common Core Curriculum (Green Edition)

Big Ideas Math: A Common Core Curriculum (Green ... Big Ideas Math: A Common Core Curriculum ...

ISBN: 9781608404490 / 1608404498

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Numerical Expressions And Factors

Try It Yourself p.1
1.1 Whole Number Operations Exercises p.7
1.2 Powers and Exponents Exercises p.14
1.3 Order of Operations Exercises p.20
1.1-1.3 Quiz p.23
1.4 Prime Factorization Exercises p.28
1.5 Greatest Common Factor Exercises p.34
1.6 Least Common Multiple Exercises p.40
Practice p.43
1.4-1.6 Quiz p.44
Chapter Review Exercises p.45
Chapter Test p.48
Cumulative Assessment p.49

Chapter 2

Fractions And Decimals

Try It Yourself p.53
2.1 Multiplying Fractions Exercises p.59
2.2 Dividing Fractions Exercises p.67
2.3 Dividing Mixed Numbers Exercises p.74
2.1-2.3 Quiz p.77
2.4 Adding and Subtracting Decimals Exercises p.82
2.5 Multiplying Decimals Exercises p.89
2.6 Dividing Decimals Exercises p.97
2.4-2.6 Quiz p.100
Chapter Review Exercises p.101
Chapter Test p.104
Cumulative Assessment p.105

Chapter 3

Algebraic Expressions And Properties

Try It Yourself p.109
3.1 Algebraic Expressions Exercises p.115
3.2 Writing Expressions Exercises p.122
3.1-3.2 Quiz p.125
3.3 Properties of Addition and Multiplication Exercises p.130
3.4 The Distributive Property Exercises p.137
Practice p.141
3.3-3.4 Quiz p.142
Chapter Review Exercises p.143
Chapter Test p.146
Cumulative Assessment p.147

Chapter 4

Areas Of Polygons

Try It Yourself p.151
4.1 Areas of Parallelograms Exercises p.156
4.2 Areas of Triangles Exercises p.162
4.1-4.2 Quiz p.165
4.3 Areas of Trapezoids Exercises p.170
Practice p.173
4.4 Polygons in the Coordinate Plane Exercises p.178
4.3-4.4 Quiz p.180
Chapter Review Exercises p.181
Chapter Test p.184
Cumulative Assessment p.185

Chapter 5

Ratios And Rates

Try It Yourself p.189
5.1 Ratios Exercises p.194
5.2 Ratio Tables Exercises p.201
5.3 Rates Exercises p.208
5.4 Comparing and Graphing Ratios Exercises p.214
5.1-5.4 Quiz p.217
5.5 Percents Exercises p.222
5.6 Solving Percent Problems Exercises p.229
5.7 Converting Measures Exercises p.236
5.5-5.7 Quiz p.238
Chapter Review Exercises p.239
Chapter Test p.242
Cumulative Assessment p.243

Chapter 6

Integers And The Coordinate Plane

Try It Yourself p.247
6.1 Integers Exercises p.252
6.2 Comparing and Ordering Integers Exercises p.258
6.3 Fractions and Decimals on the Number Line Exercises p.264
6.1-6.3 Quiz p.267
6.4 Absolute Value Exercises p.272
6.5 The Coordinate Plane Exercises p.279
Practice p.283
6.4-6.5 Quiz p.284
Chapter Review Exercises p.285
Chapter Test p.288
Cumulative Assessment p.289

Chapter 7

Equations And Inequalities

Try It Yourself p.293
7.1 Writing Equations in One Variable Exercises p.298
7.2 Solving Equations Using Addition or Subtraction Exercises p.305
7.3 Solving Equations Using Multiplication or Division Exercises p.312
7.4 Writing Equations in Two Variables Exercises p.319
7.1-7.4 Quiz p.323
7.5 Writing and Graphing Inequalities Exercises p.329
7.6 Solving Inequalities Using Addition or Subtraction Exercises p.336
7.7 Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication or Division Exercises p.342
7.5-7.7 Quiz p.344
Chapter Review Exercises p.345
Chapter Test p.348
Cumulative Assessment p.349

Chapter 8

Surface Area And Volume

Try It Yourself p.353
8.1 Three-Dimensional Figures Exercises p.358
8.2 Surface Areas of Prisms Exercises p.364
8.1-8.2 Quiz p.367
8.3 Surface Areas of Pyramids Exercises p.372
8.4 Volumes of Rectangular Prisms Exercises p.378
8.3-8.4 Quiz p.380
Chapter Review Exercises p.381
Chapter Test p.384
Cumulative Assessment p.385

Chapter 9

Statistical Measures

Try It Yourself p.389
9.1 Introduction to Statistics Exercises p.394
9.2 Mean Exercises p.400
9.3 Measures of Center Exercises p.407
9.1-9.3 Quiz p.411
9.4 Measures of Variation Exercises p.416
9.5 Mean Absolute Deviation Exercises p.422
9.4-9.5 Quiz p.424
Chapter Review Exercises p.425
Chapter Test p.428
Cumulative Assessment p.429

Chapter 10

Data Displays

Try It Yourself p.433
10.1 Stem-and-Leaf Plots Exercises p.438
10.2 Histograms Exercises p.445
10.1-10.2 Quiz p.449
10.3 Shapes of Distributions Exercises p.454
Practice p.457
10.4 Box-and-Whisker Plots Exercises p.463
10.3-10.4 Quiz p.466
Chapter Review Exercises p.467
Chapter Test p.470
Cumulative Assessment p.471
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